Author Topic: GE/Jasco dimmer light switch shows ON but the light is off  (Read 49 times)

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I have a very simple setup with my Vera 3 to control my front porch light.  A motion detector senses motion and turns my front porch light ON using a Jasco dimmable switch.  The scene then has a delay of 10 minutes and turns the switch off. I have "return luup.is_night()" in the scene so it only runs at night. The issue I am having is that the light turns on with the motion and then turns off at a random amount of time. When the light is off the Jasco blue indicator light is off showing that the status is "on" but when you look at it on Vera the switch shows 1% on.  I can then turn OFF the switch by manually pressing it but if i try turning it on manually it will not.  I have tried many different things and swapped the switch out but no success. This scene used to work fine so i am wondering if i should go buy a new switch from home depot and try that.  can anyone offer any advice?