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Title: How to add a Dooya motor to Vera
Post by: shady.hamilton on January 23, 2017, 05:32:26 am
i was trying to find some info here on how to add a Dooya RF motor but could not find them, so after searching on the net and many trials, i was able to add the Dooya RF motor to Vera controller and i though i will list the steps here if anybody is facing the same problem:

1 - configure Dooya motor with its own RF remote
2- go to Vera Devices, find your RFXtrx controller, click on the right arrow to open the options
3- Click on New Device
4- in the category list select: DC106, Yooda, Rohrmotor24 RMF
5- type a device name that will show in the vera devices
6- give the device an ID, i used 7 (my lucky number)
7- Select a unit code, i selected 7 too
8- click create
9-  Go back to the RFXtrx options page and click on managed devices
10- Select the newly created device
11- now on the Dooya RF remote that you already paired in the first step, you have a programming button named R2 as i remember (or B2!!)
        *- Press the programming button on the remote once and the motor will move a little, then press the button again, the motor will move a little again that will put the motor in inclusion mode
12- go back to the RFXtrx page in the managed devices, after selecting the newly created device, in the Command option select Confirm Pair (it should be selected by default)
13- Click on Run button, and the motor will move a little.


now go back to the devices list in vera page, and search for the newly created device, try up and down, they should be working fine now.

hope i didn't forget any step along the way :)

have a nice day all,

Title: Re: How to add a Dooya motor to Vera
Post by: paulspeek on April 14, 2017, 09:49:56 pm
Thanks Shady,

Which Dooya motors did you use ? I am presently installing a few DT82TN on a Vera Lite but are not getting anywhere :-(

Title: Re: How to add a Dooya motor to Vera
Post by: dreynolds09 on October 13, 2017, 04:59:40 am
Hi Shady - When I press create it says "Vera will reload to validate changes....." - and then just hangs. Is there something I can do, or is this a bug in UI7?