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General / Re: Initial Vera Secure Observations, issues
« Last post by John M. on Today at 01:03:40 pm »
I'm noticing a slow but gradual battery degradation over the first week. In the Vera interface I now see 91% remaining, while connected to a powered outlet. I have not lost power but still the battery seems to be slowly losing charge and is not re-charging.
Any others who have been seeing this?

I have the same - but since last night it's now back up to 100.  It seems to stop charging when full, then wait until some threshold value until charging again.  Doesn't appear to trickle charge while at 100%.  Not sure if bug or feature.

This sounds like the logical answer. But since there is no manual to support this, and Vera themselves (atleast not this one) doesn't even know how it's supposed to behave.

Hello Pascal,

Please submit an email ticket to, with the SN and remote access enabled, so they can have a look at this.

Everyone is just figuring it all out for themselves as usual. Keep up the good work on the forum!

A little bit of irony didn't hurt anybody but being a new hardware, we just want to make sure any possible report is thoroughly investigated.
Indeed the discharge until 91% is a battery protection mechanism and a lot of R&D has been put into this feature.
Hello everyone,
I have a home made remote control that, via HTTP commands, controls my A/C system.
I wish to integrate it into Vera in a decent way.
So far, I was able to create a global function that accepts parameters, and I used virtual switch, that its "on" state will invoke my function with one set of parameters, and "off" state will use it with a different set ,that will eventually turn on or off the AC.

The control right now is really lacking, and I cant select temperature or fan speed.

What is the best solution for me to create a control layout that is similar to roller shutter, having a slider for temperature selection and off/low/high fan speed?
Right now I tried to take the json layout of the roller shutter and started modifying it, and trying to see how it looks in the device simulator, but its not that straight forward and Its more like trial and error.

Program Logic Plugins / Door Lock Status
« Last post by MNB on Today at 12:37:06 pm »
@RTS, I currently have Kwikset door bolt locks and recently noticed that if someone doesn't close the door completely that the lock attempt to lock (with an PLEG routine) if it can't extend the bolt fully it sounds a warning sound (at the lock) and will attempt it again. I wanted to somehow detect this condition and send an alert via SONO msg that the "Side Door did not successfully Lock! can someone correct it". When establishing a potential trigger I do not see any device parameter that I could use. Any recommendation(s)/Suggestions?
AV Control / Re: IP to Serial Control (HTD Lync 6)
« Last post by Newzwaver on Today at 12:35:56 pm »
Sorry, work has been crazy.  I have the slider working but having issues with it going past the limits (i.e 0 to 60).  When it goes past the volume limit it locks the keypad. You would think this would be a simple thing, but no it's not for some reason.  I will try to look at it over the next few weeks. 

Question to all, is the plugin working for everything else?  The feedback is that working showing the source and volume set/amount?  Anything else that might need a little fixing?

That was my thought the first couple of years of owning my Vera.  Bit the bullet last December, played with it all winter, and found out how easy it is once you understand how how to use it. Then you spend all your time fiddling with it as you think up new, cool, ways to bend Vera to your will - well, when Vera cooperates  8)

Thanks for the encouragement (I think).  I already find it frustrating to need to have a separate scene to turn off light.
Video Camera Control / Re: Reolink cameras
« Last post by michaelhinchey on Today at 12:00:18 pm »
Any new info on these?  Any help would be appreciated. 
General / Re: VeraSecure
« Last post by MNB on Today at 11:52:10 am »
@kartcon, looking at your link it doesn't indicate that the sensor is z-wave unless one is to infer this from 2Gig association?
You might have a problem ARMING/DISARMING the PLEG.
Since there is nothing in the report that indicates when the PLEG is armed/disarmined  it's hard to tell.

A better way to do this is to have an input Trigger for when you are armed-away.

Then change your condition to:
Condition -

C1_Ghost1_ON               S1_Ghost_1  AND ArmedAway

        It is a waste of compute cycles and harder to read when you have an expression:
                        X; !X
                        !X; X
An efficient and readable equivalent is just:



Could you tell me what you replaced? Did you get a different model of z-wave shutter controllers? If so, which ones? this is driving me crazy ...

Program Logic Plugins / Re: Please advise me on PLEG sched problem UI5
« Last post by bucko on Today at 09:04:57 am »
This is my simple PLEG.......
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