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Author Topic: Hal Version - Latest is 1.005  (Read 2830 times)

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Hal Version - Latest is 1.005
« on: June 15, 2013, 05:11:02 pm »
Version 1.005 has been released to the Google Play store.
It has the following fixes:
  • Allow devices that are not placed in a specific room
    Previosly it would hang if any were found. That was a serious problem!
  • Fix Font Size Problems for Dictionary.
  • Allow phrases in the dictionary (No Fuzzy Logic support for matching dictionary yet)
    Now if you really want to ask Hal to Open the pod bay doors .... you can map that phrase to a legitimate command phrase.
  • Handle UTF-8 characters in Help File
    This should be helpful for the non - english users.
  • Auto refresh help file display when Vera Configuration changes.
    Previously it would only update when the program was restarted.
  • Swedish Localization
    Thanks Henrik!
  • Semantic Rules Processing bug fixes.
  • Fix bugs in background processing.