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I haven't seen any message board which has all the feature requests, so here are a few ideas I personally would like to see implemented in the UI, please!!!  ;D

* General: Make de device names Room dependent, so I can have a Roof Light in Master Bedroom and a Roof Light in Child Bedroom. Same name but in different room. Becomes much more user friendly when using personal assistants...
* Dashboard:
* A way to define my own shortcuts, possibly by an option in the scenes.. That way, I could develop a scene and have quick access to it
* Favorites: Remember the status  (opened/closed) of the various rooms, so I don't have to scroll down thru all the devices to get to the last one
* Devices
* Give me a way to hide devices. And an option to show them when needed (same behaviour as favourites, but in the devices window...)
* Same as in Dashbord, remember the status (open/closed) of the rooms
* Scenes
* Let me change mode thru the UI in a scene, is easier than using code, don't have to remember magic numbers, etc...
* Same as before, same name but different room, easier integration with personal assistants
* Energy: please something. This is unusable... and DM is very limited... Energy by class, by device, aggregate the times of day where the heaters are turned on, etc...
This is all for now. I'm shure I had other ideas, but these are the ones bothering me most...

Bruno Afonso

+1 on this post - sensible feature requests that add to the value of the investment in Vera!


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