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If you really want to run a command from ssh, you could probably run curl with a command such as the one below (customize for your use).
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http://vera_ip_address:3480/data_request?id=action&output_format=xml&DeviceNum=6&serviceId=urn:upnp-org:serviceId:SwitchPower1&action=SetTarget&newTargetValue=0But why do you want to do this from the shell?
I'm sorry to say that I've given up on Vera. I switched over to Homeseer, it's a bit more to setup, but well worth it. It works better than Vera and seems more stable. It worked with Google home out of the box.
I gave the Vera a few years and it worked ok, but time to move on.

Thanks for the support here!
General / Re: Explosive gas sensor
« Last post by corceiro on Today at 10:47:44 am »
I brought the Zipato hm-hs1cg (Natural Gas Z-Wave Plus) and did manage to have Vera Plus recognize it, but, until know, I cannot made any alarm trigger nothing on Vera.

Vera see it as a Generic Zwave device, with an on and off button. When the detector gets in alarm mode (flashing some light and sound) nothing happens on Vera, not even the change of the switch from on to off...

This one, for now, it's not working with Vera.
15:45:23: SiteSensor: Failed to execute `"response.humidity"', { location=18, __source="luaxp", message="Subreference not found: humidity", type="evaluation" }

The expression should be response.main.humidity, because humidity lives underneath the main subkey in the response.
Ok, for me the error was: (forget the main)

16:42:05: SiteSensor: Eval #3: "response.main.temp - 273.15"=("number")22.25
16:42:05: SiteSensor: Eval #4: "response.main.humidity"=("number")38
I SSH into shell of Vera Edge. Question: what command shall I type to switch this Power Switch ON or OFF?

Device is this:

In devices it shows up "iPlugEnergy".
In Settings is shows up as device #3.
In Advanced there are plenty of Params and Variables, I will specify if its needed to make the command.


P.S. Where to find a clear guide how to use commands with VeraEdge???
Was even able to add:
16:13:23: SiteSensor: Eval #6: "response.wind.speed"=("number")6.7
16:13:23: SiteSensor: Eval #7: "response.wind.deg"=("number")260

And to convert from m/s to km/h: round(response.wind.speed * 18 /5)

So everybody should be able to play with this now,  ;) thanks again for this great plugin!
I think the point is when a device has the embedded flag set too ne all it?s children devices are following it in the same room.
NETmON plugin uses the embedded flag so on vera all children follow their father in the same room and apparently on openluup not hence my inference that embedded flag may not be implemented on openluup. ( have not tested )

OK on that.  I'll check, but I thought that I had correctly implemented this behaviour.

However, my recent post was a separate enquiry altogether... how to invert the sense of the 'Tripped' variable.
WOW, great! I just followed your example, everything is working great, just one error with humidity:
15:45:23: SiteSensor: Response HTTP status 200, body="{\"coord\":{\"lon\":7.38,\"lat\":46.26},\"weather\":[{\"id\":701,\"main\":\"Mist\",\"description\":\"mist\",\"icon\":\"50d\"}],\"base\":\"stations\",\"main\":{\"temp\":294.73,\"pressure\":1018,\"humidity\":37,\"temp_min\":279.15,\"temp_max\":303.15},\"visibility\":10000,\"wind\":{\"speed\":6.7,\"deg\":260},\"clouds\":{\"all\":20},\"dt\":1529499300,\"sys\":{\"type\":1,\"id\":6005,\"message\":0.0049,\"country\":\"CH\",\"sunrise\":1529465906,\"sunset\":1529522754},\"id\":2660503,\"name\":\"Grimisuat\",\"cod\":200}"
15:45:23: SiteSensor: Eval #1: "last("=("string")"Mist"
15:45:23: SiteSensor: Eval #2: ""=("string")"Grimisuat"
15:45:23: SiteSensor: Eval #3: "round(response.main.temp * 9 / 5 - 459.97,1)"=("number")70.5
15:45:23: SiteSensor: Failed to execute `"response.humidity"', { location=18, __source="luaxp", message="Subreference not found: humidity", type="evaluation" }
15:45:23: SiteSensor: Eval #4: "response.humidity"=("nil")nil
15:45:23: SiteSensor: Eval #5: "round(response.main.pressure * 0.029529988,2)"=("number")30.06
15:45:23: SiteSensor: Eval trip expression: "response.cod == 200"=("boolean")true
15:45:23: SiteSensor: Next activity in 7200 seconds
Does AltUI know the ip address of each remote Vera? I imagine it does and therefore may be able use it.

For multiple Vera's managed by the same AltUI instance, then yes.  However, for a single openLuup instance with one or more VeraBridges, then no.  It's can't tell that they're remote at all.

But really the plugin's responsibility long term to supply the ip address. Ideally all plugins should use the same 'name' for this variable, so AltUI can easily make use of it?

I think we are talking the same?

Not quite, I think.  My approach would be that instead of providing an HTTP server or URL to retrieve data from the plugin, you should use a /data_request?id=action to the hosting Vera.  VeraBridge knows all about these and ANY action request not understood or implemented by the bridge itself is passed to the relevant remote device.  If it's implemented as a <run> tag, then it can return all kinds of data in the JSON / XML response.
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