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Aaron you might want to try using firefox, if you are using Google Chrome you wont be able to view the feed from the web browser as Chrome no longer supports the Flash Codec needed to view it, however thats assuming you are using Chrome to begin with.
General / Re: MIOS Acquisition
« Last post by Grwebster on Today at 07:01:36 pm »
I am hoping that the Atom will at minimum work with all the devices Vera supports right now.  Right now the compatible device list on the Ezlo site is really short.  This will be critical to success of the system.  Also will want local control of the devices when internet is down.

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3 seems it has something to do with the names I gave it.

So far as I can see from the code, the parameters are not URL-encoded, so spaces and other characters may indeed cause problems.
I thought that too but the commented examples in the lua file seemed to indicate otherwise. I'll change mine back and maybe that's my issue too.

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General / Re: Anyone else giving up on Z-wave? (or Vera)
« Last post by integlikewhoa on Today at 05:52:14 pm »

I'm not very happy that I can only link my controllers by bridging. I would love to have a virtual controller in the cloud that would display all devices in the same place when I need that but to be able to also operated every controller independently.

One interesting thing Homeseer has is ZNet, essentially an Ethernet connect USB host you plug a zwave dongle into.

One ZNet costs 50% more then a Vera Edge. Maybe for a Homeseer user this would be a good feature. I like separate controllers instead of a controller that reaches devices through gateways over the LAN or Internet. This would only increase latency.

I think it would be relatively easy for Vera to make all devices available under a "virtual" controller. They already have the information about all controllers and all devices linked to an account.

I think your a bit lost on how it works. Your asking for two vera's linked together by the cloud or internet all in one place.........

That's exactly what a Znet is but not linked by cloud, but local LAN. A Z-net is a full zwave controller and all Nodes are added to that.
HS3 is only software not a controller that brings everything together. It could be ran on the same device as the zwave controller (a Znet is a Zee S2 when HS3 is added) or it can be run somewhere else on the LAN (technically you could port forward and have it offsite, but that is not recommend or even talked about by HS but I'm sure people have done it)

Latency...... That's a bit of a laugh when you talk about vera. I'll let you google how much faster things work when you add a proper z-wave controller and software and more powerful hardware.

Pricing, Compare hardware of Znet vs. Vera Edge and what I just wrote above. Your right they are not the same.
Irrigation Control / Re: New Whole House Water Flow Sensor and Valve
« Last post by LeonardoV on Today at 05:26:38 pm »
Hi Jamr, thanks for your interest. I will check compatibility with this device and sent you an answer to your email. Have a nice day.
Vera IFTTT Integration / Call to IFTTT or Google Home
« Last post by Firefrog on Today at 05:10:13 pm »
I would like to launch an IFTTT or Google Home task from my Vera. I have the beta version of the vera plug-in for IFTTT, but it only allows you to receive commands  (THAT) and not triggering requests (THIS). Anyone know how?

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Plugins & Plugin Development / Re: TEXECOM Premier Elite Plugin
« Last post by pukka on Today at 04:54:16 pm »

We have been using the plugin for a while with no problem. on the 14th march and today. we have recivied "You have received an alert: "fire". Device ID: 292" from vera. they is nothing on the texecom alarm. the zone is armed as its a Smoke Detector.

Can you think of anything to look at?

Irrigation Control / Re: New Whole House Water Flow Sensor and Valve
« Last post by esmiol on Today at 04:53:15 pm »
For $500 the flo is pricey but it?s pretty powerful. I like it closes the valve and does a pressure leak down test every day.
HomeWave (iOS) / Re: Homewave -> OpenLuup
« Last post by TinCup on Today at 04:33:07 pm »
Great!   Thank you both!
Irrigation Control / Re: New Whole House Water sensor and Valve
« Last post by Jamr on Today at 03:37:48 pm »
I think it would be easier to integrate the Fortrezz product, now that they are owned by the same company as Vera...

Maybe but we like the additional features of the Flo system has over the Fortrezz model.
Also being a Wifi product, it has more range and can be used with a mobile device as a backup if the Z-Wave controller is down than a Z-Wave valve. If the unit has to be installed away from the WIFI source, a WAP can easily be installed at the valves location. This is very hard to do with Z-Wave.
I am thinking it can be integrated like the Nest protect thermostats are currently.
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