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Google Calendar Switch / Re: GCAL3 - General Discussion
« Last post by Stuart on October 16, 2018, 09:54:59 am »
I have managed to fix it, thanks for your help :)

Can you provide a description of what you did that fixed the problem, or at least what it was that was altered.  In this way you are also giving back to the community.
Temperature Monitoring & HVAC Control / Re: LG 3 wire home automation hack
« Last post by doinitsideways on October 16, 2018, 09:48:14 am »
Did you take a look at this WiFi Module? Not sure it will work with your system.

Link missing ???

Last time I checked there wasn?t anything off the shelf that supported 3 wire or zoned ducted systems...
General / Re: Question for those also with HomeSeer experience
« Last post by snovvman on October 16, 2018, 09:01:31 am »
Which Vera controller are you using.

I've recently implemented Home Assistant on a trial basis and I must say I'm very impressed.

I am using Vera Plus and Edge prior to that.  Like many, I have been enduring Vera for many years, for a variety of reasons.  I agree that the HS UI is old, but if its ecosystem functions well and has better [more prompt] manufacturer support (features, compatibility, reliabilt), I can live with the ugliness.

I do like HASS, but having no development/coding experience, I find it time consuming to have to script for customization.  Though YAML is not unlearnable and I was able to add groups and customize some things, I find it too tedious and time consuming given my other priorities.

As a sidebar, I  find Smartthings to be limiting--the GUI (rather, the lack of web GUI) and the round-trip model is not ideal.  Even with WebCoRE, I still like other solutions better.  I bought the V3 when it was released and gave it a shot.  It was, too, shocking to me that there was no migration/backup path for the ST platform.  It is now collecting dust.
Amazon Alexa / Re: Recent Alexa Issues - UK
« Last post by Sorin on October 16, 2018, 08:37:33 am »
Hi Guys,

Also mentioned here, that the Amazon Alexa team noticed some issues with Amazon's Lambda services over the weekend.,108742.0.html

Also, we've pushed the new Vera Skill to Amazon for approval which contains localizations for ALL the Amazon Alexa regions, including French, German, Japanese, Italian, etc.
Vera UI discussion / Graphs and network mounts from UI.
« Last post by f0u on October 16, 2018, 08:02:20 am »
A menu from the interface to mount CIFS network drives and store logs and so on.

We also need a much more extensive way to store and display temperature / energy values and present them with the help of graphs directly from the factory default UI.

A forum part that is dedicated to guides and tutorials. .
General / Re: Mount CIFS Share on Vera Edge?
« Last post by f0u on October 16, 2018, 07:47:46 am »
Tried the following code in Vera Secure firmware v1.7.4002. The device was just recovered from a factory reset.
The device immediately froze and stopped responding to commands or ping. Restared it through the switch under the cover. But it never started again. Hardware reset did not work. The Powerled light is constantly lit and it does not take any IP from the router. Support said it was bricked, and no chance to recover it. They tried by remote control but did not succeed either.

No devices were paired yet and only basic configuration were made on it. Is there something in this code that really can make it completely stop responding to this way if the device is ok. ?

Do you have to install the cifs packages before running or trying the code? Unfortunately, I missed trying to manually mount the network device before this code was executed.


I've had to setup cifs on a few veras the last couple days and have come up with a way of doing it from within veras web ui (no ssh, no scp required and takes less than 3 mins)

First of all in the Startup Lua box, Enter the following (not forgetting to change the first 4 variables as appropriate):
Code: [Select]
--code to mount cifs share every restart, originally by akbooer and modified/updated by samyoue

--edit the following 4 variables to suit your credentials/directories
local device = "//"
local directory = "/nas"
local user = "admin"
local pass = "admin"

local function df ()
  local info
  local p = io.popen ("df",'r')
  if p then info = p:read "*a"; p:close () end
  return info

function cifsmount (x)
local lfs = require "lfs"
lfs.mkdir (directory)
  local function log (msg) luup.log (("cifsmount: '%s' %s"): format (x.device or '?', msg)) end
  local df = df ()
  if df: find (x.device, 1, true) then
    log "already mounted"
    local cmd = ("mount -t cifs -o user=%s,pass=%s,sec=ntlm %s %s"): format (x.user, x.pass, x.device,
    local ok, term, status = os.execute (cmd)
    log ("mounted status: "..tostring(status))
    if ok
      then log ("mounted OK: "..tostring(ok))
      elseif x.retry then luup.call_delay ("cifsmount", 60 * x.retry)
      else log "failed to mount"

cifsmount {user=user, pass=pass, device=device, directory=directory}

local info='<p style="white-space: pre; font-family: monospace">'..df()'<br>Last update: %A, %c</p>')
local wf ='/www/df.html','w')
  if wf then
    wf:write (info)
    wf:close ()
    return true

