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Sonos Plugin / Re: New TTS engine: Microsoft Translator
« Last post by dclloyd on Today at 08:26:33 am »
Many thanks to @cybrmage for keeping the Sonos plugin TTS alive!!!

Quick question...  Is there an easy way to select the US English Male voice vs. the default US English Female? 

Our home automation system has always spoken with a male voice and we call it "Bob."  Since switching from Microsoft TTS, "Bob" now speaks with the wrong gender.


Did you ever get this figured out?  Personally I'd prefer the UK Female voice, but can't figure out how to adjust.  Seems like ResponsiveVoice supports multiple voices - I tried adding a variable of;

TTS_RV_setDefaultVoice = UK English Female

Which didn't work, but quite frankly I don't know what I'm doing!
General / Re: Scene with logical AND triggers
« Last post by Z-Waver on Today at 08:18:56 am »
Thank you for testing and letting me know.

I saw this capability mentioned on the forum many months ago, unfortunately I can't find that post right now. I asked the poster about it, but I was not able to determine to my satisfaction whether the functionality was located in the app or in Vera.  Now I know.

Vera development is a mess. Why would they build this feature into Vera and then, for months, expose it only in the IOS app?
AV Control / Re: What do you recommend for AV control
« Last post by col8eral on Today at 03:56:34 am »
Thank you
I've not got time to look at it but the LaMetric clock may do what you need.
General / Re: Fibaro button vera support...?
« Last post by tonycolin on Today at 03:21:55 am »
Thanks for that, but too little, to late!  I've gone to Indigo!
I am looking for an very simple to use alarm clock which can trigger a scene on my Vera when the alarm goes off. What I want to is to be able to turn on certain things like a soft light etc when the alarm goes off. It must be super simple to operate (not an mobile app or radio clock) since it will live in my guest room. Think so simple that mum and grandmam can set it when visiting.

I don't expect a z-wave product for this but anything which can do a http request is fine. I'm fully capable for doing some programming to get this working also.

Any tips?
Video Camera Control / Re: Adding Axis P3367 to VeraPlus UI7
« Last post by HazeR on Today at 02:10:37 am »
Thanks KenJ!
Getting the Cam as a device now, credentials accepted, but no stream.
Guess there is easier cams to use than Axis :)
I first downloaded and install in my download folder, but then I realized all the files were being installed there which I didn't want.  I couldn't figure out how to uninstall so I got impatient and deleted the whole folder.  Then I download the jar and placed it in the directory I wanted it to be in and now I couldn't get it to open.  It does nothing when I double click.  How can I get it to work again? 
General / Re: Fibaro swipe relesead
« Last post by markoe on Today at 12:39:44 am »

UI7 ▾ Beta Software Update ▾ Version 7.0.22b (1.7.963/1.7.3014/1.7.3015/1.7.3016) ▾ July 26, 2017

Swipe support listed at the release note.
General / Re: Fibaro button vera support...?
« Last post by markoe on Today at 12:35:27 am »

UI7 ▾ Beta Software Update ▾ Version 7.0.22b (1.7.963/1.7.3014/1.7.3015/1.7.3016) ▾ July 26, 2017

The fibaro button is listed as a new supported device .  8)

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