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WaterCop valve with inverted status ON=closed OFF=open

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Sorry, can't help you on that one as mine is not doing that.  However, this may or may not help.  I was having all sorts of issues with my Z-wave.  2nd tier support the one who helped me out with the reversal found that when I transferred my old vera to the new vera plus it changed my node from 1 to 17.  He told me if the node is not 1 it can cause a lot of problems.  However, it may also work.  In my case it didn't.  I was told to reset the z-wave network and repair all of my devices again.  It sucked, but it worked.  If you have transferred from one vera to another, you might look at this as well.

Just played around a little more with this.  Try using D_WaterValve1.xml and D_WaterValve1.json.  This will change the icon to a water valve as well.


--- Quote from: wrk24wheel on August 13, 2018, 04:30:33 pm ---Here is the information from Vera support on how to fix this issue:

To reverse the ON/OFF status of the valve you have to go to Devices > click on the ?>? button for the valve > click on Advanced > New Service and fill out the input fields as follows:

New service: urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:HaDevice1
New variable: ReverseOnOff
New value: 1

> click on Add > then click on Reload Engine.

Once the engine reloads the status should be displayed correctly. However you might also have to activate the valve in order for the status to update.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for this. I hate to admit it, but I just wasted the better part of a day, having used basically the same Variable entries from a different thread, that used the font that Vera does internally, displaying a capital "I" (eye) and a lower-case "l" (Ell) identically, as just a vertical line. I had deduced that the entry "serviceId" was actually "serviceld", which resulted in a garbage entry that didn't do anything. Once I entered it properly, using the capital "I", the valve status is now properly displayed. Your choice of a better font helped me to discover the problem.

I post here only to possibly avoid any future frustration for anyone else trying to fix this problem.


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