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Alternate UI to UI7 / License options, and
« Last post by ChrisTheC on November 24, 2017, 07:48:42 pm »
Hi amg0,

I've been running the licensed AltUI plugin on my Vera 3 UI5 for about a year (thank you very much). With all of the plugins I have, my Vera is really slowing down, so I decided to test the OpenLuup / AltUI combination to offload the processing & memory being used by the Vera 3. To this point, all of my automation logic has been done in PLEG, so to move over, I'm going to have to learn how to use workflows in your AltUI.

With the help of the group & CudaNet's turnkey builds, I installed & tested the Raspberry PI version. I ordered another PI-3 which will be here tomorrow.

During testing, I noticed that I am using an unlicensed version (of course) and the build has my location is in England. (I sure would like to visit one day!)

I'll still want to use my current AltUI license to connect to my Vera, will I need to purchase another license for the Raspberry PI?

Thanks again for the fine work.

openLuup / Re: Porting smartswitch plugin to openLuup
« Last post by reneboer on November 24, 2017, 07:10:22 pm »
Hi DesT,

I think this version should work. It should also fully work on UI7. It does not work on UI5 in this setup. Can you do some testing and let me know?

Cheers Rene
Plugins & Plugin Development / Re: PLUGIN: Broadlink RM Interface
« Last post by zedrally on November 24, 2017, 06:27:03 pm »
Just out of interest I had a look at what HomeSeer had done and found a contributor who ran it through Tasker, what seems interesting is the http call.

Code: [Select]
hs.WriteLog "Starting!", 0
'replace the ip adress and port with your own(its the adress of your RM Tasker host)
const server_url = "

Could be that it needs a subdirectory in the wget?
Program Logic Plugins / Help with Heading Control
« Last post by IslandMan54 on November 24, 2017, 05:45:16 pm »
I've been using PLEG a while, but things have been working ok, and it was summer, now winter, so decided to clean up my heating controls. Two zones, two thermostats, I work from home, how hard can it be. Seems simple enough but it does not turn the heat up and down like I want it to, or at all. Can someone point out what this old fart clearly seems to be missing?

Plugins & Plugin Development / Re: PLUGIN: Broadlink RM Interface
« Last post by zedrally on November 24, 2017, 05:38:52 pm »
I have just transferred the codes for two devices between two different phones with no access problem.
The download problem must be in Vera.

edit: This is on the  same network as Vera.
Google Home/Google Assistant - Vera Concierge / Re: Still cannot talk to Concierge Server
« Last post by Inzax on November 24, 2017, 05:21:32 pm »
Put my phone in airplane mode and used wireless only.   Repeated the process to link to vera to google home via my phone.  It worked.

Yes, my phone is set up to use my wireless when at home.  For some reason having data on just would not allow the process to work.
Google Home/Google Assistant - Vera Concierge / Re: Debug your Configuration
« Last post by Inzax on November 24, 2017, 05:19:49 pm »
After many hours of frustration dealing with trying to get Google Home to connect with my vera I have found the fix for me.

My issue was everything seemed to be working.  The web interface showed connectivity.  When I went to my phone app for google home, I selected the option to LINK to my vera only to have everything hang without connectivity.

I TURNED OFF MY PHONE DATA and reconnected to my home network WIRELESS ONLY. phone is/was set up to utilize my wireless when in range.

I then tried working through the Google Home App.  Selecting the link displayed within the home app brought me to the google account page.  With wireless only and data turned off the link worked. 

No idea...  But yes.  My phone was correctly configured to use my wireless when in range.   I would think it would do this by default for google home.  Taking my phone out of airplane mode now since everything is set up.
General / Re: My Modes, Does it Make sense?
« Last post by kwieto on November 24, 2017, 05:03:43 pm »
I'm not sure if I understand correctly what you are writing, but I think you don't understand what Modes really are for.
Seems that you basically mixing scenes with modes, for example "Open Door" or "Situation" for me is definitely a job for a scene, not mode. If you try to set up modes to work as a scenes, then I can imagine that you're frustrated, but it is not because of the Modes concept, but because you're simply trying to use it wrong.

So let's start from the basics. In general, Mode have two main functions:
1. Allows you to define how should behave certain sensors or switches if you set specific mode (i.e. arm/disarm, on/off, etc.). This way you can manage a bunch of devices by one click (i.e. arm all outside sensors during a night and disarm during a day, shut off water valves if you are away and turn them on when you're home, etc.)
2. Act as additional condition for the scenes. This way you can design a scene to be run only in certain mode/s, for example "turn the light on if sensor detects a motion, but only if the house is in mode "home" or "night". For example I have a scene which turns on the fan if humidity in a room reaches certain level, but I don't want it to run when I'm not at home, so I've restricted it to the Home and Night modes. Or I have electrical heater which keeps certain room above freezing temperature, but I don't want it to interfere with heating settings used when I'm at home or left it for a short period of time, so I've restricted this scene to be run only in "Vacation" mode. And so on.

Modes are not scenes but rather a conditions which can be used within scenes. so trying to use Modes as a Scenes (which you're trying to do, according to your "modes" description) will not get you anywhere except total mess.

From what you describe, "ARM" mode can be defined under "Away" or "Vacation", while "Protection" can be served by "Home" and "Night" modes.
For "Open Door" I would use a scene which disarms/opens lock and turn house into Home mode. Or use geofencing, then you can define a circle around the house entering which switches the Mode to "Home" automatically.
"Situation" should be created as a scene based on any trigger you like. It can be restricted to certain modes, but doesn't have to. It is definitely not a job for Modes.
You need to post a Status Report.
USB RFXtrx Transceiver Plugin / Re: vera will reload to validate the changes...
« Last post by halo on November 24, 2017, 04:28:16 pm »
Good news. Problem resolved.,52229.0.html

"Vera reload....still exist", but at least new manually created devices are fully operational.

Auto creation works also OK.
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