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Hey CudaNet,

Just wanted to let you know I'm still very much looking forward to your upcoming post :)

Lock, Motion & Security Control / Re: New issue with Schlage locks
« Last post by bobbydoedoe on Today at 02:17:35 pm »
Chatted with Vera Support, and they gave me a link to downgrade my firmware.  So everything is back to how it should be.  Give Vera support ring for the firmware downgrade procedure
openLuup / Re: openLuup: Known working plugins
« Last post by DesT on Today at 12:39:55 pm »
I confirm that MyQ plugin for garage door is working also under openLuup.  Need a little modification in L_MyQGateway.lua  to add the line:

Code: [Select]
local ltn12 = require "ltn12"
Looks like the plugin obtains the PIN code so that action should work. Have you tried running the plugin in Debug mode and capturing the log message?
The panel could be busy or there's no PIN code defined (perhaps in the partition; PINcode [store]).

Code: [Select]
toggleChimeMode(lul_device, lul_settings.PINCode)

Anyone have any insight on this luup code?

If i wanted to toggle or turn off chime mode in the evening and turn it back on at a schedule time. what luup would i use?

luup.call_action("urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:EVL3VistaAlarmPanel1","ToggleChimeMode","", DeviceID )

Great Plugin BTW! Using with EVL4 Honeywell 20p and works fine.

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Anyone :)?

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Google Home / Re: ConciergeServer download
« Last post by RichardTSchaefer on Today at 11:21:18 am »
Yes it sees the goolge home and google cast devices ... since they both show up during the "Cast" discovery.
This means that you can send a "Vera Alert" notification (using the Vera Alert Plugin, with the Vera Concierge Profile) to your Google Home device ...
General / Re: News about HomeKit and Vera
« Last post by Tsviper on Today at 11:20:51 am »
It took me a lot of looking around and trying stuff so I decided when I had to redo my steps to write down each command/step as I did them so next time would be easier.  Here is what I used a few months back to get my raspberry pi home bridge setup and running.  Hope this helps (P.S. I also have a harmony hub so there is stuff in there for that too)

SSH into your RPi then:

Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install git make
curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs
sudo apt-get install libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev
sudo su
npm install -g --unsafe-perm homebridge-vera
npm install -g --unsafe-perm homebridge-harmonyhub
cd /etc/default
sudo nano homebridge
# Defaults / Configuration options for homebridge
# The following settings tells homebridge where to find the config.json file and where to persist the data (i.e. pairing and others)

# If you uncomment the following line, homebridge will log more
# You can display this via systemd's journalctl: journalctl -f -u homebridge

cd /etc/systemd/system
sudo nano homebridge.service
Description=Node.js HomeKit Server

# Adapt this to your specific setup (could be /usr/bin/homebridge)
# See comments below for more information
ExecStart=/usr/bin/homebridge $HOMEBRIDGE_OPTS


sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl enable homebridge
sudo systemctl start homebridge
sudo systemctl status homebridge

sudo apt-get install netatalk

-------Install GUI (Optional)-------
sudo apt-get install raspberrypi-ui-mods
Video Camera Control / Re: Amcrest ProHD 1080P
« Last post by GaryTTirn on Today at 11:14:03 am »
I seem to recall HTTP Digest support was not added until UI7 but I could be mistaken and cannot check as I upgraded my old Vera 2 to Vera Edge.
Even with the UI7 I initially got "camera requires a valid username and password" and it was clearly due to the HTTP Digest Authentication.

I also had some username and password issue on UI7 after adding another Amcrest bullet via CreateDevice LUUP-command as that seems to be the only way to get a HTTP Digest enabled Amcrest camera added to Vera with UI7.

Setting the username and password via Vera Web UI would not fix the problem but setting via LUUP-commands did the trick for me.
Try setting the camera user and password with these LUUP-commands, substituting proper values for the VERA_IPADDRESS, CAMERA-DEVICE-ID, USERNAME and PASSWORD.


If your issue is indeed UI5 and lack of HTTP Digest Authentication support then the only easy option is to find older firmware for the camera that still uses basic authentication.
Naturally such camera should not be connected directly to public Internet via port forwarding or similar due to security concerns.

Basically any firmware from 2016 would probably work but all spring 2017 firmwares have HTTP Digest authentication enabled.

For IP2M-841 this firmware still works with basic authentication:

Amcrest also lists International Firmware at the bottom of the firmware page (
There you can still find an old version from 2016 for IP3M-943. For the US models older download link points to 2017 firmwares.

 I'm running UK firmware on some of my IP2M-841s and IP3M-943 I purchased from, so it doesn't look like Amcrest hardware is region specific.
I bought few cameras from the States as those were no longer available here in Europe ( or for a while.

Anyways here is a link to the the IP3M-943 UK model firmware from 2016 :
Google Home / Re: ConciergeServer download
« Last post by freebs on Today at 10:25:13 am »
ok it sees my Google home as a Google Cast device, hope that's right.
Lighting & Load Control / Twitter controlled x-mas tree.
« Last post by incarta95 on Today at 10:15:46 am »
I know this is kind of crazy... I've dabbled in z-wave before but only with a usb stick, 1 device and open remote. (So I am a noob)

My boss gave me a VeraLite.  I am ordering a z-wave power strip to start off.

I will be plugging my x-mas tree lights into the power strip.

Does anyone know of any Lua code I can use in the VeraLite that uses Twitters new API?

Basically I want to control my xmas lights with various hashtags sent to my Twitter account.

Can I do this with just the VeraLite?
openLuup / Re: Porting smartswitch plugin to openLuup
« Last post by DesT on Today at 10:13:21 am »
Here's a backup of the files...
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