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Zipato Valve Controller


I came across this device:

I think might be quite handy for a low-cost "sprinkler system", i.e. just a special hose head and such a valve controller.

Does anyone have one? It should work with Vera at least as a generic device, no?

Mike Yeager:
Haven't seen it on the list so there's no guarantee. Might pair and show up as a switch or something similar. There are a few devices that work, just don't appear as what they actually are...

I bought a similar noname device from China (@47eur) and it pairs as a BinaryLight Device and can be controlled without problems.

if I replace this 16 year old pump, what would be your recommendation for a pump and valve.

I can confirm it works. I just installed the Zipato valve controller today. It paired on the first try. It shows as a light bulb but you can change the icon by modifying D_BinaryLight1.json

This post gave me hope it would work. It has the same code as that noname device from China. I bought mine from


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