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Author Topic: OLD Generation 1 - Converse via speech with Vera at a high school level  (Read 4295 times)

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Hal now a much more sophisticated grammar than the earlier kindergarten grammer.
The changes include:
  • Support for wild cards in grammar for controlling BinaryLights, DimmableLights, Locks, and Status commands. The wild card can be from 1 to 3 words preceded by All. These match parts of your device names.
    • Hal Turn off all bedroom lights please.
    • Vera Lock all doors please.
    • Vera set all lights to 25 percent please
    • Hal what is the status of all the great room lights please
  • The concept of an active status. You can use the word active or current. Useful to find out what is running. The following are considered active:
    • Binary Lights that are on
    • Dimmable Lights that are not at zero
    • Locks that are open
    • Thermostats that are set for occupied
    Some example commands:
    • Hello what is the current status Vera
    • Hal what is the active status Section Bedrooms
    • Please what is the current status in the Great Room Hal
    Hal will reply by speaking to you with the list of device names that are active.
  • Implemented the thermostat status. Includes temp, mode, fan mode, heat setpoint, cool setpoint, and if it is in occupied or vacant mode
  • As you can see from the examples, you can use the name Vera now as well as Hal. I also added the Hello prefix. If you give the command Hello Vera it will display the help file.
  • When using numbers you can actually say twenty five now, instead of two five
  • I have implemented the IN ROOMNAME or SECTION YYYY clauses.
    • What is the active status in the garage
    • Turn all lights off Section Bedrooms
  • Increase/Decrease lights is now a percentage of max value and not the current status.
  • Speech response to status on PC client (Already supported on Android client).

My biased opinion is that with some thought into naming your devices and using rooms and sections to organize your devices it is better than any UI out there for the device classes it supports.  With wild card you get on the fly scenes that aggregate things together.  And the status means I can quickly check the over all status of the whole house or a part of it. As well as control everything at the individual device level.

Currently I do not show the status of any failed Z-Wave commands. Is that important ? ... If you query the status, you will find it is not at the last level commanded.

Now for Hal to get to college he needs to address more device types. Any body care to discuss how to interact via speech to control other device types ?

See http://RTS-Services.com/HalServer

For those that are already using HalServer, it should download a copy to your desktop next time you run the PC client. You will still need to unistall/re-install.

  • Does not work on Windows XP
  • All Vera Device names must be unique. (This will be relaxed shortly).
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Hal Update - Converse via speech with Vera at a high school level
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Okay so device names must be unique. How unique? Verbose unique?