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Author Topic: Door sensor Vision ZD2102-5 - sometimes not updating its status change  (Read 258 times)

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Hi, I am using quite a lot of battery powered door sensors Vision ZD2102-5 on my Vera Edge with latest FW. 80% of time they report status change reliably, but sometimes Vera misses its status change (ie. door is closed but in Vera sensor reports still opened).

All sensors are in a good range <10 m with maximum one brick wall between Vera and them. I have included them using Vera built-in device picker (Vision ZD2102-5 is present in device wizard), I havent configured anything lik wakeup or poll interval, inclusion process went without a flaw.

Any help, how to make it 100% reliable? Am I able somewhere to see the signal strenth of device?

I include screenshot of Z-wave settings and configuration of one of the Vision sensor.

Thanks for any help!