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I recently purchased the First Alert CO/Fire Detector x 2.  I paired it sucessfully, it added two devices "Smoke & CO Senor" and "CO Sensor" Assuming one is smoke and other is CO. 

My Question:

Does it need to be in the "ARMED" state to be activated/work or it doesn't matter?

I ultimately am going to create a scene, I can just select whenever "CO Sensor detects CO, wheter is armed or disarmed", I just wanted to know if it matters, and what that actually does.

I'm also curious if there would be a way that if the Co/Fire is in alert, can it activate/alarm my Vista20p Panel  w/ EVL4 to ultimately send alert to central station.

Lock, Motion & Security Control / Fibaro 2 Door Window sensor
« Last post by michaelhinchey on September 24, 2017, 07:42:20 pm »
Sensor is reporting status reversed.  Door is open but the sensor show it is closed and vice versa.  It is also sending me notifications when I didnt set it up to do so in this one.  I had one that was non functional so I rma d it back ti the company.  They Sent me a new one and now it is giving me notifications that a door/window is open.  Any ideas?
Lock, Motion & Security Control / Re: fibaro door window sensor2 v2 FGDW-002-1
« Last post by michaelhinchey on September 24, 2017, 07:32:28 pm »
Im having an issue where the sensor is reversed.  Saying the door is open when the app tell me it is closed.  Also giving me notifications without me telling it to give me notifications.  Strange!
I dont get any errors while reloading the engine however when I rm the PLeg device it reads this error Trigger Description error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of undefined
Any ideas?
Getting Started & Initial Setup / Re: Scheduling Lock Codes
« Last post by jswim788 on September 24, 2017, 07:26:07 pm »
You have to go to the advanced tab of the scene for these actions.  I haven't tried this myself, but there are some old posts on it:
Video Camera Control / Re: D-Link DCS-932L Live Video Doesn't Work Despite Preview Working
« Last post by g2ren on September 24, 2017, 06:58:09 pm »
I using Dlink  DCS-933L and have same issue as "cjwhitsitt". I need to use this setting under Camera/settings/variables URL = image/jpeg.cgi To be able to see a picture/video
I use wired and wifi for my cams. Have also issue with camera are unavailable, lost communication,. They drop in and out. Will we have a fix for this in the future?
I haven't tested "gniknalu" solution, will do when I am onshore.

Lighting & Load Control / Re: Switches for fan and light combo?
« Last post by curtm on September 24, 2017, 06:52:47 pm »
I ended up enlarging the hole in the wall from a two gang box to a four gang box and putting in a separate Switch for each.
Thanks all for your answers!
Lock, Motion & Security Control / Re: New siren aeon labs (ZW080)
« Last post by gengen on September 24, 2017, 06:48:58 pm »
My Aeotec siren was sitting in a box for quite some time and I decided to bring it back and have it trigger when a far away smoke detector triggered. I was surprised, however that the siren kept on sounding whenever I crossed a room with a motion sensor.

I was completely confused until I realized that I had fallen victim to a "convenience" feature in Vera whereby any siren is triggered by any armed sensor. Although this is arguably what you want if you just have smoke detectors and sirens, I'm using my motion sensors for more subtle applications such as safety lights as people cross a threshold. As such, I needed finer grain control.

To disable the "auto trigger" feature, go to the siren's control panel advanced tab and change the "category_num" field from 24 (siren) to 3 (switch). Now you can get finer control over your siren behavior in UI7.
Lock, Motion & Security Control / problems with products from gr-smarthome
« Last post by agrinberg on September 24, 2017, 06:45:03 pm »

I've the Vera plus controller and i bought some devices from company in china called gr-smarthome.
i bought PIR,DOOR,SIREN,AC,AV sensors and more
from all of the products only the siren is working, all other devices get identified by the Vera controller but not function at all.
the door sensor  - if i take the magnet off it is not showing anything for ON or OFF, the same goes to the PIR etc..
what i'm doing wrong here?

Lighting & Load Control / Re: Double tap switch for scene control
« Last post by dzmiller on September 24, 2017, 06:39:30 pm »
GoControl WD500Z5 supports central scenes and instant status on Vera.
 It is officially supported in the next UI7 firmware release.

GE does not support central scenes.

Vera does not officially support HomeSeer HS-WD100+. I don't know if there is a work-around for this dimmer on Vera.

Strangely, Vera has not announced support for the new GoControl "3-way" WT00Z5. Vera tech support is able to provide partial functionality for this device today. This device does not support central scenes.

Central scenes can also be set to directly control house modes. So home/away can be set at the switch next to an exit. I have not tested this function on Vera.
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