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I don't know if it will help you or not, but if you want to create virtual switches you can try to install on your controller the plugin called Virtual ON/OFF Switches. For more information you can go here:

Thank you and Have a nice day,
Lighting & Load Control / Re: Magic Light Integration?
« Last post by shallowearth on Today at 04:15:18 pm »
Also the Magic Light Wifi version does has a plug in that works with Vera, so if you exchange for those, you will beable to integrate.
Lighting & Load Control / Re: GE 14294 Operation
« Last post by wilme2 on Today at 03:46:32 pm »
Huh? lol
Like I said, I haven't really played with it, and I have only ever had the 14294s. (zwave plus)
This is what Jasco states about the 12724 which appeared to also apply to my 14294s.

This is the same documentation they had for the non-plus zwave.  I think we all agree what parameter 8 does, the issue is that parameter 7 is never really explained, and in the past behaved counter-intuitively.
Amazon Alexa / Re: Recent Alexa Issues - UK
« Last post by markd on Today at 03:44:17 pm »
The UK skill has stopped working again and I keep getting the response that the Vera is not responding.

Anyone else have this issue?
USB RFXtrx Transceiver Plugin / Re: Plugin version 1.61
« Last post by vzhivkov on Today at 02:50:41 pm »
Straight from the Rfxtrx user guide:

RGB LED strip driver - order nbr: 130913 (new TRC02 not supported) , 67412
General / Re: Phantom devices
« Last post by Sender on Today at 02:46:38 pm »
And -HIT-

Very old topic, very actual problem. After including my Qubino Flush 2 relay "with" a temperature sensor I get and extra device.

Indeed a "_Temperature Sensor"

and (for free, that's positive) a "_GET_LANG(generic_sensor,sensor)" ghost device with "level"...

Vera, vera, vera... old bug die hard?
Hello tobsch,

Know that the eurotronic zwave spirit is not fully implemented with Vera.

The user manual mentions it can receive temperature readings from other Z-Wave devices but this feature has to be enabled via configuration parameter.

Parameter Number 8
Parameter Size 1
Parameter Name Measured temperature offset
Parameter Values
-50 to 50 (Default)   Offset in 1/10 Celcius
-128Temperature is supplied externaly

Is the parameter set? What kind of external sensors do you use? Are they also added on Vera?


General / Homemanageables LM-001
« Last post by aerial on Today at 01:56:34 pm »
I have 4 of the Home-manageables Lighting Module LM-001. I have tried to find instructions online how to include these to my network to no avail.  Any advise would be appreciated.
I have.  My use case is more complex as I use schedules, door last trip times and last motion with ping and geo-fence.  Tripping the multiswitch is one trigger for my condition.  Pleg enables the logic complexity, but I have not found a reliable geo-fence that does not drain battery.  I've used IPhone locator and Veramate.

So far, a test of 1, the Alexa geo-fence worked perfect.  Going to monitor battery usage over time.

Plugins & Plugin Development / Re: Plugin: DelayLight
« Last post by Jamr on Today at 01:29:22 pm »
I use a small bit of code in my triggers for night only triggering.
 return luup.is_night() == true

It seems to work right as the sun is going down any time of the year with a vast time change on sunset.
Maybe the addition of this or similar codes for triggers would be a viable and efficient way to trigger when you want?

BTW, thanks for this add on as I do love it. I made a small donation today. Have a beer on me!
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