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General / Re: Vera 6 years later.....
« Last post by zedrally on Today at 01:22:52 am »
Thanks for the explanation on how you can do sequences with HS, it's not as straightforward as PLEG which is the only reason why I've hung onto Vera for this long.
One further question is how can time schedules be carried over Midnight into the next day.
It's all straight forward with PLEG using a schedule and NOT (!).

Still not convinced that the leap of faith is getting closer, but with Jeubanks Vera PlugIn it is definitely getting eerily close.
General / Re: Vera 6 years later.....
« Last post by kigmatzomat on Today at 01:10:48 am »
What I am talking about is a condition in PLEG for example (A1 AND B1 AND B1;A1) is much more difficult to write in home assistant. I'm pretty sure that single condition would take at least 3 automations in home assistant. How would you write it?

Chiming in here as someone who has migrated to Homeseer.  (Pricey, very stable, very fast)

On HS to get this logic your event would be initiated by the trigger "IF DeviceA has a value that just changed" and would have additional conditions of "If DeviceA has a value equal to x" and  "If DeviceB has a value equal to y".  This would ensure that it only triggers when A happens after B, and when both A and B are in the right mode.

Or clauses in HS split triggering events. So if your pleg was
(A1 AND B1 AND B1;A1) OR (C1 AND D1 AND C1;D1)

Then the  homeseer event would look like

IF DeviceA has a value that just changed
And If DeviceA has a value equal to x
And if DeviceB has a value equal to y
OR IF DeviceC has a value that just changed
And If DeviceC has a value equal to q
And if DeviceD has a value equal to r
THEN (do stuff)

The HS event system has a few holes where complex schedules are concerned. Weekdays/weekends and day/night are easy but it can require an array of "..And time after 3pm And time before 5pm" on each event to deal with things in time bands.  Or get the easy trigger plug in to address with a gui, which I did so I could use a single defined schedule for a number of events and only have to do the edit in one place. Although there is a virtual device object that could probably handle it natively.
openLuup / Re: determine if running on openLuup and/or detecting json decoder
« Last post by a-lurker on June 22, 2018, 10:19:01 pm »
On the json decoder detection, I ended up with this unsightly arrangement:

Code: [Select]
-- If possible, get a JSON parser. If none available, returns nil. Note that typically UI5 may not have a parser available.
local function loadJsonModule()
    local jsonModules = {
        'dkjson',               -- UI7 firmware
        'openLuup.json',        --
        'akb-json',             --
        'json',                 -- OWServer plugin
        'json-dm2',             -- dataMine plugin
        'dropbox_json_parser',  -- dropbox plugin
        'hue_json',             -- hue plugin
        'L_ALTUIjson'           -- AltUI plugin

    local ptr  = nil
    local json = nil
    for n = 1, #jsonModules do
        -- require does not load the module, if it's already loaded
        -- Vera has overloaded require to suit their requirements, so it works differently from openLuup
        -- openLuup:
        --    ok:     returns true or false indicating if the module was loaded successfully or not
        --    result: contains the ptr to the module or an error string showing the path(s) searched for the module
        -- Vera:
        --    ok:     returns true or false indicating the require function executed but require may have or may not have loaded the module
        --    result: contains the ptr to the module or an error string showing the path(s) searched for the module
        --    log:    log reports 'luup_require can't find xyz.json'
        local ok, result = pcall(require, jsonModules[n])
        ptr = package.loaded[jsonModules[n]]
        if (ptr) then
            json = ptr
            debug('Using: '..jsonModules[n])
    if (not json) then debug('No JSON library found') return json end
    return json

I'm also not clear on why a L_ALTUIjson was needed. @amg0 says this in the file:

Code: [Select]
--modified version which works with module declaration. reason is probably because of deployment in mios store options (lua) which I cannot change now
openLuup / Re: determine if running on openLuup and/or detecting json decoder
« Last post by a-lurker on June 22, 2018, 10:13:05 pm »
It was me again trying to express the problem more clearly than saying it returned 'nothing' but perhaps I should have expressed (null) without the quotes ie not a string. Below you see that the logging function believes it has rx'ed no argument ie nothing:

Code: [Select]
luup.log(luup.attr_get "foo")
return true

Code: [Select]
01      06/23/18 12:04:07.011   GetLuaInterface can't find device type: -1/0x1313220 str: (null) <0x302ed680>
01      06/23/18 12:04:07.012   luup_log interface 0x1315410 args 0 <0x302ed680>
01      06/23/18 12:04:07.012   luup_log interface 0x1315410 args 0 <0x302ed680>
50      06/23/18 12:04:07.013   luup_log:0: ALTUI: Evaluation of lua code returned: true

If you would like to compose some alternate text for the Wiki, I will gladly put it in.
General / Re: Securing and stabilizing the Vera by taking it off the grid
« Last post by Mike Yeager on June 22, 2018, 10:04:18 pm »
Rafael77, I have a ZWay module. I got away from it due to lack of support. I didn't want to have to spend a weekend programming simple things that weren't available or customizing modules every other day. Now, if HomeAssistant supports it, that's a different story. The software that came with it at the time left a lot to be desired...
Thankyou, I will have a play, and let you know.
Definitely post back, I made the recommended change and it had no effect.
AV Control / Rs232 control for beginner
« Last post by Michaeldup on June 22, 2018, 08:24:40 pm »
yeah ill probably be there to help you ken, do you have the glue for the pvc? and about the lights i have no idea
Video Camera Control / Camera for Vera any recommendations
« Last post by Michaeldup on June 22, 2018, 08:20:45 pm »
If you atalking about the buzzer in the DVR you should be able to disable it for each camera in the alarm setup on the dvr
General / Re: Random Restarts
« Last post by Paulb4333 on June 22, 2018, 07:31:05 pm » has been helpful, but I think random power surges and brownouts seem to be the culprit. I also suspect that I have a lot of devices and apps loaded, and I may be pushing the envelope in memory. and it drops below 150K sometimes. Haven't fully debugged yet, but I am certain that some apps were not as well behaved as others, causing restarts.
The real problem for me is that if the system doesn't fully "come back" from an error, there is no way I know of to access it remotely. And sometimes the system isn't functioning with lighting, temps etc not running.
This "clean up" is just an easy way to be sure each day starts with a clean memory slate.

I could be the only person with this problem/solution, so please don't be concerned about it.
Lock, Motion & Security Control / Constant Alert Issue?
« Last post by Nameless on June 22, 2018, 07:20:06 pm »
I recently added another Aeotec window / door sensor to my Vera Plus to go along with my existing older Aeon Labs version and a Dome window / door sensor. Since the latest update, I'm getting annoying messages for the Dome and Aeon Labs sensors that state "Device changed state" every time I open or close my windows. This appears at the top of my UI7 Dashboard. This doesn't happen with my old Aeon Labs unit.

I've checked every setting I can find and don't see anything to cause these. Any ideas how to turn them off?
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