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Camera upright picture horizontally stretched
« on: July 11, 2018, 07:40:30 am »
I have connected two vivotek cameras to veraEdge / UI7 (IB8382F3, FD8382-ETV). There is no problem to connect the cams to vera with URL's like cgi-bin/viewer/video.jpg?resolution=640x480 or cgi-bin/viewer/video.jpg?streamid=2. One of the cams worked fine for over a year.

But I want to use the new cam in upright mode. This large video live-picture is displayed in UI7 horizontally stretched. If I save the picture from the vera screen and open it in the browser, the picture proportions are ok. The small picture is ok.

I tried ...?resolution=480x320, which directly in the browser compresses the picture horizontally. But no change in UI7.

Is this an inevitable bug of vera UI7 or is there a way to display upright mode pictures in correct way?
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