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Author Topic: Help replicating a Leviton VRCPG config in Vera  (Read 1264 times)

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Help replicating a Leviton VRCPG config in Vera
« on: December 04, 2011, 05:43:47 pm »

I am a newbie here. Just got my Vera 2 and I am stuck with scene/area configuration.

My setup:
- Leviton VRCPG as primary and Vera as secondary controller
- one Zwave dimmable device with 4 dimmers and 4 scenes
- one RZCS4 controller

Using my VRCPG I am able to configure RZCS4 so that button 1 activated scene 1, button 2 scene 2... at my Zwave device. I created a Profile with the following config:
Name: Profile #1
Button: 1
Area: Area #1
Action: <Scene 1>
Fade: Default

Name: Profile #1
Button: 2
Area: Area #1
Action: <Scene 2>
Fade: Default

I am trying to replicate this same setup in Vera and use my iPhone to control it. I can see and configure both the device and controller using UI4. The problem is that when adding a new scene I just have the option to add a COMMAND ON/OFF for the device and that will turn on all 4 dimmers.
Is there anyway to configure a scene that will send an command to my RZCS4 controller to turn scene/button 1 ON and OFF, another scene/button 2 ON and OFF, ... ?