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Fibaro FGRM-222 with Blue Wave Motors


Hi all.

I recently bought a couple of very nice sun shade for my large glass window, in order to protect from the hot sun here in South Italy. So far so good.

The motors as equipped with electronic limits and a single wire to control them. It's now configured as up-stop-down with a fibaro FGS 222, but I have two FGRM 222 and want precision control (since the motor supports it).

I found this schematic on the user manual, but I'm not sure how to proper interface it with the FGRM 222. Looking at it, it seems that I need a couple of additional relay, since it's switching bot Live and Neutral with the buttons. It seems very strange to me and I booked an appointment with my electrician in order to investigate if this connection is even allowed with FGRM 222.

Since I prefer to have options, I'm asking for advices here as well. Since those motors are pricey, I'll let him do the job anyway. Thanks.

Don't know if this helps you, but this is how I wired up my curtain motor to the Fibaro roller shutter module.

your curtain motor has 4 wires + earth, while mine has 3 wires + earth.

I successfully integrated other sun shades but they had classic limits, not electronics ones. This two shades are protecting my large glass window, that's suspended and not very easily accessible. So I had to choose a motor with electronic limits, since it's not easy to reach them (they are at 8 mts from ground).

Anyway, I think the electrician will be there tomorrow, so we'll see. I'll report back for others interested in the future.

just to let everyone know, I had to buy a special kit from the motor manufacturer, that it's switching live and neutral separately. It works ok with Fibaro Roller Shutters, except for calibration. Tomorrow I'll calibrate it manually using the light bulb trick, but otherwise things are going very well. I had to pay more than I expected (the two models were priced at 50 EURs each), but I'll finally be able to full automate them.


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