Author Topic: Fibaro v5 erratic reporting of events...  (Read 218 times)

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Fibaro v5 erratic reporting of events...
« on: July 06, 2018, 05:36:45 pm »
Bizarre.  I posted this topic yesterday, and see it nowhere.  Here we go again.

We have a motion sensor and zwave dimmer combo in our laundry room, the idea being that when you walk in with a load of laundry, the light comes on for you.  Twi scenes: one triggered by motion starting (turn light on 100%) and one when motion stops (set as a variable in the sensor, two minutes, dim light to 10% unless it's off).  With UI5 (and earlier), V3 and a ZIR000 this worked perfectly.  Some months back,the ZIR000 died, so I replaced it with a Fibaro eyeball.  Sadly, that showed up needing Z-wave that the V3 and UI5 couldn't talk.  So I brought the V+ that had been sitting in a drawer out, paired the sensor, moved the dimmer to the new Z-wave network, left everything else on the old system.  Two devices (three, counting the V+), about 15 feet away from the controller.  I set up the required scene-pair, and it worked quite well.

Until I did an update on the V+ firmware a couple months ago.  After that, motion events don't seem to get noticed by V+ consistently, either starts or stops.  I've added scaffolding to the LUUP code for both scenes, and though the eyeball LED clearly shows motion, the V+ only fires the scene about half the time.  It does slightly better on the motion-stops...about 70% of the time, which gives me interesting scenarios where motion never started but stops two minutes later.  When the motion detect does work, the lag between motion and the light coming on is often seconds.

I'd be pretty surprised if this is a range issue...I can add an intervening device and see what happens.  For experiments, I can move the V+ a few feet closer.  But given that this worked fine pre-firmware update and went downhill immediately after, I don't expect any of that to make any difference.

Question for the group: had anyone else seen this erratic event communication with the newer rev Fibaro eyeballs, and if so, were you able to improve reliability?  If so, how?


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Re: Fibaro v5 erratic reporting of events...
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2018, 09:22:05 pm »
Bizarre.  I posted this topic yesterday, and see it nowhere.  Here we go again.

I cannot help with the question but I did see yesterday's post.
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