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Yes I think you could put something together that way.  I am looking for a more or less plug & play solution like the schlage or yale locks because the software side is already done.  Things like assigning pin codes, audit and alerts.

Thanks for the response.


Just FYI,

In case someone will need it, I can provide working solution for Cotech/Kangtai devlices using luup code modification based on Tinman plugin. It should work for light switch and as in my case for wall plug.
Amazon Alexa / ETA for Spanish Alexa Skill?
« Last post by BerrytH on Today at 10:31:58 am »
Recently Amazon has released Alexa in Spain, I know a lot of people are using Vera Plus.
When will the skill be available in Spain? Is there time line?
Android is on the double by the new directives. Geofence has been remanufactured and we have pretty awesome results in our internal testing.
There is a little bit of a delay until pushing this to the public but this is around the corner.

Vera is not discontinuing anything, on the contrary, internally things are moving faster and more efficient than ever.
Amazon Alexa / Re: French Vera Skill for Alexa
« Last post by timmy on Today at 09:09:04 am »
Hi, still no news regarding the Vera control skill on the French market ?
Amazon Alexa / Re: Recent Alexa Issues - UK
« Last post by timmy on Today at 09:00:21 am »
Hi, I'm having a problem with my Echo (1 Echo and 3 Echo Spot):
The vocal command of the style "Call the living room" or "Drop in Bathroom" does not work any more, Alexa answers: "Hm, a problem has occurred, please try again in a few minutes".
Has anyone else encountered this problem?
Amazon Alexa / Re: Alexa app update
« Last post by timmy on Today at 08:45:38 am »
I like the new features of the application Alexa, I think it's interesting I hope it will be supported by Vera soon
Lighting & Load Control / Re: Fibaro Double Switch (FGS-223) Lag
« Last post by AndersMalm on Today at 08:42:21 am »
As a new customer I can tell you I will use my return right the minute I step into this poop  (Already have but didnt know about this and got it working by doing factory reset on everything). And i'm probably not alone. First impressions last. I'm also an engineer by trade, normal consumers will be even less forgiving. You should put all possible resources at this until solved.
Lock, Motion & Security Control / Re: ID Lock and vera
« Last post by Thorden on Today at 07:24:06 am »
Thanks, kellerman!

Do you have any logic that sets the house mode to away or home, based on an event or anything?

I know how to do this in scenes and all that, I just don't haven't found a good event that should trigger it. Besides the alarm getting armed of course, and that is what I currently use.
So the event is that the door is locked with a key, I have a binary sensor that detects it. Old fashioned analog lock with a cable to the sensor.
Locking triggers arming of the alarm, which sets my house status based on armed mode of the alarm, could be night too. 

My challenge is that all this goes away with an electronic lock, so I need to find another way. Tried the geofencing functionality in Vera for house mode switching, but it is useless. Obviously a switch to away mode could do it, but how does that happen? That is the trick question. :)

Since I am into automation, I would like to avoid pressing buttons and starting up apps just to lock the door and arm the bloody alarm, it should be one single task that is easier than using the key. :)
Picking up the Away state from the ID Lock would be a good way to do it!

General / Re: MIOS Acquisition
« Last post by melih on Today at 07:00:24 am »
Melih, I'm trying to set my expectation on this.
1. When does the 180 days wait period begin?
2. What can we expect from that initial release, is it UI8 along with fixes and improvements?

I can somewhat understand the transformation from the business and software side that is happening on your end.
Just don't want to be disappointed after waiting for 6 or 9 months.

It began in Aug. add 6 months on top from Aug...
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