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Weather Plugin / Re: Outside Temperature Sensor
« Last post by jswim788 on Today at 12:29:33 pm »
Another way to do it is to use the inexpensive Xiaomi sensors with mqtt.  See for a sample.  This is a bit of a hack, but the senors are cheap and well constructed.  In my experience the sensors appear to be quite reliable, but the range is not as good as Z-Wave senors.  Xiaomi sensors are almost Zigbee - they can't be used directly with most Zigbee systems, but with a bit of hacking they can be made to work as in that github project.

Currently I'm going roundabout with Xiaomi to their gateway (internet blocked) to openHAB to openLuup/Vera, but I will be trying the more direct mqtt in the future.
I'm 99% done integrating my 1832 panel and my Vera device.  I have signed up for Vera Protect for monitoring but am wondering what happens if the panic buttons (fire, medical, police) on the KEYPAD are pressed?   The DSC system will certainly go into it's alarm active mode, however, does the DSC plugin automatically signal the Vera panic modes, too?    I don't see an option in a scene setup to detect panic status, so I'm hoping it just happens automatically.   I should have tested it before enabling vera protect but now I don't want to send false alarms to my local emergency crews.

We do our alarm arming/disarming via the DSC keypad, so I've setup scenes to sync the Vera modes properly for monitoring.   I have a manual scene I can run on the vera app to arm/disarm the alarm from the app, but we'll usually use the keypad for that.

If there's a fire and someone runs to the keypad and holds down the fire button, I want to know that the DSC 1832 alarm panel panic mode will be properly translated to a Vera call for fire help.

Program Logic Plugins / Need help making roku plugin a trigger in PLEG
« Last post by statix73 on Today at 08:41:23 am »
Hi all

I would like to create a scene where if my roku device is playing at night and a certain motion sensor detects motion then the roku will be paused. I can't seem to be able to see any event types in the drop down box when trying to make the Roku plugin into a trigger.
I am able to create the scene without the Roku plugin being a trigger but the issue with that is if the tv is turned off and the motion detector is triggered the tv will turn on. I would also like to create the same kind of scene for Kodi.
Weather Plugin / Re: Outside Temperature Sensor
« Last post by Cor on Today at 06:48:06 am »
I use the fibaro universal sensor for outide temperature measurements.
Working fine for over 3 years.

General / Re: VeraPlus - turn off zigbee and bluetooth
« Last post by runjo on Today at 05:40:36 am »
Thanks, will try to turn off BT.

Can we SSHinging into the file and turn off Zigbee?

Reason to turn off is to be sure of no interference and also minimize exposure. We turn off wifi also every night.. just to be on the safe side..  ::)
Lock, Motion & Security Control / Re: Popp keypad
« Last post by cflorin on Today at 05:16:40 am »

I now had time to test some more so here are the results:

Scenario 1: direct inclusion of Danalock V3 into Popp keypad.
   Result:This works.
   Prerequisites: The lock should be calibrated (2 clicks + rotate + 1 click). On the keypad you should have already a code setup (8 + * -> 1 + * -> code + *)
   Procedure: Press once with a paperclip on the lock button. Wait 5 seconds for the lock to get into inclusion/exclusion mode. On the opened keypad (with the green light blinking) press 4 and then *. The keypad will start blinking green and blue and then both will stop.
   Issues: If inclusion is not working, do 2 and * on the keypad while the lock is in inclusion mode. It's a good idea to reset both devices (10 clicks on the lock and 5 + hold * for 10 sec)
   Conclusion: this setup works and it is useful but I am missing the ability to operate the lock from Vera for remote and scheduled operations.

