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Lock, Motion & Security Control / Re: Ecolink Door & Motion Sensor Zwave plus
« Last post by PlayedIn on August 14, 2018, 07:24:31 pm »
I've been waiting 4 days for vera support to tell me what the fix is.   Can anyone post the fix here?  I too have the PIR-ZWAVE2.5-ECO.

General / Re: I give up
« Last post by rafale77 on August 14, 2018, 06:00:30 pm »
The aeotec z-stick has an embedded battery and application specifically for inclusions. You have to setup the secure class key on the stick using a windows app (the backup software). You can then unplug the stick and go include devices wherever you want. A short push of the include button start a non secure inclusion. A long push (red flashing) starts a secure inclusion.
General / Re: I give up
« Last post by Mike Yeager on August 14, 2018, 05:55:52 pm »
Can you unplug the Z-Stick and do secure includes or does that have to be done from within the main application. I'm getting ready to move my locks to HA and I'm using a Z-Stick. I love this thing...
ALTHue / Question on ROOMs ?
« Last post by cokeman on August 14, 2018, 05:29:09 pm »

just set this up, using a Rasp PI with diyHue, that runs with my IKEA tr?dfri. works like a charm.

I see all my bulbs and I can control them. but I don't seen any rooms (I do in the Hue App on my phone). Do I have to adjust every bulb in sceens, or is there a way to turn on a room like in the IKEA or Philips HUE app ?

e.g. in my bathroom I have 4 bulbs, would be nice to turn on the room, and not bulb 1 and 2 and ...

When looking in the "HUE DATA" it looks like the information it there

      "type": "Room",
      "name": "kitchen counter",
      "class": "Living room",
      "state": {
        "any_on": false,
        "all_on": false


Plugins & Plugin Development / Re: Plugin: AutoVirtualThermostat (AVT)
« Last post by rigpapa on August 14, 2018, 05:28:46 pm »
I just became aware of this 7 pages later but does it work with 2 Gig CT 100 thermostats and external temperature and humidity sensors?

Hmmm. AVT implements the features of a thermostat. I'm not getting why you would want to do that, if you already have a thermostat... If you mean can it be made to make your CT 100's operate from external sensors, I think no, that's not really its intended function.
Plugins & Plugin Development / Re: Plugin: AutoVirtualThermostat (AVT)
« Last post by Sammy2 on August 14, 2018, 04:34:05 pm »
I just became aware of this 7 pages later but does it work with 2 Gig CT 100 thermostats and external temperature and humidity sensors?

General / Re: I give up
« Last post by rafale77 on August 14, 2018, 04:33:59 pm »
Another link that helped me understand the zwave network structure

My networks now has one primary and 3 secondary static controllers. (+ a bunch of scene controllers like minimotes and leviton in wall 4 button controllers too but they are working mostly by direct associations so I am not counting them). Some really do not like being secondary. i.e the platform was not designed to support it: hubitat is one of them. It is possible that the husbzb firmware is not allowing it since I have not been able to do a controller shift with it with openzwave. I am able to include devices from all 4 controllers but secure devices only get included correctly by openzwave and the aeon z-stick. In order to give all controllers the ability to include devices, you need to establish a SIS in your network. To do this I only found Zway to be able to assign it to another controller. I think openzwave is capable too but since it is now my primary, I did not try. hubitat, vera are not. In order to give secure device inclusion capability with the same key as my original network which was the vera, I had to be able to extract the key and insert it in the other controllers. Only openzwave(home assistant) and the aeon stick through their save tool on windows gave me this capability (and I think vera if you are willing to dig into it). Hubitat and zway are not able to do it. This is why I am using this many controllers and hubitat, at least for now is out. I am not going to post how to get the secure key from the vera here. Can PM me if one wants to know. This all gives me a lot of redundancy in the network and if the vera can die tomorrow and I could replace it in a whiff. To be absolutely sure that there is no mess in my network, I had to do a lot of monkey business to have only one primary controller since most of these guys want to be primary.

Edit: Forgot to add that I am now forced to include secure class devices with another controller than the vera because a number of them ate failing to exchange secure class keys. I then get an update of the vera from the SIS and configure the device in the vera manually. The inclusion process on the vera was broken some time ago for several device types. (Zooz 4in1 sensor is one of them). I am now including them with Home assistant and the aeon stick.
dataMine Plugin / Re: DataYours - schema and aggregation rules
« Last post by akbooer on August 14, 2018, 04:19:57 pm »
I was thinking about two ways to do it:
1) Write a plugin for openLuup/Vera which reads out the variables every 24hrs (using CURL in Vera) - and let the Historian / DataYours monitor this (which would be great for this community but a bit hard for me - I think I could do it if I modify the DarkSkyWeather plugin which basically does the same but then for weather);
2) Create my own script which sends these values (daily) to the DataCache daemon using netcat. It will probably be some MacGyver code :-)

I would add a third: write directly to the Whisper file.  My thoughts on these three, then are:

  • plugin - tedious and unnecessary, involving lots of files, mistakes, and heartache (unless you've done it before... or even if you have)
  • script to DataCache - much easier, although as you point out you have to generate a UDP datagram somehow.
  • write to Whisper file* - again easy, especially if you can code in Lua, but the files have to be on a local disk.

So without knowing your actual skills and system constraints, I'd have to say (2) or (3).  You could write either as scene Lua scheduled to run every day.  It's actually a one-line call to create a Whisper file with the required archive structure, and a further line to actually write a data value.  If you don't manually create the file, you'll have to set up schema and aggregation rules in the configuration file to do that based on the syntax of the written filename, but since you only need to do that once, it seems like overkill.


*an example here:,24669.msg173863.html#msg173863

Edit: I've split off these recent posts into a new thread, with perhaps a more descriptive title. (Hope you find it.)
General / Re: I give up
« Last post by jswim788 on August 14, 2018, 04:17:56 pm »
If you want to learn more about Z-Wave, I'd recommend going to the Silicon Labs website.  You can see the full spec there and there are some other helpful resources.  Just keep in mind that Vera does not necessarily implement and expose everything that you see there.
VeraAlerts / Re: Alerts stops working after a day
« Last post by Kosika on August 14, 2018, 03:59:56 pm »
I'm so stupid, ofcourse it was battery saving that killed the app. I know of the function but totaly overlooked it. It's also not that clear on Huawei. Now it works fine  :)
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