Author Topic: VERA RFXtrx with etekcity power outlet switches  (Read 272 times)

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VERA RFXtrx with etekcity power outlet switches
« on: April 29, 2018, 07:05:47 pm »
I am new to this forum but I have used VERA with the RFXtrx module for some time running native Zwave devices and a lot of LWRF relays managed by the RFXtrx433.

My LW relays have been dying recently and so I picked up a bunch of Etekcity remote power switches from Amazon which work well, locally, off their remote.

I see that these can be managed using a Pi and Homeassistant but has anyone managed to get them working under the RFXtrx plugin in VERA ?  I have tried switching on all the protocols without success.  Also I note that the RFXtrx is getting 'flakier' than when I last used it - e.g. can't delete devices - had to enable auto connect in advanced settings not through managed devices.

I could spend some time trying to figure out what is happening or try the Raspberry Pi route for fun - but, unless there is an easy solution, I may just dump the Etekcity sockets for now and buy some Zwave switches instead.