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Video Camera Control / Re: Wansview W2
« Last post by Nameless on Today at 11:16:57 pm »
Thought I'd follow up to this. I now use Blue Iris and this camera works pretty well there. Motion detection is 10x better than stock camera software. The cam does crash fairly often, requiring reboots.

Successfully added in to Vera, but only through Blue Iris.

Although you can't directly access the variables necessary to reset them with PLEG, you can write to them with LUA. The following code will reset a tripped sensor back to the untripped state. I hate to think that I would need to add this extra code to all my sensors, as it should not be necessary but this does work for sensors involved in either a security system or door entry/exit alerts.

luup.variable_set("urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SecuritySensor1", "Tripped", "0", 31)
luup.variable_set("urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:SecuritySensor1", "ArmedTripped", "0", 31)

For those who are uncertain how to use this code in their system, replace 31 with your device ID.

Try positioning the sensor higher up and pointing it slightly downward. If you can keep the rain off of the sensor face, that might help.
Nest / Re: Questions about WWN app for Nest thermostat
« Last post by tvipond on Today at 09:02:57 pm »
Unless I am missing something or some announcement, there is still a lack of availability to adequately control Nest with the scenes or programmatically. I have a simple timer scenario that turns off the airconditioner or heater when people arbitrarily leave doors and windows open and leave them open for a few minutes, and then return the system to it's previously operating mode once the doors and windows have been closed for a few minutes. This scenario has worked for literally years. Then I upgraded to your Nest Secure product and to my surprise, the only option to control Nest was your plugin...which, after reading everything I could find, I totally understand what Vera and Nest are doing and it will take time. I have tried everything I can to get a reliable setup but the majority of the time the Nest gets stuck in the OFF mode after windows and doors are closed because the Plugin is "Blocked"...assumably from too many other users attempting to use your app and bombarding the Nest servers. So, although I only am attempting to control the Nest ON / Off Function once or twice a day, I think the entire Plugin for all users is getting compromised for all users? Do all user activity get summed up and the total sum is used by Nest to determine whether to block activity? Or is the activity of a single user logged separately. The summing up of all user activity in my mind is the only thing that I can think of as to why I am blocked more than 95% of the time.

Sure, we can click the buttons on your Plugin and have the nest change, however, most people don't have smart home controllers so they can sit at a computer and click buttons. The intent is to automatically control things with scenes and programming.
VeraMate (iOS) / Re: Veramate not the same after IOS 11 update
« Last post by Don Phillips on Today at 09:01:31 pm »
I noticed tonight a Veramate update to support iOS 11 was published today.  So I updated to iOS 11 and Veramate is still working fine.
VeraMate (iOS) / Re: VeraMate for Apple Watch 3
« Last post by Don Phillips on Today at 08:58:09 pm »
Veramate is not very active in this forum but he just updated Veramate to work with the new iOS 11 so there is hope.
Getting Started & Initial Setup / Re: Cannot Create An Account
« Last post by Don Phillips on Today at 08:49:07 pm »
The 6th largest country on Earth is "Other".  HA!

It is not like it is a continent or anything, then you could demand something beside other  8)
Lock, Motion & Security Control / Re: New siren aeon labs (ZW080)
« Last post by Don Phillips on Today at 08:45:00 pm »
This worked nicely until I installed the siren in a different part of the house for a completely different purpose and then all hell broke loose!

...and the party really got started then  8)
I am not going to be very helpful except to echo I have noticed this same behavior in my 2 AeonLabs DSB54-ZWUS door sensors. Maybe not 10% but I would guess 5% of the time. The one sensor closest to Vera (about 3') is the one we use the most - many times a day, and it is annoying when it happens.
Amazon Alexa / Re: Let's talk about when Alexa should reply with OK
« Last post by mvader on Today at 08:25:52 pm »

I agree 2 answers would be ideal but that's not supported by Amazon.

I wonder if a toggle for each user to device when to answer OK would be better than have one setting for all.

@mvader - I'm so sorry! I clicked on modify instead of quote and modified your post by mistake.

no worries.. stuff happens :)
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