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The reason that you hear that click is because appliance modules are rated to carry the higher current draw of the typical appliance, think  toaster or coffee pot.  If all you're looking to control is a wall wart than an appliance module is overkill.  There are light control modules out there that are just simple on/off and do not dim at all.  That's what you want....!
General / Re: How Does Scenes Work in Vera
« Last post by BOFH on Today at 12:24:42 pm »
John M. +1 on the Thank You as now it makes sense. It seems Vera has the NTP servers hardcoded? Can we change them as I can easily standup a backup NTP server on my Unix box and point them to there.
AV Control / Re: What do you recommend for AV control
« Last post by col8eral on Today at 12:24:13 pm »
I am working on a plugin to control the BroadLink family of IR device controllers.
The BroadLink can learn a command from your remote. You can also program a sequence of IR commands into a macro.
Each has a name.

The plugin will allow you to initiate a learned IR command or Macro via it's name.

Hi Richard. I'm new to AV control. All I had heard of was harmony and iTach. Is the broadlink controller better? I was wondering why you had chosen to support that device with your plugin?  Thank you.

Hi Richard,

I am running the bridge and scenes but would love an actual plugin.  Keep everyone posted as we know the Broadlink has more control than AV.


What's the additional functionality which you mention over AV
If I understand well, the LEFT side is used for variables text responses for intents.
See enclosed: teh text response uses $DimmerLevel variable and finally "High" is taken in the response. It means that Google Home will reply with these English keywords ?
Upgrading / Re: Latest Firmware Upgrade 1.7.2931
« Last post by Inzax on Today at 10:18:55 am »
My issues have been resolved.  No worries.
Video Camera Control / Re: Foscam Motion Sensors FI9900p, FI8910W
« Last post by EllisO on Today at 09:12:28 am »

I've just got my Foscams hooked up to my Edge. went through the manual add process then used the following url


Still trying to get the alerts to work
General / Re: How Does Scenes Work in Vera
« Last post by akbooer on Today at 08:56:55 am »
Ah, that makes much more sense, thanks.
General / Re: Scene with logical AND triggers
« Last post by akbooer on Today at 08:55:20 am »
If it's in Vera, then it must somehow be coded into the scene JSON description, which can be retrieved and examined via an HTTP scenes request.
General / Re: How Does Scenes Work in Vera
« Last post by John M. on Today at 08:39:27 am »
"might" is there, because Vera units do not have an internal clock, and relies on NTP servers for sync. On short to medium term, or short term internet loss, if the unit is not in a bad state with lots of reloads, it should keep time pretty well and this should not pose an issue, otherwise it will drift, and of course calculate sunrise/sunset incorrectly.

However, all other types of logic and scenes are and will always be calculated and stored locally on the unit, this is how the engine is built.
Start with an old fashioned Twin Bell Key wind Alarm Clock, or similar.

Add a door/window sensor, like the Schlage RS100 Door Window Sensor.

Run a contact wire from the sensor to the clock's hammer and another contact wire from the sensor to one of the bells. The moment the hammer contacts the bell, the door/window sensor will send a tripped Z-Wave signal that can trigger a scene to do what you want.

P.S. Don't sell mum and grandmam short.
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