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Imagine z-wave switch as some device in between original (physical) switch and the light (or any other device which was connected to the original switch).
If you don't use z-wave functionality at the moment, this additional device is "transparent" to the installation, which means that it just pass commands from physical switch to the light as in regular installation.
The benefit is that in addition you can manage it via Z-wave controller.

You have two tpes of in-wall switches: one is built as a physical switch which you put in a place of original one,
(see for example: ),  the other is a device which you put into in-wall box behind original switch, and connect to the light and to the switch (see for example: )
What you choose depends on your needs (i.e. if you need to keep visual design same as other switches, probably the option "behind the switch" will be better than replacing original switch) or possibilities (i.e. do you have hot and neutral available at the place where original switch is installed?).
Remember that in some cases you'll need to replace original switch anyway (i.e. dimmers work better with monostable, "doorbell" type of switches, so if you want to use dimming features, you'll probably need to install such type of switch even if you use "behind the switch" type of z-wave device).
General / Re: Dual Dry Contact Device?
« Last post by zedrally on Today at 06:09:38 pm »
Isolated would be better terminology.

surprised that you can't find a Phillio variant that matches your need.
Visonic Powermax Plugin / Re: PowerMax to Vera Plus Connection Issue
« Last post by bjules on Today at 05:59:27 pm »
Hello isablend
I've finally had some luck. First, using the same RS232 module and USB-to-serial-to-ethernet signal chain I've been using with Vera, I connected my new PowerMax Pro panel to my computer and was able to get it to communicate with the Powermaster software, which brought up all of the Powermax settings. Based on this, I was convinced that the problem was not in the communication link. My next piece of luck was getting in touch with a Vera tech who was somewhat Visonic conversant apparently. He initially fixed my communication problem with my GoControl switch and I have not had any recurrence of the "Can't detect device" messages that had previously plagued me. He then showed me how to "Reload Engine" under the Z-Wave settings. Doing that causes the Vera app to read the panel settings and to come up with all of my sensor and device settings but, unfortunately, in standard mode, not Powerlink mode.  I have tried uploading all of your app files and then reloading the engine, but it still comes up in standard mode.

The technician thought Powerlink mode was only available with UI5. I thought you had told me you are running UI7 and that your PowerMax panel comes up in Powerlink mode with screens that look like those in the setup guide. Is that correct? Do you have any insights as to why I'm still not going into Powerlink mode? The technician offered further assistance. If I am able to tell him, with certainty, that you are running UI7 and are in Powerlink mode that would be helpful (but only if that is, indeed the case!). Thanks again for all your help.
General / Re: The S.O. Factor
« Last post by HSD99 on Today at 05:40:24 pm »
7: Tell her that the upgrade will take a month to install and 3 months to tweak to get it right.

Ah, all the optimism of a true technical professional.  ;D
O'Toole's Law: Murphy was an optimist.
Lighting & Load Control / Re: 240v Heater module
« Last post by HSD99 on Today at 05:35:15 pm »
You could also use a definite purpose contactor (aka big relay), running it from a Z-wave switch (select one with a 120V coil, and wire the coil as you would a light fixture). It will generate less heat in use than the SSR, most likely. An SSR driving a multi-KW load is going to need some ventilation, but the contactor will be more tolerant. It's not hard to find contactors with very high current ratings. Example:

Contactor or SSR would have go to in an appropriate enclosure.
Second the recommendation to use a contactor as opposed to SSR. I would suggest using a Z-Wave switch with a mechanical relay output, as opposed to solid-state, to drive the contactor coil.
General / Re: The S.O. Factor
« Last post by rigpapa on Today at 05:28:28 pm »
7: Tell her that the upgrade will take a month to install and 3 months to tweak to get it right.

Ah, all the optimism of a true technical professional.  ;D
General / Re: The S.O. Factor
« Last post by rigpapa on Today at 05:25:32 pm »
That's the even more politically correct "significant other", just in case the person with whom you share domestic responsibilities is not married to you.
VeraAlerts / Re: Newbie needing guidance on using Vera Alerts
« Last post by Mike Yeager on Today at 05:22:21 pm »
The author of the Alerts plugin is on this thread. I'm sure he'll chime in when he sees this...
General / Re: The S.O. Factor
« Last post by treetop777 on Today at 05:19:15 pm »
I used to know it as "Wife Approval Factor" (WAF) then it evolved into the more politically correct "Spouse Approval Factor" (SAF) but what is S.O.??   ???
VeraAlerts / gfflgtm
« Last post by Curtisbat on Today at 03:53:29 pm »
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