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Author Topic: Reliable European thermostat for use with Vera?  (Read 1503 times)

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Reliable European thermostat for use with Vera?
« on: August 22, 2011, 07:53:05 pm »
hi guys I may be posting in the wrong place if please bear with me.  I have installed a number of different control system including c-bus, dynalite etc. I would place a thermostat in the room and would then programme system to do various things example if temp exceeds preset in room turn off heating .I have bought a vera and was intending to sell as a lower cost lighting and heating control. My intention was to fit  ezmotion
sensors in zones and use the info being sent back from sensors to control heating ie its tuesday and although the sensor show room as cool day means do not heat up as there will be no-one home or where client wanted local control . remote control and programmed control use a stat similar to the unit mentioned at top of mssages. Control systems and AV installation is what we do for a living  and reliability is paramount.  I am hoping to use vera and associated units to give a lower priced alternative building control and energy management but some of these posts and other posts in other areas is making me nervous.