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Plugins & Plugin Development / Re: WINK AND Vera
« Last post by teknokill on December 11, 2018, 07:09:03 pm »
I am going to work on it this week.  I never had any problem with the Wink Connector.  I use Wink as an interface between my Wink Relay and some Specialized Zigbee devices that are not covered by Vera.   I really need to figure out how to add the Wink Connector by sideloading. 
HomeWave (iOS) / Re: So what is the "legacy URL" for cameras?
« Last post by intveltr on December 11, 2018, 06:27:51 pm »
Legacy URL will get the images from Vera.  A direct connection is better, but you may have to set the username / password and URL manually since these are not always copied correctly from Vera.

PTZ Always goes through Vera, by the way
General / Re: Zigbee question
« Last post by Domoworking on December 11, 2018, 06:08:16 pm »
Philips hue already supports zigbee 3.0
And new Hue devices should support it too.
The most efficient way to do this is to get your alarm panel and your Vera to communicate so you can see all of your alarm sensors on your Vera and you can control your alarm panel with your Vera.
You probably are not thinking about it now but automating outside lights based on doors opening, is only one great reason to do this.
To get this communication going, you will need a network adapter on your alarm system and a add on for that network adapter installed in your Vera. Unfortunately some alarm panels do not have these or the add on support in Vera.
General / Single RGBW controler, connected to multiple virtual RGBW devices
« Last post by fodder1 on December 11, 2018, 04:59:36 pm »
Hi All,

So, I have a Leviton Omni ProII and I brought the Vera to enable the use of the z-wave devices via the plugin and serial to the Omni.

The app works fine but is a little clunky when it comes to the RBGW z-wave units (Fibaro RGBW controller) it takes a lot of code to change each colour through the colour range.

So being a tinkerer I was playing around with the RGBW controller and the app to control that, 'the RGBW controller', which was very smooth.
That got me to wondering, could I create a several virtual "switches" that switch the same RGBW Fibaro Puk.

So the goal here is to make the Omni be able to to do things like "LAPD" or "RAINBOW" by just turning on the switch.
Yes, the fact that I could turn on several of these switches at the same time would need to be addressed, probably in the LUA code, but I don't see that as hard.

I am just trying to figure out if I could create these "virtual Switches" linked to real RGBW puk.

In my brain, I am seeing the Actual FIBARO RBGW module not shared or controlled by the OMNI interface.
instead there are two virtual switches controlled by the OMNI and in turn, these switches turn on the single FIBARO RGBW module with the desired effect. (protected by some LUA code to check if its on, turn it off then turn it back on with its animation.)

Anyone care to comment if this can be done?

I'm not sure if you are asking for a Vera (Z-Wave) solution or you just want a stand alone solution.
For a standalone look at the Venstar Thermostat range, the colour touch shpuld do what you want.
If it's Z-Wave then jbfoster is on the money.

edit: what was I thinking? for a Z-wave solution use a Remotec Thermostat.
Video Camera Control / Re: Where to purchase blue iris?
« Last post by Cor on December 11, 2018, 04:20:36 pm »
Or directly from the developer , I think with all the support he gives  he deserves it:

I?ve never heard if a thermostat like that. Couldn?t you get a temp sensor for out side and create some scenes to do what you need?


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General / Re: New forum? - link starting with doesn't work.
« Last post by zedrally on December 11, 2018, 04:14:38 pm »
How about sharing your roadmap so we all can be aware of what your up to rather than trying to crystal ball you?
Video Camera Control / Re: Where to purchase blue iris?
« Last post by Mike on December 11, 2018, 04:02:43 pm »
I buy mine at the IP Cam Talk store. Less expensive than most places and I can log into my account and have a list of all my serial #'s.
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