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General / Re: VeraSecure
« Last post by MNB on Today at 10:54:32 am »
@John M. thanxs for posting the compatible 2GIG devices. So for the technically challenged the 245Mhz devices are not Z-Wave but rather WiFi, or is it a proprietary communications?
That is what I'm saying, yes.

The android app reads it perfectly "Use XXXXX", but keeps responding "Which Vera Controller?"

Will send an email - thanks for your help.
I use Vera Proximity on my Android Phones to set a Multi-Switch to ON when I leave the house and OFF when I get home.
You can do the same for each person.

Then I use PLEG
I have an input trigger
MrHome             Multi Switch indicating I am Home
MrsHome            Multi Switch indicating the Mrs is Home
GarageDoorOpen When the Garage Door is opened.         
Night                  Day or night indicates Night


AnyOneHome              MrHome or MrsHome   (With Repeat on)
AnyOneComesHomeAtNight          Night;AnyOneHome
NOOneHome               !MrHome and !MrsHome
AlarmOff                     GarageDoorOpen AND AnyOneHome

Actions for
AlarmOff                     Alarm is Disarmed  (Here I use the fact that I am home, and that I opened the Garage door via garage door opener, to indicate I am home and to disarm the alarm system)
AnyOneHome              Thermostat set to Normal.
AnyOneComesHomeAtNight          Turn on Garage and House lights
NOOneHome               Alarm is Armed, Thermostat set to energy savings mode (Temperature Setback)

You can add more logic to auto turn off the Garage lights. I have motion sensors, so as long as there is motion ... the lights stay on.

Did you try to say:


See the google voice commands ... the USE command is how you select the Vera.
Send me an email with your Vera Serial Number(s).
Try going into Google Home mobile App
Under "More Settings" try changing the "Assistant Language"  to "English US"
Scene Scripting / Re: How to create a trigger "No movement for X minutes"
« Last post by rge on Today at 09:56:21 am »
You may want to rethink your requirements - sounds like a recipe to get the lights turned off on you when you're in the john, and then the alarm goes off when you try to leave !
Program Logic Plugins / Re: PLEG and Null results
« Last post by Don Phillips on Today at 08:28:32 am »
That's all my pea brain had, sorry.
I use iPhone Locator. When both of us have leave, it sets the house mode to Away, arming the sensors and the cameras.  When either of us come home, it changes the house mode to Home, disarming everything. If you have a need to change heating/cooling settings in Home/Away mode, you could also do that. I only change heating/cooling when in Night or Vacation mode.
Plugins & Plugin Development / Re: New Plugin: Deus Ex Machina
« Last post by nutshellml on Today at 08:01:06 am »
I set up Dues Ex AWAY mode.  After reviewing some of my cameras, I noticed that the Duex Ex ran all night (didn't stop at specified time) Also did not shut all off in the morning or at end of cycle.  Any thoughts on what this could be?

So i resolved my issues of setting up the vera bridge, but when i ask, "hey google, speak to vera concierge" it responds by saying its not available for British English.

Is there a fix for this?


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