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Panic Button - repeat Luup code?



I use a VeraLite in conjunction with HomeWave to manage my z-wave environment. I've rigged up a panic button for my kids using a door/window sensor, so that when activated, it send me a push notification via HomeWave that says "----PANIC BUTTON----PANIC BUTTON----".

I use the following code:

luup.call_action("urn:intvelt-com:serviceId:HWPush1", "SendMessage", {Msg = "----PANIC BUTTON----PANIC BUTTON----"}, 15)

This works fine, but my problem is that its easy to miss a single push notification during a busy day. Is there a way to make the push notification repeat say 10 times, once every 20 seconds. I'm hoping that receiving 10 notifications in a row will help get my attention :)

Thanks in advance - Dyer


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