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General / Re: Anyone else giving up on Z-wave? (or Vera)
« Last post by kigmatzomat on March 18, 2019, 11:51:07 pm »
Homeseer isn't that much more expensive, it's just that their high end is orders of magnitude more computer than a Vera.  Their entry level model is only 4x more computer than the most powerful vera.

VeraSecure is MSRP $300, on sale for $250, which is more expensive than a Zee2.  Yes, it has 433Mhz , cellular, a siren and built in battery.   If you need those, wonderful, if not those are extraneous expenses.  Otherwise, it's a dual-core 880Mhz MIPS cpu w/512MB RAM, 128MB flash SOC.

A Homeseer Zee2 is $200 MSRP, but with the common 10% off web coupon it's $180.   Come May it will be more like $160.  No zigbee radio but otherwise better hardware, better software.  A Zee2  has
quadcore 1.2Ghz ARM CPU, 1GB ram, 8GB flash and what appears to be a better zwave radio from my personal experience.  Veras do have zigbee, which should be a strong counter, but zigbee support on vera is spotty and for the $70 sale price difference you could get a Conbee stick + JowiHue plug-in and have better zigbee support than Vera. 

Or you could step down to a veraplus that lists for $150 and is on sale for $99. You are also down to a single core 0.9Ghz cpu, 256MB ram and 128MB flash.  From a little digging, the Vera SoCs seem to be using old (aka inexpensive) MIPS32 architectures (1004K), that are >10 years old.  The Zee is using a Cortex A53, which is only @3yro. 

When UI5 and UI7 weren't laden with bugs and issues, I advocated people buy Veras over Homeseer.  Double the price for no significant performance gain seemed ludicrous.  But now, given the units getting overwhelmed under load, bricking themselves when they run out of space, and otherwise showing capacity limitations, it seems that all that horsepower was justified.  And, after having lived through the headaches, the additional expense. 

Now, if Vera has some ace hot devs, they could get by with it.  UDI's venerable ISY994 controller is running on something like a 250Mhz CPU, but they wrote their own real-time OS where the automation logic has primary access to the hardware. 

Maybe they do now.  We'll see.

But the combination of  being in the Vera pricing bands,  having lots more computing overhead plus the ""it works" factor means that it's not an open-shut case of HomeSeer being too expensive. 
100% failure rate now for me. Back in 2015 Evolve RMA'd the few which had gone but the replacements plus all my remaining switches have gone now too. Local supplier no longer carries them (hmm, wonder why).

Also my LTM-5s have all died.
I'm a fairly tech savvy person but not to Z-Wave (i'm a chemical engineer).    I cannot get my garage door tilt sensor(s) to work (one is Ecolink the other NYCE).   They are located and associated by Vera plus but they do nothing upon tilting.    As I go through "advanced" tab and see all of the various parameters and variables I"m sure there is something in all that configuration gobble goop that has the answer.  Is there a reference manual or document to help understand what each of these parameters, etc. means?    Heck, I can't even decode the time stamps and understand when something happened or not.  Appreciate in advance anyone's help on this one.

The time stamp is formatted in a linux epoch format. You can get it translated online or you can install ALTUI which will do it for you.
The garage door tilt sensors should work out of the box without anything special. I have a couple of the ecolink ones. Upon tilting they should trip/untrip. If they are not working, most likely, you have a secure class key exchange failure and the device was probably included in a non secure manner. I would suggest excluding and reincluding the device while the vera is very close to it and also add is as an ecolink garage door sensor from the menu rather than a generic device.
ALTHue / Re: My Modes and ALTHue
« Last post by rafale77 on March 18, 2019, 08:12:10 pm »
Like amg0, mine works just fine. The house mode change calls an action routine like for any other device which is handled just fine by the plugin. Something else is amiss.
General / Re: My Vera is possessed! I need help, or a priest?
« Last post by rafale77 on March 18, 2019, 08:09:33 pm »
It would be even better if these problems would go into a database to be fixed on the next release instead of just being a CS support script. I have always been happy with the support team but the lack of input taking and responses from the dev team is a different story... Looking forward to the upcoming beta from the new ownership...
General / Re: Anyone else giving up on Z-wave? (or Vera)
« Last post by rafale77 on March 18, 2019, 08:05:48 pm »
You can definitely do the same thing with openLuup with multiple vera all connected to the main controller locally either on the same or a different zwave mesh. That being said, even as a zwave/zigbee device bridge, the vera is not 100% reliable. I have gotten it close but not completely there yet. It is good enough as a toy but not as an home appliance. I can't even imagine adding all the google home and IFTTT nonsense to it. Let's get 3 months without a Luup reload and then we'll start talking. Granted not all the issues are not just caused by the vera and some are due to the zwave mesh handling but the vera has ways to go to handle the errors and recovery better than just showing "device not connected", "device reported busy", crash, reload luup or/and force send alerts to their event server in the cloud. The Homeseer price to go from 99% to 100% reliable though is very (too) steep.
Aaron you might want to try using firefox, if you are using Google Chrome you wont be able to view the feed from the web browser as Chrome no longer supports the Flash Codec needed to view it, however thats assuming you are using Chrome to begin with.
General / Re: MIOS Acquisition
« Last post by Grwebster on March 18, 2019, 07:01:36 pm »
I am hoping that the Atom will at minimum work with all the devices Vera supports right now.  Right now the compatible device list on the Ezlo site is really short.  This will be critical to success of the system.  Also will want local control of the devices when internet is down.

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Temperature Monitoring & HVAC Control / Re: Free graphs for your temp/power sensors
« Last post by tomtcom on March 18, 2019, 06:32:59 pm » seems it has something to do with the names I gave it.

So far as I can see from the code, the parameters are not URL-encoded, so spaces and other characters may indeed cause problems.
I thought that too but the commented examples in the lua file seemed to indicate otherwise. I'll change mine back and maybe that's my issue too.

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General / Re: Anyone else giving up on Z-wave? (or Vera)
« Last post by integlikewhoa on March 18, 2019, 05:52:14 pm »

I'm not very happy that I can only link my controllers by bridging. I would love to have a virtual controller in the cloud that would display all devices in the same place when I need that but to be able to also operated every controller independently.

One interesting thing Homeseer has is ZNet, essentially an Ethernet connect USB host you plug a zwave dongle into.

One ZNet costs 50% more then a Vera Edge. Maybe for a Homeseer user this would be a good feature. I like separate controllers instead of a controller that reaches devices through gateways over the LAN or Internet. This would only increase latency.

I think it would be relatively easy for Vera to make all devices available under a "virtual" controller. They already have the information about all controllers and all devices linked to an account.

I think your a bit lost on how it works. Your asking for two vera's linked together by the cloud or internet all in one place.........

That's exactly what a Znet is but not linked by cloud, but local LAN. A Z-net is a full zwave controller and all Nodes are added to that.
HS3 is only software not a controller that brings everything together. It could be ran on the same device as the zwave controller (a Znet is a Zee S2 when HS3 is added) or it can be run somewhere else on the LAN (technically you could port forward and have it offsite, but that is not recommend or even talked about by HS but I'm sure people have done it)

Latency...... That's a bit of a laugh when you talk about vera. I'll let you google how much faster things work when you add a proper z-wave controller and software and more powerful hardware.

Pricing, Compare hardware of Znet vs. Vera Edge and what I just wrote above. Your right they are not the same.
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