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@ Akboer: Thanks; that was indeed the problem , now data is getting through.

A Question for Ipstas: Would it be possible to see a more detailed number when you click or hover on a line? For example the temperature in my heating room is ca 32.62 degrees C. The scales are from 0-35. I would like to now if the Temperature probe is working correctly , so I need to see the detailed number up to at least one decimal.

Outside Temperature is now 0.7 degrees C, scale is from 0-2.2 which is much better. although it would be nice to show a number when you hover over it , or click on a line.

Another question: is it possible to show the memory usage of vera? see attached picture from datamine

Irrigation Control / Re: New Whole House Water sensor and Valve
« Last post by wilme2 on Today at 03:16:48 pm »
I think it would be easier to integrate the Fortrezz product, now that they are owned by the same company as Vera...
For some reason I seem to be able to set up linear graphs, but not gauges?

Any suggestions?  I've check the variable names.
Irrigation Control / New Whole House Water Flow Sensor and Valve
« Last post by Jamr on Today at 01:39:39 pm »
This new product is just what I am looking for for myself and my customers.
Any idea on how to integrate this product with Vera?
Hi Sorin,

Do you happen to know if the ssl lib version will be updated to 0.7 (nor 0.5.PR), and the luup.inet.request call will be fixed (now is a sure reload trigger)?

Cheers Rene

Your pict is AltUI, I didn't installed AltUI, please read carefully the steps described above.

I understand that.....but altui is the only way I can get the device to appear/be seen.  Something is missing - I've followed the exact steps at least 4 different times, it never installs properly or lets me get to the advanced menu.  I can't even get it to show up as a device in the Devices menu in the original Vera menu (non-altui).
Plugins & Plugin Development / Additional temperature device
« Last post by asuz on Today at 11:36:32 am »
How can I create new "Additional temperature device" with Additional temperature device plugin?

If you want to find more information, to better understand what you can find under Advanced, you can go here:

The times that you see, for example for a variable like LastTrip are in Unix time, and in order to convert it, you can use something like:

Have a nice day,
I am interested in this as well.  I can see camera on both platforms and All my other Vera cameras work great, but this vistacam 1000 keeps loosing connection
I have tried removing the MAC address. Does nothing and keeps repopulating
20 seems it has something to do with the names I gave it.

So far as I can see from the code, the parameters are not URL-encoded, so spaces and other characters may indeed cause problems.
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