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ImperiHome (Android) / Re: Monthly subscription for imperihome?
« Last post by save on Today at 09:31:04 am »
Hello.  We have dozens of customers using the old Imperihome Pro system. Now we are looking for another app, because the monthly payment system is not interesting for our customers. We know they prefer to make a bigger payment (for instance 50 -100 euros) than a monthly way.
Alternate UI to UI7 / Re: ALTUI : Alternate App Store
« Last post by cw-kid on Today at 09:22:46 am »

Can anyone who knows what they are doing with AltUI and AltAppStore answer my question here please.,40375.msg408474.html#msg408474

Not sure I have things setup right?

Alternate UI to UI7 / Re: Failure when trying to install Eventwatcher
« Last post by cw-kid on Today at 09:02:21 am »
I deleted the other instances of the AltAppStore plugin.

Now when I tried to download the Harmony plugin via the AltAppStore using the ALT download button, it has installed the Harmony plugin device OK.

Well I can see it listed under Devices in the Vera UI7 GUI etc. However if I go in to My Apps area in the Vera GUI its not listed there as an installed plugin and cannot be seen.

Is this expected behaviour ? 

But looking in the AltUI - Plugins area it now looks like the attached screenshot, which still doesn't look right ?

Also when installing plugins via the AltAppStore using this method, how would you go about creating another instance of the Harmony plugin device? Say if you have more than one Harmony hub.

Normally in the regular Vera GUI you would go to My Apps click on Details of the plugin and then press the Create Device button, to create a second instance of that plugin device.

EDIT: The Weather Wunderground plugin you can see on the same screenshot I installed via the normal Vera - Install Apps area.

AV Control / Re: Onkyo Receiver Plugin
« Last post by Dingin on Today at 08:42:23 am »
Well i wanted to update it a bit so i did some simple stuff, Added 4 more Macros and some net inputs that where missing.
My Receiver is a TXNR676E

Well let me know ho it goes for you guys, if it work drop here a reply and maybe i can do more for this Plug-in, i?m not a programmer but i have two around here that i can bug :D
I loaded the file using the "upload" option under "Luup files", "Develop Apps". But now after a reboot it is giving an error at the top of the webpage:

Zigbee Smart Meter H[240]: Lua Engine Failed to Load
Rainforest Eagle: Lua error

From log:
35   07/18/18 7:01:49.592   ZigbeeJobHandler::ParseCustomDeviceType Id: 4341 <0x762c0520>
01   07/18/18 7:01:49.597   LuaInterface::LoadCode: [string "..."]:7: unexpected symbol near '<' <0x77d51320>
35   07/18/18 7:01:49.605   ZigbeeJobHandler::ParseCustomDeviceType Id: 4351 <0x762c0520>
Alternate UI to UI7 / Re: Failure when trying to install Eventwatcher
« Last post by cw-kid on Today at 08:00:51 am »
Also the OPEN button in the AltUI plugin seems to be broken ?

It opens this URL:


Which results in: 404 Not Found.

I had to manually correct the URL:


Alternate UI to UI7 / Re: Failure when trying to install Eventwatcher
« Last post by cw-kid on Today at 07:47:30 am »
It looks like messing about with it I now have multiple plugins for the AltAppStore see screen shot.
Alternate UI to UI7 / Re: Failure when trying to install Eventwatcher
« Last post by cw-kid on Today at 07:44:15 am »

I am also having issues getting up and running with AltUI and the AltApp store. Using a VeraEdge UI7 box.

I ran the lua script to install the AltAppStore plugin (downloaded from In Vera under My Apps I do not see an AltAppStore plugin entry, but the files for it are present on the system.

I tried to install some plugins from the AltAppStore, by clicking on the Alt download button they say success, but the plugins do not appear as installed in the Vera My Apps area. And when looking in the AltUI plugins area they look like the attached screen shot, which doesn't look right.

How to fix this ?

Thank you
General / Re: Goodbye Vera
« Last post by souly75 on Today at 07:38:15 am »
Give some feedback after you use it for a while. Looks good, though Z-wave model is sold out :(
It's not sold out at Amazon. 😉 bought mine there and only brain and enocean cube at their shop. Will keep you informed.
Lighting & Load Control / upgrading z-wave device
« Last post by jmestes on Today at 06:54:35 am »
I just added a GoControl dimmable bulb (LB60Z-1) to my VeraPlus system. It works fine but a message is displayed that this device needs to be upgraded. I can't figure out how to do that with the Vera UI.

Any tips?

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