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Heatmiser have recently brought out a range of thermostats for the UK home market.  They control either heat only, or heat and hot water with interfaces currently for iPad / iPod and soon to be for Android.  I'd love to see some development on the Mi Casa Verde for the control of their range of thermostats.

So, if there are any plans to integrate the Heatmiser, please update this post !

Many thanks,

I have purchased some of the HeatMiser network thermostats and intend to write a plugin for them. I haven't looked at the WiFi ones to see how they differ from the network versions, so can't comment on these.  The network ones allow full programming over an RS422 link - basically it's a Cat-5 cable back to the wiring centre and that carries all data and switching contacts.

Currently I'm trying to get the system communicating via an Ethernet to RS422 converter, so it's early days but when I get something running I'll post it here.

Having spent a bit of time today sorting out communications to the HeatMiser thermostats, it seems the WiFi controllers have a very similar communications structure to the RS422 network version. I haven't looked at the communications blocks in great detail, but it should be possible to support both.

It'll take me a while to get this up and running, but I've now got basic communications routines in Lua to the thermostats, so it's moving.

I'm interested in this topic too.  I have a Heatmiser wi-fi thermostat (it's great) and the possibility of connecting it to Vera would persuade me to buy one. :)

I have the Heatmiser network thermostats talking to the Vera now - I haven't looked too closely at the WiFi version but it wouldn't be too hard to add support I think. The only real issue is changing the plugin to control via multiple IP addresses - I think the majority of the protocol is similar to the network thermostats.

I'm not real sure what the advantage of the WiFi version is though - it's expensive (maybe £70 more expensive than the network thermostats - twice the price) and I think you've still got to wire it in to the mains and an actuator.  The network versions use standard Cat-5 cable to connect back to the wiring centre, so it's reasonably easy...

I should add, that if anyone is looking at these thermostats, don't buy the Heatmiser ethernet adaptor. It's something like £130, and I purchased something off eBay that looks exactly the same, and cost about £40 or so - it works great! It's a Hexin HXSP-2108E Ethernet to RS422 adaptor.

It will be a little while yet before I release a plugin, but it's coming...


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