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I can run tests, no problem.
Just tell me what kind of testing is to be perfromed
I have to build some basic function to get it going and that will take some time. I will let you know.

Cheers Rene
could we add support for solax 2 inverters?

Hi Paul,

Can you see if this request works on your inverter http://local ip address of inverter/api/realTimeData.htm

Then I have an idea of the interface.

Cheers Rene
Plugins & Plugin Development / Re: is there a ??
« Last post by Forzaalfa on Today at 05:15:11 am »
Sounds good, do you know of any code samples that use this method?

Is there a way to throw in the socket library equivalent of disconnecting the port on Luup.reload?
General / Re: Is Vera able to receive a http POST ?
« Last post by gedeon999 on Today at 05:10:42 am »
Here is a screenshot of my device interface if it gives idea to someone...

The device is of course on the same network than the Vera...

General / Re: Is Vera able to receive a http POST ?
« Last post by gedeon999 on Today at 05:04:13 am »
I have been able to define a new handler mfh for function MyFirstHandler and to launch it using a http url in my browser http://Vera_IP:3480/data_request?id=lr_mfh

But when i try to put the same url in my device that send a http POST, nothings :-(

Plugins & Plugin Development / Re: is there a ??
« Last post by akbooer on Today at 05:03:50 am »
I really think the only reliable way is to use the socket library directly.
General / Re: Fibaro radiator thermostat FGT-001
« Last post by svaleb on Today at 04:43:50 am »
There is no news.
Fibaro made a new firmware and it did not work, they are still working on an other.
The fibaro thermostat is only upgradeable in fibaro controllers.
Vera can do the upgrade if they have an agrement with fibaro but acording to Sorin thy have not even recived a thermostat yet.
For now the thermostat cannot be properly integrated in Vera.
When it came it was said "works in all z-wave sysestems but it still does not work in Vera.
BUT it STILL does not work in the fibaro system.
Bare i mind that temperature is not reported back from the thermostat unless you have the little bluetooth device for it.
Fibaro is of that oppinion that users does not need/cannot understand or handle the temperatur messured at the thermostat.
Besides (my personal wiev, I was aware when baying) I would prefer degeres shown in ciffers not coulors, it is difficult to tell grandmother, aunts and guests what coulors to use.

When, some day, it can be integrated in Vera you cannot be sure all features will work.

Upgrading / Re: Beta 7.0.27b (1036/3917/3918/3919)
« Last post by Sorin on Today at 04:42:22 am »
Day 5 with this firmware on my Vera3. So far, no functional problems, but, I am now noticing two UI oddities, and these occur on both Firefox and Chrome, so I don't think it's a browser issue:

1) Very frequently, the dashboard device display mixes up the icons for devices, and multiple devices will get the icon of some other device; occasionally, a default icon will be assigned to a device. A short time later, the problem rights itself, and then some time after that, the problem repeats itself. Once this begins, it is not a steady state, right or wrong;

2) With alarming frequency, clicking the "Advanced" tab will display the data for a completely different device from the one you are in. There is no warning of this, and no rhythm to it.

In both cases, browser refreshes and Luup reloads do not consistently solve the problem. In fact, the problem seems to occur most often after a Luup reload with a non-refreshed browser (that is, Luup reloads but you don't do a refresh after, which is common because you never really know when Luup is going to reload on its own).

@Sorin, I think this is something you guys need to look into before releasing.

Thanks, rigpapa, giving a heads up to the team as we speak. However, if you have ongoing trouble with your setup, I advise logging a ticket with our Customer Care team as well.
General / Re: No, the grass is not greener on the other side.
« Last post by litby on Today at 03:52:54 am »
Every new install gets a trail. You don't need to ask again for one to start over.

I just get this.
General / Re: No, the grass is not greener on the other side.
« Last post by integlikewhoa on Today at 03:47:15 am »
When I said "godawful" I wasn't referring to the looks of the UI but rather the difficulty of figuring out what does what. Maybe the fact that I have two z-wave radios confused things. I'll give it another go.

Unfortunately I threw away the VM in exasperation so I'll have to ask for a new trial license.

I'm not sure I currently have 3 Z-wave networks at the larger house and I find that is another plus with HS.... Mananging multipule z-wave networks. Vera or one network couldnt reach the entire property and with older GE switches that only have instant like status with direct communication to the controller it was a must to have multipule networks.

Every new install gets a trail. You don't need to ask again for one to start over. 
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