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VeraEdge Direct Association Configuration
« on: May 14, 2018, 02:54:21 pm »
I want to set up (1) GoControl Z-Wave Plus Bulb, LB60Z-1 and (2) GoControl WA00Z-1 Z-Wave Plus battery operated switches for the bulb, in a 3-way config. Power only to light, no neutral. Hope to configure this with a VeraEdge Home Controller and its smartphone app. Questions:

-Can I configure this to use direct association between the switches and the bulb, and/or so that the Vera hub does not require internet connectivity after configuration? Ie. switches operate light without needing ongoing connection to internet?

-Can Vera hub connect to internet/router using 802.11 wireless only, or must there be a wired ethernet connection to a router  or modem?

(Continuous internet access is absent or unreliable in some of the locations where I want to implement this, but I can use my phone to set up a wifi hotspot for configuring the network. The VeraEdge is reasonably priced, but it's not practical to leave an expensive configurator/controller at every site).