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How I created a virtual motion sensor device

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--- Quote from: jswim788 on June 06, 2018, 12:17:15 pm ---You are getting different variables because you are using different SID's:

--- Code: ---urn:upnp-org:serviceId:SecuritySensor1
--- End code ---
A unique variable is defined both by the SID and the variable name.

--- End quote ---

Well spotted! Thanks I didn't see that. I will try and correct it and update my first post.

I have updated the posts above to reflect using the luup.variable_set command instead of the luup.inet.wget command.

Everything is working as expected now.

I then added the new virtual motion sensor device in to the Imperihome app, a widget on my "Back Garden" dashboard page and into a Composite security device that shows all my security sensors etc.

Obviously in my setup here, the virtual motion sensor will only work at night time, when the PIR security lights detect motion and turn on their light and the wattage on the Fibaro relay is then greater than 1W. But better than no motion sensor I guess.

I have a door sensor on the back gate anyway's so know if that has been opened. I just wanted to play around with a virtual motion sensor to see if I could do it or not !

Many thanks for this cw-kid.
I have been wanting to arm/disarm some of my "Virtual Switches" from the GUI for ages.
Your Virtual Motion Sensors are just what I have been waiting for & have now replaced many of my Virtual Switches.

I have only one problem which I raised in this thread because it was about "AutoUntrip";-,102089.0.html
I can't seem get it to work on your Virtual MS?


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