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Edimax IC-9110w
« on: June 09, 2018, 06:16:24 pm »
I am having trouble adding my Edimax IC-9110w cam. I have found correct URL to the stream (on iSpy), filled in credentials, but I keep getting login screen when testing/adding in Vera like if the credentials were not accepted. Even after entering credentials at the Vera Test window popup, no luck.

I have Vera Edge/UI7, latest FW.

Screenshot attached.

Hope someone will help  :)

Update: I was able to add it using another Guest/Anonymous user created on Edimax IP cam, which does not require autentisation. Now everything works. I have used .jpg URL, because mjpeg stream was very slow and it slowed my Vera, snapshot load is quick and sufficient for my use on Vera.

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