Scenario 2: inclusion of Danalock V3 and Popp keypad in the Vera controller

Result: This does not work for the keypad

Prerequisites: The lock should be calibrated (2 clicks + rotate + 1 click). On the keypad you should have already a code setup (8 + * -> 1 + * -> code + *)

Procedure: in Vera go to Add Device, chose Generic Z-Wave Device, Next, Next. Click once on the lock. Give it a name and chose a room. Back to Add Device -//- Next. Press 4 and * on the lock. Give it a name and chose a room. Test that the lock operates from the Vera interface. Go to the keypad in Vera -> Device Options ->  (Associations) Group ID: 1 -> Add group -> Apply changes. Go back to Associations -> Set -> Tick the keypad -> Save changes. Repeat for the lock but chose the keypad at the end. The lock can still be operated from the Vera interface but entering a code in the keypad does nothing.

Issues: If I chose Group 2 or 3 the association on the lock will not work: Failed to save association settings. Only group 1 worked for me. (Perhaps because it is the only group I have in my setup - but it did work on the keypad).  I did try to be close (less than 1 meter) between all 3 devices but no change. When the association was in place I did get from time to time time-out errors when locking or unlocking even though the lock did physically turn.

Conclusion: While the association is saved successfully it seems that the two devices do not "talk" properly as they do when in direct inclusion. In this scenario the Popp keypad is effectively useless.

Next steps: I would like to attempt to create a modified version of the generic D_Keypad1.json (or any other already existing in Vera)  to bring to the interface "ON" for a successful key +* or "OFF" for * (or the bell). If anyone has Lua, Z-Wave and Vera knowledge and is interested, please let me know.
Thanks for the answer.

There are no laws in Croatia that forbid turning off A/C. After all, this is exactly the way all hotels are functioning - when you open window, A/C turns off. For hotels it much easier as they have central ducted AC system, and the window is directly connected over relay to vent. As I'm having multisplit ductless units, a have no choice but integrate with some smart home system.

What I was reading I have two choices:

1. Integrate thermostat that communicates with the hub, but can be restricted only to some functions for guests. As I was reading, Ecobee has that kind of function (Access control), but also have some disadvantages because of AC losses all other functions, and you still need to use your IR remote. Is there any other thermostat that can communicate with ductless multisplit A/C, but that can be restricted to the only few functions

2. Find A/C that can directly communicate with the hub. I have found that Daikin is the only brand that has plugin for Vera or Smartthings. There was also one post talking about project of integrating homemade WiFi controller to Mitsubishi, and avoid API to their cloud, but I haven't found any news for the last 9 months.

So, if anyone has any idea how to implement that, you are welcome. I just want control scenes with opening and closing windows, so I definitely need hub. The only problem is how that hub can communicate with ductless multisplit Aircondition. Adapters IR to Z-wave and similar things are not options since on that way I can have only one way communication with A/C, and I need both way communication (in every moment I want to be able to see what is A/C current operation mode).

General / Re: Vera issues and alternatives testing for zwave
« Last post by rafale77 on Today at 03:38:58 am »
I decided to insert a cron job every 12 hours to run:

Code: [Select]
sync; echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches
and it seems to fully recover the free memory back to 190MB. I will see if it creeps back down over time. It may also be more frequent than needed.
Lock, Motion & Security Control / Re: Alarm system
« Last post by therealdb on Today at 03:37:07 am »
I bought a local, supported (Italy) alarm panel, and asked the installer to provide 3 outputs to signal different status (night mode, away mode, siren on). Then, I installed two Fibaro Universal Sensors and mapped them to logical status with a couple of scenes plus some LUA code. I can turn light OFF when leaving, set night mode and close roller shutters, etc. I can turn sprinklers ON when the siren in ON and all the lights in the house (if it's night) and so on.

I think it's better to have the two systems completely segregated and prevent the Vera from influencing the alarm panel. I prefer to use the alarm's key to insert/remove the alarm and drive automation with my Vera.
Lock, Motion & Security Control / Alarm system
« Last post by watsondesign on Today at 02:28:04 am »
Hi there,

Not new to vera but still very much learning. I'm ready to take my home security to the next level and install a dedicated alarm system. I've had a look on here to see what the best one would be that will integrate with vera however most of the threads seem to be 3+ years old. Is the DSC panel still the one to buy? If so, could anyone help me with a UK supplier as they seem to be a bit hard to find over here!

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