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yeah.  I'm not super active anymore as I use openHAB for everything except zwave.  I just use my vera as a zwave controller for OH.
Upgrading / Beta 7.0.23 available
« Last post by markoe on Today at 02:49:07 pm »
Announcing that we're now in Beta for 7.0.23!

Featuring . .

25+ new devices- including the in-demand Fibaro Key Fob!

And how do you feel about the Dome Mouse Trap!? 🙀

See what's coming and download the firmware to test it

Be sure to send all bugs and feedback to
Video Camera Control / Re: Blue Iris "Not Connected"
« Last post by Nameless on Today at 02:32:56 pm »
If you haven't already, make sure to assign a static IP to the camera and also Blue Iris.

Which Wansview are you using? I can see if it is the same as mine and compare the settings tonight.
I'm rather new to Vera myself and have a lot to learn, but I already did what you are trying to do...

use the Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor...

Check this thread to start:,10951.0.html

Then there are some others...

Mine is a very basic implementation, and still it isn't what I'd like it to be, but the basic task of putting Vera into "Away" mode when the alarm panel is armed, and then to arm some Vera's sensors to get notified is something happens in my house while I'm away, is easily accomplished...

Hope this helps in setting you on the right path...
openLuup / Re: openLuup: ZWay plugin for hardware
« Last post by CudaNet on Today at 02:08:29 pm »
168 vDevs, 50 nodes


What version of my ZWay plugin are you running?
General / Re: Change Device ID
« Last post by Cor on Today at 02:06:13 pm »
No one has some more insights in this?

Hi Moxified, I didn't realize you were on this forum.. Very cool.

Thanks for the post, I will admit that I haven't updated the code from Git - not sure how old it is but it's still running just fine.  I'm currently using Huzzah Feathers and the quick connect sounds like a great idea (I definitely need to revisit this in the event one dies/flakes etc.). I have them placed in the exact same place as you mentioned which is perfect.


I use this library with my openhab setup via mqtt. I had rounding issues at first because they used integers instead of floats in the library. They updated the library to support float a few months ago now. I find the hp to be very accurate to the degree in Fahrenheit. I use my zwave thermostats in rooms with hp's to override the internal temp sensor of the hp. Once the floats were added this works very well. Much better than letting the units use their own sensor.

All to say, double check you have the latest pull from github. I futzed with it for a week before realizing I had an outdated copy.

I use adafruit huzzah for this. No fuss. It requires a single plug and some pins. Four wires from the huzzah to the hp. No regulators or resistors. I stuffed them up inside above the pop off panel on the bottom so they are hidden but you can get to them if you pop off the cover.  I made my four wire dongle have standard female pins on the huzzah end so I can just unplug the huzzah from the dongle which runs up inside the hp.

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openLuup / Re: openLuup: ZWay plugin for hardware
« Last post by akbooer on Today at 01:55:20 pm »
What version of my ZWay plugin are you running?
General / Re: Implement Dropdown Menu in Plugin's Static JSON file
« Last post by reneboer on Today at 01:23:07 pm »

I fear you cannot do this using the static json and you have to create a javascript version of the panel.

Cheers Rene
openLuup / Re: openLuup: ZWay plugin for hardware
« Last post by CudaNet on Today at 01:19:56 pm »
Here are the details from a Leviton switch... ZWay Parent id is indeed '5'.

(Thanks for your reminder on another thread.)

This appears to be related to a non-existent node.  Can you check the attributes of the ZWay child nodes (or maybe just one) and see that the do, indeed, refer to the ZWay device?

I'm a bit stumped as to how an AltUI version change can do this, but...

(I'm running the latest AltUI in my development system, but not currently with ZWay.)
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