Author Topic: 3rd Party Apps not Showing RGB Lights  (Read 258 times)

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3rd Party Apps not Showing RGB Lights
« on: July 09, 2018, 09:37:11 am »
Hi There,

I have the VeraPlus. I've had is for a couple of weeks now, and sofar, I quite like it.
I have one thing that bothers me though, and that is the APP UI.. For me (My wife that is) its to complex.

So I looked for alternatives. So far, I found 2:

- SceneFlow
- OneEnabled

Both look better and leave out out of the configuration stuff from the app itself.  Great stuff sofar.

Now here is my issue: None of these apps show RGB HUE lights in their app. White HUE lights are visible.

What could be the case?

Tanks all for thinking along!

Sander (the Netherlands)