Author Topic: Fibaro motion events not getting to Vera Plus reliably...  (Read 425 times)

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Fibaro motion events not getting to Vera Plus reliably...
« on: July 05, 2018, 07:35:28 pm »
We have a fairly simple use case.  We have a motion sensor in the laundry room anda z-wave controlled, dimmable light.  When motion gets detected, we want the light to go to full brightness.  When motion hasn't been detected for some perdiod of time (2 minutes) AND the light switch is still on, the light should drop to 10% brightness.  That way, if someone is done in there and turns the light off on the way out, it doesn't come back on to 10% in a couple minutes.

Originally, this was set up with a ZIR000 as part of our Vera3 +UI5 system, and worked perfectly.  About five months back, the ZIR000 died.  Having had good experience with the Fibaro eyeball in another part of the house, I bought another.  Which turned out to be rev5, which wouldn't play with the V3.  So I dug out the V+ I had bought some time back, and brought it online.  Enrolled the new eyeball, removed the light switch from the V3 network and added it to the V+.  Set up the scenes for turining on and dimming, with a dab of LUUP in the latter to detect that the light is off and skip the 10% setting if so.  The V+ is about 15 feet from the laundry room.  There are no other devices on that network, currently.

That worked fine until a firmware upgrade about 3 months back.  After that, sometimes Vera does nothing when we enter the room (but the eyeball gives its indication that motion was detected).  Sometimes, less often, the motion gets detected and the light comes on 100%, but the stop gets missed and the light stays on full blast.  Sometimes it works just fine.  I've added LUUP code to send me Prowl notices when motion is detected and when it stops.  For the failure cases, it's pretty common for Vera to pick up no motion event, but to catch the stop motion.

Has any forum denizen seen this sort of balky event communication between a rev5 eyeball and a V+?  If so, were you able to fix it, and if so, how?  I can move the V+ a few feet closer to the laundry room for testing, but not permanently.  I can try putting another device in between to relay, but it seems these guys are close enough it won't matter.

Any thoughts or advice very welcome.


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Re: Fibaro motion events not getting to Vera Plus reliably...
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2018, 03:23:21 pm »
Hi Richard,

Case 328652 is open on our desk on this matter, could you check your email and reply?

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