--to test go to (veras ip address)/df.html (after restart)
then in 'Test Lua Code', enter the following:
Code: [Select]
local function execute (command)
    p = io.popen (command)
    local out = p: read "*a"
    p: close()
    print (out)
    print "-----------"
    return out

execute "opkg update"
execute "opkg --force-depends install kmod-fs-cifs"
execute "opkg --force-depends install kmod-nls-utf8 kmod-nls-base kmod-crypto-hmac kmod-crypto-md5 kmod-crypto-misc"
Give it couple of minutes (don't trigger any restarts if possible) then go to your veras IP address /df.html (eg. and hopefully you should get something similar to:

Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
rootfs                    8832      6112      2720  69% /
/dev/root                10240     10240         0 100% /rom
tmpfs                   127744       272    127472   0% /tmp
/dev/mtdblock7            8832      6112      2720  69% /overlay
overlayfs:/overlay        8832      6112      2720  69% /
tmpfs                      512         0       512   0% /dev
/dev/mtdblock10          51200     11924     39276  23% /storage
/dev/mtdblock10          51200     11924     39276  23% /etc/cmh-firmware
/dev/mtdblock10          51200     11924     39276  23% /etc/cmh-backup
/dev/mtdblock9           10240     10240         0 100% /mios
//    530144     10200    519944   2% /nas

Last update: Thursday, Thu Aug 23 10:34:54 2018

 Note the last line of the df file (not the update timestamp) shows your cifs share should have been mounted.

Big thanks to all the contributors on this forum (this thread and this thread in particular)

Hope this helps someone, :)


EDIT:- updated code with akbooers alterations (much smarter than me ;) lol)
Temperature Monitoring & HVAC Control / Re: LG 3 wire home automation hack
« Last post by shapshere on October 16, 2018, 07:43:36 am »
Did you take a look at this WiFi Module? Not sure it will work with your system.
General / Re: Question for those also with HomeSeer experience
« Last post by peterxbmc on October 16, 2018, 07:40:40 am »
Which Vera controller are you using.

I'm a long time user of Homeseer and while it's a very capable platform, as mentioned its quite dated looking in today's terms. The additional paid plugins are a nuisance too. Being a Linux user I'm not too impressed having to use Mono to get a . NET Windows designed product like Homeseer running on a Linux platform. There's definitely performance issues to consider.

I'm not sure what direction they are taking it in. They've just introduced Homeseer Mobile on a beta basis to replace Homeseer Touch I imagine and there is mention of Homeseer 4 so some form of change of direction must be afoot.

I've recently implemented Home Assistant on a trial basis and I must say I'm very impressed. So impressed I'm strongly considering moving everything over to that platform. Of course unlike Home Assistant and a number of other programs you mention there's a hefty price tag on Homeseer.
Lighting & Load Control / Re: weird light behavior
« Last post by Inzax on October 16, 2018, 07:26:50 am »
My GE dimmers have recently started acting odd. 

When you turned them off they showed "ON" via the web interface despite being "OFF."  The only way to get the dimmer to reflect its true status was to turn them back on and then OFF again. 

I filed a ticket and was told the light did not have the "instant status update feature" therefore it would only update via Vera polling.

Here is my issue with that explanation.  Those lights have worked properly, updating their status for the last 4 years.  Why the change?  I have done nothing to the vera.   AND, the lights would update their status if I turned them back on, then off.   

Sorry I don't have an answer for your question.  You are not alone when it comes to recent, odd behavior of GE dimmer switches on Vera.
Lighting & Load Control / ZME WallC-S2 issue(s)
« Last post by paulmarian on October 16, 2018, 05:52:14 am »
Hi all,
I have several SME WallC-S (not the 2-version) installed in my downstairs livingroom/kitchen etc. Beside the fact that the batteries drain very fast (is that normal?) the controllors respond normally and mostly quick (sometimes I have to wait a few moments). But around 1 year ago, I installed a ZEM WallC-S2 controller in the bedroom of my youngest son. Only to turn on and turn off a led. Looked like it worked well, but here the battery drains VERY fast and everytime we click on a button to put it on or off, the indicator led blinks Red (twice). Despite this, the led turns on. Same goes for turning it off. The led indicator blinks red (twice). Now since a few weeks I left the 'cases' off so that I can see the controller directly and check the indicator better. I noticed that every now and than (not quite sure how long the interval is), the led indicator blinks red.
I also am not able to dim up/down quite precise. Only when the batteries are new it works fine. And if I remove the cases (so push the buttons directly) it also responses much better.
I have the feelings something is not quite right with the controller. Why does it give me red blink and turn the led on and/or off? And why does it blink red every now and than?

I am using this with a Vera 3 controller. Which is by the way not near the wall controller at all. So it has to find another way to communicate.
Wakeup interval is set to 604800 seconds.
Device settings:
Variable      data size        value
1                1 byte dec      1
2                1 byte dec      1
11               1 byte dec      1
12               1 byte dec      1
13               1 byte dec      1
14               1 byte dec      1

Hope this enough information to (perhaps) give me some advises on how to better setup this controller?

Thanks! Any help is much appreciated!
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