Author Topic: lot of problem since my (failed) upgrade to .1245  (Read 2020 times)

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lot of problem since my (failed) upgrade to .1245
« on: August 06, 2011, 09:00:25 pm »
I'm in a lot of troubles since a failed .1245 upgrade :
- all my problems started by the upgrade which went wrong : my vera got bricked.. dead
- so after finding an XP machine (the tool definitely does not work on windows 7 64bit, even in XP mode), i've restored the firmware and then upgraded and restored backup
- I've experienced 'Zwave:failed to start'
- so i've tried other firmware (beta) more  recent, because the release note said that this problem could be corrected in more recent releases, but always 'zwave:failed to start'
- after that i've reverted to .1186 wich seemed to work correcly, except :
-> i've loosed my vera box in MiOS website (certainly a wrong manipulation), and i'm unable to add it again, so distance management and iVera does not work.
-> after some tests and little reconfiguration, i've found that my .1186 vera was in zwave mode :    Suc SIS:NO PRI:NO.. too bad : impossible to add new devices...
The only way i've found is to reset the zwave network, so, i've resetted the zwave network.
(after, zwave was (and is still now) :    Suc SIS:YES PRI:YES).
[After zwave reset, i've tested (just to see) to upgrade again to .1245 and later, but again : zwave : failed to start, so i've reverted again to .1886, factory and zwave reset] and i've started to re-add all my devices and scenes.

So now, here is my status:
- my vera is working fine locally: all devices added works fine, scenes and luup ok too (i've reincluded about 60-70% of my devices and rewritten some scenes with lua code)
- impossible to add my vera in MiOS
- impossible to backup, even locally (the backup file is almost empty and say:"No HW_Key: FAILED to create backup" : this point is somewhat scary : no backup (?), I fear of loosing again everything)
- impossible to login in ssh using my device ID as password (certainly linked to the Hw Key problem above)
- impossible to upgrade to newer firmware

I've posted some ticket to the support (each one refering to a different problem) :
#22077, #22087, #22107 and #22217

If you have ideas, please share them

In my view, the first priority should be to setup again the HW Key, so the backup will work
then make again working MiOS website
and then perhaps try to upgrade and solve the 'fail to start zwave'

I do not know if I can do more myself now.