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Title: Monitoring switch status
Post by: Paulb4333 on June 08, 2018, 01:38:15 pm
There have been some posts about temperature monitoring for a freezer, but I've not had much success. Many of the posts are old, so I was wondering if there were new solutions. (Woke up to find $400+ of meat thawed out in garage freezer)
-Need a monitor, preferably linked to Vera (ZWave, Zigbee or Insteon) for when temp goes above 5 degrees F
-Freezer is metal, about 75' from Vera; have several repeaters nearby and work well
-Have a Monoprice smart monitor, which can tell me when the "state" changes e.g. on or off, but only when a signal is sent
     -Will also tell me when energy use falls below x
-The problem is that if the power is out, the switch can't transmit it's status... Is there any Luup code which would check a device and report if it's not reporting back? Don't want to wait a day to see if it's not working.

Any suggestions for Temp monitoring or "state" monitoring would be most welcomed.
Title: Re: Monitoring switch status
Post by: hsmaier on June 09, 2018, 06:15:59 pm
You might try this Ranco Digital Cold temperature control available on Amazon

I have two of these that control both my attic fans. You can wire the AC temp control to an Z wave or Insteon AC outlet that can notify you when the outlet becomes live at a temperature that you set. I use Insteon outlets that work well with Vera
My attic fan outlets become live when the attic fans turn on and go off when the fans go off at 90*
You would  set the temp for your freezer to turn on the outlets when the freezer temperature rises above zero or whatever temp you set

Title: Re: Monitoring switch status
Post by: HSD99 on June 09, 2018, 07:51:45 pm
For this to work, your Vera will need to be on a UPS in case the whole house loses power. If the freezer is plugged into a Z-wave outlet, set up a scene to turn the outlet on once a minute. This won't hurt anything since the outlet is already on. If the branch circuit loses power, the communication will fail. Under "Users & Account Settings" ---> "Notifications" select "Device Error Alert (a device in your Vera is not working properly)" You'll get an alert that the device didn't respond.
Title: Re: Monitoring switch status
Post by: Paulb4333 on June 10, 2018, 12:52:13 pm
The Ranco looks interesting as well. When you say you have wired it to the Insteon wall switch...can you elaborate a bit.
I'm not the best on wiring things...but can handle a soldering iron OK.
So the freezer on/off could be controlled by the Ranco, or it just sends an "on" request to the Zwave or Insteon, and that is monitored?
Thanks in advance for your help.