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Plugins & Plugin Development / Re: New Plugin: Reactor
« Last post by rigpapa on Today at 09:06:10 am »
Versoon 1.0 released, now available in the plugin marketplace and AltAppStore.
Pool Control / Re: NEW MultiWave Pool Controller
« Last post by dkeefe on Today at 08:03:07 am »
iirc the 4 buttons were supposed to control the 4 different speeds and that feature was added a long time ago.

give it a shot!
General / Re: Vera 6 years later..... Home Assistant!
« Last post by cmille34 on Today at 07:49:02 am »
+1 as another person loving Home Assistant so far.  I started with a Pi3 since I had a few laying around but I soon switched over to an old laptop from work and loaded Ubuntu and Docker on it. Love the Docker approach to running Home Assistant, Node-Red, MySQL, HA Bridge, etc.  For those on the fence - give it a shot! Like anything there is a learning curve but you can have HA and Vera up and running side by side, just leave the ZWave devices on the Vera and tinker away on HA.  The ability to buy cheapie Xiaomi sensors and control them in Home Assistant has made it worth my time many times over. 
General / Re: Vera 6 years later..... Home Assistant!
« Last post by ninkasi on Today at 07:32:30 am »
Interesting..... had looked at OpenHAB some time ago but support for some things like Broadlink just aren't there and a lot of plugins needed some serious hacking to get to work. HA was better but still in its infancy - now you made me look again and HA pretty much seems to have everything. Have been impressed in many ways with Vera, but it is being left behind I'm afraid with IFTTT support being in perennial beta, no support at all for google home (other than using the third party Concierge app on a second device), and a number of apparently angry developers leaving in a huff.

Have ordered another 'pi and will test HA on it to see if it's time I should also jump. Hopefully Google Assistant ( will get out of beta soon....  If I do jump, then it seems I'll have to also say goodbye to "Imperihome" as that's not supported at the moment (but is with OpenHAB via the Standard System API, sigh).

Of course what I could do is strip out most things from Vera and leave it to just front end the Zwave lights and locks, and use HA to do everything else. Hmmm. :-)
General / Re: Is Vera able to receive a http POST ?
« Last post by reneboer on Today at 06:38:06 am »

The build in handler is only for GET requests. You can add parameters to the GET URL and parse those in your handler. Here is an example starting at line 1114.

Cheers Rene
openLuup / Re: openLuup: ZWay plugin for hardware
« Last post by pls90 on Today at 06:19:18 am »
please let me know whatever info you need regarding the devices which don't behave nicely yet (log files from zway etc.)
And thank you so much for taking this on!
Getting Started & Initial Setup / Re: Service led off
« Last post by Sorin on Today at 06:14:55 am »
Hello there,

I'm sorry to hear this. I see you have an existing ticket with us. Our Customer Care team is on it as we speak.
openLuup / Re: openLuup: ZWay plugin for hardware
« Last post by akbooer on Today at 06:14:38 am »
@akbooer your ZWay plugin is working quite nicely so far. Speed is EXCELLENT! :-)

Always good to hear.

Still, I am afraid I have a few questions.


For every element on Zway should there be one equivalent device on openluup?
For most of the devices I have tested this seems to be true, except for some this is not.

The answer to this is as I mentioned previously...
One of the challenges for these plugins is to make the motley collection of Zwave widgets for each device look like a Vera device.  This is hard without a comprehensive (and ever changing) manufacturer-specific database.  This has been one of Vera's own bug-bears too.  My plan would be simply to abandon even trying, and present every device as a parent device with multiple children, one for each switch/sensor/etc.  You could hide the ones you weren't interested in.  But that is for the future.

I do need to take a look at this, but my immediate priority is a new master release of openLuup, rolling up many recent (and not so recent) changes.

Among others which don't pose much of a problem I have an issue with a Fibaro Multi Sensor.
The only element which seems to not be mirrored is the motion part which is rather crucial for a motion sensor ;-). Temperature, Lux level are working fine.
A Aetec Multisensor is working perfectly with every single element being carried over as expected.

It's all to do with the low-level Zwave device and sensor definitions.  Different manufacturers do things differently.  There are multiple ways to define things.  Who said "the nice thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from" ?

Also, a Fibaro Roller Shutter is behaving strangely.
I have two of these modules included, a very recent one with FW25.25 and a 4 year old one with FW22.22.
The new one shows a dimmer element to change positioning as expected. The older one shows only a scene controller element, but nothing else.

Well, again, this is clearly a firmware difference.  Any chance of updating the old one?

I have high hopes to use Zway and your plugin to finally step away from Vera completely without having to start from scratch in a completely new environment.

Me too.

Do you have any thoughts on the missing elements/devices the plugin seems to be skipping?

My best chance is to go ahead with my proposed changes to the Zway plugin.  During development, I'll simply be supporting two implementation files: the current one, and the next attempt.  So you can easily switch between the two if there's a problem.

Rene, any chance you can fix the issues with pulling whole-of-house power consumption from PVO please?

Im happy to test for you.  8)

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