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Remotec ZXT-120 Fan Speed

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I just finished setting up a Remotec Zxt-120. It is version 1.8. My main issue is that I cannot control fan speed. I see that fan speed can be controlled according to the Remotec manual but it does not explain how to set it up. Has anyone been able to setup fan speed control?

I'm seeing that it is an IR remote control device.  I assume you have an IR remote controlled fan then?  If you fan is RF remote controlled (like mine were) i dont think this would be working for you.  If you have one that uses IR, you will have to program in the IR control codes to get it to work for you.

Sorry. I guess I was not clear enough. I am using this on a ductless AC which is a Daikin. I have the codes programmed fine to use the AC, but the temperature settings run the AC fan speed on low. I can select Auto Fan speed, but I would rather control the fan speed myself as in have the fan run on high for a set temperature. The thermostat layout on Vera though does not have a fan speed option. It only allows Fan Off, Fan Cycle or Fan Auto.

I have the same issue, I would like to control the fan speed, or set the parameter or the fan speed to a higher lever. Anyone who know if that is possible?

Same issue here.
Can some one please provide like a luup code to control this under a manual scene?


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