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General / Re: VeraPlus - turn off zigbee and bluetooth
« Last post by wilme2 on Today at 11:17:42 am »
I just checked and in spite on the bluetooth LED being on, it is not discoverable and my spectrum scanner shows that it is off. My zigbee is on and if you worry about interference, you could just move it's channel to a free space. The zigbee signal is very narrow and is unlikely to interfere...

In my neighborhood my spectrum analyzer shows frequent interference all over the spectrum.  433 mhz is practically unusable, and for my motorized blinds I had to put in multiple gateways all sending the same commands a few seconds apart - usually ONE of the signals gets received by each of the blinds.  Between the neighborhood interference, and the fact my home is a 3 story brownstone, configuring wireless network is a real challenge - disabling anything not in use is important...
Plugins & Plugin Development / Re: Help with Tornado warning script
« Last post by Jamr on Today at 11:14:26 am »
I do this for alerts when it snows. Not what you asked but it is easily available and easy to do.
General / Re: MIOS acquisition - 2
« Last post by wilme2 on Today at 11:04:24 am »
Is there any specific plugins you think we should take and integrate natively? Maybe we should start a post to get everyone to vote ?

Program Logic Event Generator (PLEG) (for real automation)
DSC Alarm Panel Plugin (for alarm system integration)
EventWatcher (for system monitoring - for the love of god why aren't tools like this native?)
VeraAlerts (for more valuable user notification options than native)
General / Re: Iu5 and iu7 together
« Last post by aa6vh on Today at 10:37:42 am »
Lock, Motion & Security Control / Re: Zooz ZSE40 4-in-1 Sensor
« Last post by rge on Today at 10:34:50 am »
I gave up on Vera, now I'm migrating to HomeSeer, currently running a trial with it on a Raspberry Pi with RaZberry card.

Seems really solid, fully supports all the (small number of) devices I have - it quite happily handles both of the 4-in-1 sensors and doesn't need a hack for the Fibaro dual switches.

The biggest out-of-the-box lack is dataMine - there's a history plugin but it's not great.  However, there's easy instructions on the forums for logging to Influx and using Grafana which is are incredibly flexible and powerful and happily run on the Pi as well.

The UI is basically about as bad as UI7 - it's ten years out-of-date, but at least it doesn't have 50%+ whitespace...  ahe standard HSTouch phone app is shocking, but then the free HSBuddy is perfect.

And it has zero connectivity to any external site if you don't want/need it, unlike the annoying Vera login requirements for some pages.
General / Re: Iu5 and iu7 together
« Last post by aa6vh on Today at 10:34:14 am »
You are correct that two boxes running different versions cannot be "bridged".

But they can communicate with each other, by using http commands. Using http you can turn on or off devices, run scenes, etc. I do it from my old Vera1 box and my newer Vera3.

Unfortunately, http commands will require a little bit of LUA programming. However, there are numerous examples here on this board that can help get you started. Start with searching "http".
General / Re: MIOS acquisition - 2
« Last post by trygve on Today at 10:28:26 am »
I am very happy to see MiOS getting some additional resources.

I've been a user of Vera for about 5 years now and have been fairly happy and not have many issues to be honest. Though; as my system has been growing and gone from a couple of devices to well over 100, I am starting to feel the shortcommings and pain with Vera.

New UI and so is all nice but for me stability and compabillity is the most important thing I think. After that I would like to see proper network tools. Trying to solve z-wave related issues with Vera are pretty much just fumbling in the dark guessing whats going on. I would love to see a proper network graph over which devices talk to each other. What devices are causing issues in a network and tools to properly address issues. Since I am a software developer my self; I would love to see a much more proper way to integrate with Vera than today. Preferly in a way which is not language bound so developers can use any language best suited for them.

General / Re: Iu5 and iu7 together
« Last post by jimim on Today at 10:24:08 am »
General / Re: MIOS acquisition - 2
« Last post by jlind on Today at 10:15:59 am »
Vera's always been a love/hate system for me.  It's like a honor roll kid that goes on to work some lame job because he's just fine with "good enough".  So much potential but a serious lack of something that's a little hard to put your finger on...

I'm hoping that many of the suggested changes occur, and that it happens with minimal disruption to my current system.  I think the automation and remote access should be free and the apps should be a 1x cost.  I also think a priority should be put into getting it to work with Alexa/Google.  As my system currently is, I'm the primary user that turns things on/off.  When I had it tied into Google using the HABridge, my ENTIRE family used it pretty much evenly (including grandparents!).  It was much easier to justify cost and time spent when the entire family benefited equally.
Plugins & Plugin Development / Help with Tornado warning script
« Last post by tmuscedere on Today at 09:26:25 am »

I have gone through old posts and was wondering if someone could help me a script or scene i am trying to setup on my vera. I would like a warning indicator of some sort should we get a tornado warning through the middle of the night. Has anyone successfully done this? If so, how did you set it up?

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