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Unsecure Web - OSX
« on: May 23, 2018, 02:21:28 am »
Just FYI for those of you out there with Macs, who want to avoid being prompted re security when accessing the Concierge server local web interface

* Download the certificate file from the local Concierge server
* Double click on it to launch keychain *or* start the keychain access utility manually. If prompted, type in your password to unlock the keychain.
* In Keychain, go to Certificates and confirm that the certificate is installed (it will probably have the name using the IP address of the concierge server). If it?s not there, click and drag the certificate into there.
* Double click on the certificate once it?s been installed (or right click on it and choose ?info?)
* Click on the drop down for ?trust? and change SSL to ?Always Trust?
* Close the browser session/tab connected to the concierge server, and start again. It should now be showing as ?secure?.
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