Author Topic: Vera3 + Insteon 2412U  (Read 1816 times)

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Vera3 + Insteon 2412U
« on: March 09, 2012, 10:59:14 am »
I have a Vera3 and have enabled Insteon to be used.  I have then plugged in the 2412U to the vera box and go to devices > add... though nothing shows that a device was added.  I have then manually input the id numbers, and I'm still not seeing the device on any of the screens.

Just making sure that I'm not missing anything when adding a Insteon 2412U powerlink modem to the box.  The customer is trying to use this in conjunction with the Insteon Garage door strike plate to monitor their garage doors opening and closing... if this works, I'm looking at something like 300 of these so I'd like to be able to prove a concept. 

I have called technical support, but I always get the same lady that doesn't speak very good english or have a technical background.  Sidenote, the vera3 cannot be put in to "switch" mode?  I have the device hooked up to a Sixnet Cellular modem which I'd like to handle all DHCP etc.