Author Topic: Go-Control GC-TBZ48 issues  (Read 48 times)

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Go-Control GC-TBZ48 issues
« on: July 01, 2018, 12:36:49 pm »
Good afternoon  All,

To all you Go-Control thermostat GC-TBZ48 owners.

I have been having an issue with my GC-TBZ48 thermostat, it has always worked good before, then all of a sudden out of the blue, it started acting up, ie, my vera plus will send a cooling 74F request, it is acknowledged and the GC-TBZ48 performs the required request, then at sometime during the day or night the GC-TBZ48 will switch to a heating set up on its own, without Vera sending any new command.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.