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No idea why your LUA implementation does not support https. Are you running any other plugins using https?

I made a patch to the version below that uses http for PV out by default. That should then work in your case.

Cheers Rene
General / Re: Your Vera's Name
« Last post by lecter on Today at 06:28:01 am »
I tend to go for Norse mythology for naming IT stuff around the house...thus, the router is "Odin" and the Vera Plus is "Freya" :)
Plugins & Plugin Development / Re: BroadLink Mark II plugin
« Last post by stardobas on Today at 06:09:36 am »
1) if you get more BroadLink devices; you just plug them in and restart the Luup engine. The plugin will (mostly!) find the new devices and create IR children for each one.

2) hand crafting a complete virtual remote gets tricky and is a separate issue. A long time ago I made a plugin where you used the PC mouse, to click on an image of the remote. It needs good Lua and IR code skills to alter to suit anything else. Probably not overly useful.,13418.0

Others may want to comment on what they have done. In my case I'm mainly interested in using just the IR off/on commands.

thank you, for me autodiscovery worked very well, only temperature is not showed (report 0?C )but I'm not interested on it... very good work! Now is time to automation :)
Plugins & Plugin Development / Re: MQTT Client Plugin
« Last post by peppemon on Today at 05:30:26 am »
Thanks a ton for this plugin. I have 4 iPads wall mounted around the house and I have created an IOS APP to control everything.
The plugin allowed me to move from a poll implementation to a push implementation in order to update the devices status. This saves a lot of computation.

The only issue I have is that I do not get any MQTT message when a scene is triggered. Ideally I would like to get that as well (example: when I run "leaving home scene" all the iPads will dimm the screen to 0%), but no matter what I select, no MQTT messages are sent when a scene is triggered.

Is there any way to do that? Can this functionality be added?
Thanks a ton again!
Plugins & Plugin Development / Re: Fronius Solar inverter integration
« Last post by reneboer on Today at 05:08:18 am »
Hi Per,

I honestly do not remember how you can manually add a variable to a device in UI5. It is done with the device, not in develop apps.

I also do not recall is you can type some LUA test code in UI5 (I did not run UI5 for long).
But if you can you can also use these LUA statements:
Code: [Select]
luup.variable_set("urn:rboer-com:serviceId:SolarMeter1", "System", 6, 379)
luup.variable_set("urn:rboer-com:serviceId:SolarMeter1", "FA_IPAddress", "<IP address>", 379)
luup.variable_set("urn:rboer-com:serviceId:SolarMeter1", "FA_DeviceID", <fr dev id>, 379)
Then reload luup and see what happens.

Cheers Rene
Lighting & Load Control / Re: Fibaro Double Switch (FGS-223) Lag
« Last post by jono2g on Today at 04:27:00 am »
Just an update, i have been using the GOAP double and much faster with instant update and readings out of the box.

If anyone is looking for a better alternative
Plugins & Plugin Development / Re: BroadLink Mark II plugin
« Last post by ninkasi on Today at 04:18:22 am »
Got it working - the auto discovery was not working for me (most likely udp was being blocked between the switch my vera is plugged into and the wifi ap the broadlink was connected to)?. filtering out all the other things I did whilst experimenting, what I did:

#1 Downloaded the files off GitHub
#2 Uploaded them onto the Vera (apps/develop apps/luup files/upload)
#3 Created a device (apps/develop apps/create device) - just need to fill in two fields namely Upnp Device Filename: D_BroadLink_Mk2_1.xml and Upnp Implementation Filename: I_BroadLink_Mk2_1.xml (no need to fill in anything else)
#4 Restart luup (apps/develop apps/Test Luup code) and run the code luup.reload()
#5 You should find in devices (order by room) the new device ?Broadlink Mk2? appear. With luck you should also find some child devices such as ?RM2 Pro Plus 2 - temperature 1? appear. Be patient. It might take a while and/or require restarting luup again. For me though nothing ever appeared so I had to go the next step
#6 Go into Broadlink Mk2 device, advanced, variables and in the variable named ?BroadLinkDevices? I put in:
Code: [Select]
{ "[b]b4:43:0d:fc:1e:c9[/b]": { "blInternalId": "00000004", "blKey": "20c2e92c20c2e92c5635601c8da8d60b", "blDeviceType": 10119, "blIp": "[b][/b]", "blDesc": "RM2 Pro Plus 2" } }Where ?b4:43:0d:fc:1e:c9? is the mac address of my RM Pro (you can get that from the e-Control app) and ? is the IP address. Change to suit your device.
#7 Restart luup again and hopefully the child devices will start to appear and you can then send commands from Vera!

Big thanks @a-lurker. This is great!
before I was able to use dimming class for D?wi blind controller. Now it doesn't work.

This work with D?wi:
luup.call_action("urn:upnp-org:serviceId:WindowCovering1","Down",{ },DeviceID)
luup.call_action("urn:upnp-org:serviceId:WindowCovering1","Up",{ },DeviceID)
luup.call_action("urn:upnp-org:serviceId:WindowCovering1","Stop",{ },DeviceID)

This doesn't work with D?wi:
luup.call_action("urn:upnp-org:serviceId:Dimming1","SetLoadLevelTarget", {newLoadlevelTarget = "100"}, DeviceID)
luup.call_action("urn:upnp-org:serviceId:Dimming1","SetLoadLevelTarget", {newLoadlevelTarget = "0"}, DeviceID)

But works with other controller like FibaroFGR221.. 222

Open Close buttons and the percentage bar doesn't work with D?wi. But the Success transmission message appears always, so you cannot see in the log that id didn't work.

So what is the solution to test if the blind is open?

With firmware 2017 I was able to test with this function:

local lul_BlindStairStatus = luup.variable_get("urn:upnp-org:serviceId:Dimming1", "LoadLevelStatus", 29)
if tonumber(lul_BlindLivingStatus) ~=100 then...

Now no more possibility to get status because
LoadLevelStatus is always on 0
LoadLevelTarget is always on 100
If anybody has a workaround, thanks, Chris
Did anyone try with Trust devices?
General / Re: luup.is_night() condition does not match sunset trigger
« Last post by MarcusB on Today at 03:13:21 am »
I actually just found this post as I searched for ?return luup.is_night()?.
It seems Vera isn?t respecting this condition in scenes.

I have a number of scenes with this condition and as of a week or so ago, they seem to be working at any time, not just at night as they used to.

Anyone else noticed this or is it something else?
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