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Author Topic: Intermittent problem connecting veraplus to AP  (Read 2877 times)

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Intermittent problem connecting veraplus to AP
« on: June 28, 2018, 02:34:41 pm »
Hi folks,

I have an intermittent problem of veraplus failing to connect to my AP, which I believe is related to the wifi radio channel choice (as mentioned by Sorin in reply #13 of http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,39151.msg327787.html#msg327787), because:
    1) my AP that the vera is trying to connect to is configured to automatically pick a broadcast channel (confirmed by airport utility), and
    2) the vera's radio (wifi-device 'mt7603e') is configured to use channel 11 (confirmed by iwconfig).

So, I experimented with fixing the channel used by my AP.  When my AP is configured for channel 11 the vera connects, and when the AP is configured to use any other channel the vera does not connect.

However, I'd prefer to allow the AP to automatically select a clear channel and that the vera connect to which ever channel the AP decides to use. (My building is crowded with APs.)  So (using ssh) I examined the veraplus wifi configuration settings in /etc/config/wireless related to the radio wifi-device 'mt7603e', and it's accompanying interface wifi-iface.

Unfortunately, I am unable to find any (OpenWRT?, UCI?) documentation on the web for the key settings:
   - wifi-device options 'channel [n]' and  'autoch [n]'.  I assume 'channel' sets the channel between 1 and 11, and the veraplus specifies channel 11 for the 'mt7603e' device.  I am not sure what channel value '0' does, but it appears to be used in conjunction with the 'autoch' option.  The 'autoch' option seems to support values 0,1, or 2, but I can not find any document for what these settings do.
   - wifi-iface options 'ApCli...'. These are used to instruct the interface to assume the role of an AP Client (the same interface additionally instructs assumes the role of the vera AP for the "mios_xxxxxxxx" network).  The vera specifies 5 ApCli options: Enable,Ssid,Authmode,EncrypType,WPAPSK.  While the meaning of these options is apparent, I can not find documentation for any ApCli... options.

From the experiments, it seems that the AP Client is constrained to listen for an AP SSID broadcast packet ONLY on the channel specified for use by the vera AP (this would make sense given that 'channel' is specified as a device-level option).

 ==> Is it possible to free the AP Client to scan all channels for the desired SSID?
 ==> Or, is it possible to disable the vera AP on that interface, set the device channel to 0, and configure the interface as ONLY an AP Client -- would that allow it to scan multiple channels for the desired SSID?