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Camera URL works in browser but not in Vera


I've taken my camera's rtsp video, transcoded it via vlc, and created mjpeg video accessible via an http URL. I can copy the URL and paste it in my browser and see video.

In Vera, UI7, when I try to set up the camera - it lets me. But afterwards, when trying to view the camera, it shows "Not Connected". Paste the URL into a browser (again) and it's streaming. The URL and IP address are accurate when you go to "Settings" --> "Advanced" --> "Extra Parameters"

Is there a way to get this to work?

Is this because it is trying to send commands to the camera?


Could you provide us with more details about the camera you have on the ticket I created? Please check your email.

Thank you,

I have  the same problem.
help me please



I have the same issues ... trying to figure out why I can't see any image in Vera but access via a web browser works just fine.

I have tried two main methods:
1) direct to the camera - using multiple variants of http://<cam ip>/cgi-bin/currentpic.cgi  ;  there is an optimized version, a minimal version -- all work from browser but not vera
2) I use a RaspberryPi to create a nginx web server ; I have an HTML page hosted there that is the image of the camera  ;  I can load that by simply typing http://<rpi IP> in a browser

Vera never loads anything , and sometimes asks for user/pass authorizations when none are required.

Anybody understand why cgi actions work on some cameras but not others?



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