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Author Topic: DSC 1832 Keypad Panic Buttons to Vera Panic Modes  (Read 248 times)

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DSC 1832 Keypad Panic Buttons to Vera Panic Modes
« on: August 17, 2018, 09:15:15 am »
I'm 99% done integrating my 1832 panel and my Vera device.  I have signed up for Vera Protect for monitoring but am wondering what happens if the panic buttons (fire, medical, police) on the KEYPAD are pressed?   The DSC system will certainly go into it's alarm active mode, however, does the DSC plugin automatically signal the Vera panic modes, too?    I don't see an option in a scene setup to detect panic status, so I'm hoping it just happens automatically.   I should have tested it before enabling vera protect but now I don't want to send false alarms to my local emergency crews.

We do our alarm arming/disarming via the DSC keypad, so I've setup scenes to sync the Vera modes properly for monitoring.   I have a manual scene I can run on the vera app to arm/disarm the alarm from the app, but we'll usually use the keypad for that.

If there's a fire and someone runs to the keypad and holds down the fire button, I want to know that the DSC 1832 alarm panel panic mode will be properly translated to a Vera call for fire help.