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Security / Security of comms to server questions
« Last post by HenryZek on Today at 05:40:32 pm »
who is my hosting provider sent out an email to all customers saying that they patched the security flaw and rebooted our servers.
try to run that on AltUI Test Lua Code

local mem = luup.variable_get('urn:schemas-cd-jackson-com:serviceId:SystemMonitor:1', "memoryAvailable", 16)

If should give you something. Otherwise you might have wrong device id or maybe wrong service id
Can I just add that I am having similar problems with the 3 FGMS-001 sensors that I have however when I try to re-pair them with my vera plus I get "Failed to setup security" even though the sensor is sitting right next to the unit.

A couple of times I have got past this stage and it creates the 3 entries that I would expect and then sticks at "Waiting for wakeup to configur device". If I click the sensor button 3 times to wake the sensor up I then get "Please wait! Getting secure classes" and then goes back to "Waiting"
@ Ipstas: I am getting data through  from the temperature sensors. The 3 memory are just reporting "0".,

3/19/2019, 9:16:00 PM Verau 0

Code: [Select]
{ key='Veraf', deviceId=16, serviceId="urn:schemas-cd-jackson-com:serviceId:SystemMonitor:1", serviceVar="memoryFree"},
{ key='Verau', deviceId=16, serviceId="urn:schemas-cd-jackson-com:serviceId:SystemMonitor:1", serviceVar="memoryUsed"},
{ key='Veraa', deviceId=16, serviceId="urn:schemas-cd-jackson-com:serviceId:SystemMonitor:1", serviceVar="memoryAvailable"},

Anyone has an idea what I am doing wrong?
The info I found :
device type: urn:schemas-cd-jackson-com:device:SystemMonitor:1   

But how to insert it correctly?


General / Re: Anyone else giving up on Z-wave? (or Vera)
« Last post by jbfoster on Today at 04:13:40 pm »
Oops plugins were $39

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General / Re: Anyone else giving up on Z-wave? (or Vera)
« Last post by jbfoster on Today at 04:11:46 pm »
I bought Homeseer last May at 50% off for $150. $40 for the Zwave Smart stick and a few plugins at $49 each. Ya it was more to invest than my $200 Vera but I have to say Homeseer has been working fine since May. I have have had a couple issues but they were minor and were quick to fix. No system is perfect but I?ll have to say Homeseer in my opinion is much better than Vera.

I keep an eye on things here to see if Vera can catch up to Homeseer reliability.  You never know I may return one day.  Until then I?m more than happy with Homeseer

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General / Re: Leviton Dimmer/Switch OTA Firmware Updates
« Last post by shallowearth on Today at 02:59:50 pm »
I would go with the z-flash kit from Homeseer to update your switches:

You can join the z-stick as a secondary controller to your Vera so you don't have to re-more and re-add the switches to do the firmware update.  (Note in some rare cases the firmware update itself changes the z-wave ID of the switch in which case you will still have to re-add them later).

I doubt that Vera will ever make the firm-ware update a standard user feature, just too many risks and things that can go wrong when flashing firmware that create liability they don't want if your switch gets toasted.
Do you see something like that in Lua log?

50   03/19/19 12:48:43.100   luup_log:0: [Moniton] Logger:  HGTimer 1 60 <0x7358c520>
50   03/19/19 12:48:43.103   luup_log:0: [Moniton] Logger:  collected vars: 26 <0x7358c520>
50   03/19/19 12:48:43.103   luup_log:0: [Moniton] Logger:  sending data: &debug=false&version=3.16.2019&node=1&json={House:1714.481} <0x7358c520>
50   03/19/19 12:48:43.345   luup_log:0: [Moniton] Logger:  sent data status: 200 <0x7358c520>

If you do, Vera sends it, if you don't the timer has not started
then try this in Test Lua Code
monitcode = require("Moniton")

it starts timer
VeraAlerts / Re: System alert notification
« Last post by wilme2 on Today at 02:26:57 pm »
Longtime VeraAlerts user.  I want the system alerts as a push from VeraMobile, but I do not want my user alerts via VeraMobile.

Right now my user notifications/alerts are sent by BOTH VeraAlerts and VeraMobile and that is getting annoying. 

I can see no way to have VeraAlerts handle my (very important) user created Notifications while allowing VeraMobile to to handle system notifications.
Plugins & Plugin Development / Re: PLUGIN: Virtual Sensor
« Last post by rigpapa on Today at 01:31:23 pm »
Makes perfect sense! Was just wondering, my Vera has been so unstable lately that the three "not connected" devices almost gave me a heart attack  ;) 8)

I am so sorry! I know exactly how that feels. More good stuff coming. I'll warn you first. :)
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