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General / Re: Question for those also with HomeSeer experience
« Last post by jeubanks on October 17, 2018, 10:30:35 pm »
If you haven't already purchased a UZB, then avoid the Aeotec, there have been many reported problems with these working correctly.

Confirmed there are issues with the Aeotec... still don't know why... I use the SmartStick+ and a Z-Net and a Z-Rpi that I built.  Super easy just find a z-wave stick that works well and use ser2net.
General / Re: MIOS Acquisition
« Last post by kigmatzomat on October 17, 2018, 10:15:33 pm »
I am someone mostly out of vera already and I have to say.....melih is right to take the time to do it right.

Vera's next release has to go smoothly, introduce no new bugs, and make some kind of improvements. Otherwise his credibility is gone and whatever goodwill and hope people had for the future will evaporate.

They need to "dogfood" this next release extensively. Wouldn't surprise me if 1-2 months of the time line is dedicated to beta testing/bugfixing. The first month would have been the process review window and shaking the "new" people loose from other projects. Another 4-6 weeks to set up new tools and do the training on the new tools and processes.

Then they need to bring the new people up to speed on lua, the luup engine, the UI kit, the OS customizations, device hardware idiosyncrasies, the app store/install system, and any contractually mandated idiosyncrasies BEFORE they commit 1 line of new code.

So....I get it. And it does still suck. And there will be people that wont, or can't, wait. And many of those people will write vera off for years, if not forever.

But it's still the right thing to do.
General / Re: "Combination Switch" problem
« Last post by Don Phillips on October 17, 2018, 09:23:13 pm »
Wow - did not know that the combination switch stopped working.  I am glad I skipped the last upgrade.
Scene Scripting / Re: Sony TV REST API
« Last post by Quixote on October 17, 2018, 08:43:04 pm »
A plugin would be pretty kick-ass!
It would be very useful to set variables that track the state of the television, including power/display state, input, volume, channel, etc. We could then use our IR equipment to watch for remote signals and adjust the variables accordingly. I used to use a similar method years ago when I was relying on Girder to do the heavy lifting in my automation setup. It rarely had issues.
Thanks for helping us out with this stuff. Wish I was capable of contributing.  :/
DIY Hardware / Re: Board for LG 3 Wire
« Last post by doinitsideways on October 17, 2018, 08:25:46 pm »
These units are pre LG ThinQ.

And yes, I?m not a coder, but hopefully there are a few people around who might have the same LG system that could help/input and get it to work...
DIY Hardware / Re: Board for LG 3 Wire
« Last post by Mike Yeager on October 17, 2018, 08:12:52 pm »
You're going to cost yourself a lot of money and aggravation. Since you admit to not being a proficient coder, you're going to be stabbing in the dark at something you know very little about. If this is one of the ThinQ compatible units, there is a topic in one of the Home Assistant forums concerning controlling it. Looks like they're making pretty good headway...
General / Re: MIOS Acquisition
« Last post by Mike Yeager on October 17, 2018, 08:04:32 pm »
As of this moment, I have one device still on Vera. I'm not even using the radios any longer except for that one device. I'm using virtual switches and the HA Vera module to do things I need to do with Vera. If it weren't for this one device, Alexa integration, PLEG and VeraAlerts, the Vera would likely be in a box in the garage. HA now has a much better Alexa integration than it used to as well. Recent issues with Alexa and Vera are causing me to consider the switch. Even my Zigbee sensors are reliable on HA. I can see a future where Vera is still a part of my home automation, but I don't see it ever being the center again. Too much time waiting for things that were readily available elsewhere. I'm waiting, but you're going to have to pull a real miracle to get some of us back completely...
DIY Hardware / Re: Board for LG 3 Wire
« Last post by doinitsideways on October 17, 2018, 08:00:30 pm »

I?m going to order the z-uno.

Given I?m a newbie, aside from the z-uno, have you got a list of parts I?d need that I could take to Jaycar to pickup everything else??
DIY Hardware / Re: Board for LG 3 Wire
« Last post by elnino on October 17, 2018, 06:29:36 pm »
I am Andrew - The author of the Instructable referenced here. I have come here to help out.

If the Z-Uno will go to that low baud rate, then it should be able to run the bulk of the code I have written.  Sure, you can bit bang it but why reinvent the wheel if you don't have to*. All that we would need to do is remove the MQTT stuff and replace it with Z-Wave functions/capability.

However, I know nothing about Z-Wave (or Vera).  From what I can tell, it Z-Wave uses defined data structure 'packets' which should work well in this application if i'm correct (better than MQTT).

If someone can fill me in on how we create the association between Vera and a random Z-Wave product we should be able to suss it.

Is there some sort of object definition we can create?  i.e
Device: AC
Paramater 1 - {binary}
Parameter 2 - {DEC, minX, MaxY}

*Does anyone have a Z-Uno that can actually TEST this baud rate (104bps)?  My initial tests with the ESP8266 and the standard softwareserial implementation compiled fine but would not actually work.

Edit - This looks like a pretty good start
Alternate UI to UI7 / How to save options ?
« Last post by Stuart on October 17, 2018, 02:52:14 pm »
All I want to do is have AltUI show the weather in F.

The options page allows me to change the Temperature units - and when I do the display is correct.

Come back to AltUI some time latter and and it's back to C

There is no "Save" button on the Options page (or at least it's not obvious) - So how to make the change persist ?

Edit: I just realized that the label in the options page suggests the setting is only for UI5.  I'm using AltUI on openluup with VeraBridge.

In any case - how to change the temperature units in AltUI's Home page ?
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