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General / Re: Fibaro radiator thermostat FGT-001
« Last post by kwieto on Today at 03:26:41 am »
Ask Vera support for help.
There is a capability responsible for reporting current temperature, I've had a problematic Devolo which started to report temp. after adding it (I compared capabilities list with other unit and found that one is missing on device with problems).
But I don't know if it will work for Fibaro as well and it definitely won't clear the error you have.
Maybe support can find some workaround for your issues.
General / Re: Creating triggers from luup code
« Last post by akbooer on Today at 03:22:49 am »
This will depend on the technology of the switch.  If it reports instant status, then Vera will respond quickly, if not, then the status update will not happen until Vera polls the switch, which could be some time later.
Any update on Xiaomi ZigBee sensors support? I'd really love to have couple of their temp. sensors at my home. It costs almost nothing compared to similarly capable z-wave devices.
Temperature Monitoring & HVAC Control / Re: Xiaomi temp/humidity sensor
« Last post by Almighty on Today at 02:47:13 am »
ElCid: does the humidity sensor work when I apply you configuration?
dataMine Plugin / Re: DataYours - App Store Release
« Last post by d55m14 on Today at 02:47:09 am »
Hi akbooer,

It seems that changing the url did the Vera more stable , only one restart in 48 hours.


Richard, wasn't sure where else to put this... but a development-themed thread seemed like a reasonable candidate. ;)

First up: THANK YOU for your continued work supporting Vera!

And now, down to business... I'm running VeraConcierge on a Pi3. I hit two significant roadblocks during installation; one was caused by my trying to run the initial "java -jar ConciergeServer" command from an ssh shell.  The installer kept complaining about a missing libarary and quitting, because (I finally figured out) the jar file was trying to access the Xwindows environment while I was running headless.  If there was something in the install docs which explained this, I missed it, but the install MUST be run from a terminal window on the Pi desktop, not from a shell, because the install process tries to launch a browser to configure the local server.  Personally, I'd prefer a version that eliminated the graphics dependency(ies) so as to run cleanly under an ssh shell, and exited with a message telling me to point my Windows/Mac/iPad/iPhone browser at the appropriate URL to start configuration... but perhaps a "README.txt" item detailing the graphical environment requirement would suffice for the short term  8)

The second roadblock was that, after I finally figured my way past the first problem and I got a browser window to launch from the install, the server seemed like it had started, but was refusing all connections.  "ps ax" was showing java up and running the right file; I just couldn't connect to it as though the port was blocked.  It took me an hour of poking around until I finally saw the "-delay 60" and in the init.d script, the proverbial lightbulb came on and I realized it might just be sleeping... so I let it sit for over a minute and tried again.  Bingo! :P

I subsequently found that you wrote in a sticky thread in this forum:

I found some problems when testing on a Raspberry Pi 3.
The network does not become stable for almost 1 minute after booting.
By then the Vera Concierge has already failed trying to connect the Vera Cloud Servers.

For normal operation the ConciergeServer jar file is run with a single argument:

        java -jar ConciergeServer service
I have added some more arguments (available in 2.009) to help solve these problems:
-log  LogFilePath
-delay SecondsToDelay

Well, ok then!  I wish I'd read that sooner  ::) ;D ... Even so, the solution you implemented has the downside of having the VC server remain unreachable for the first minute after every restart -- even a soft restarts, like updates.  And it's also unavailable for the first 60 seconds after boot, even if the network were to become available after (say) 30s (mine is usually up in around 20s).

As a workaround, I've dumped the init.d script and am using systemctl instead.  I think it's cleaner, easier, more efficient and requires less maintenance than wrangling shell scripts :P  If you'd like to try it out, here are the details (I'm assuming ConciergeServer.jar was installed in /home/pi/VC):

1. sudo bash
2. create /home/pi/VC/vc.service with perms -rw-r--r-- (644) and add contents as follows:

Code: [Select]
Description=Vera Concierge

ExecStart=/usr/bin/java -jar /home/pi/VC/ConciergeServer.jar service


3. create a softlink to the file for systemctl to find: I've called mine "myvc" to save typing ;D

Code: [Select]
ln -nsf /home/pi/VC/vc.service /etc/systemd/system/myvc.service
4. inform systemd of the changes:

Code: [Select]
systemctl daemon-reload
and finally,
5. start the service:
Code: [Select]
systemctl start myvc
Now your server will be started on reboots as soon as the network is available, but not before.  And it will be available immediately after any soft restart (software update, etc).

I have a suggestion for the configuration system: can the "save changes" button on the customization page perform the same action(s) as found on the "My Account" page, ie force rediscovery?  I found that when aliases are added on the custom pages and "Save Changes" is clicked, the changes are saved but not initially recognized -- ATM I have to click the "Force Discovery of new/changed Devices/Scenes" button on the My Account page (so I have to keep it open on another tab) to make the changes take effect.

I'm LOVING the Google Assistant shortcuts!  FAR better than telling Alexa: "turn on Close Garage Door" :o ::) <cringe>... I now simply say "Hey Google, Close the Garage Door" ... and that's that!  No more "Alexa, turn on bedtime scene".  Now I just say "OK Google, time for bed!" and all the usual lights/security stuff happens.  Beautiful!

Thanks so much for creating this bridge, Richard!  After a week or so now of wrestling with the broken Amazon/Vera Scene linkage fiasco, I finally had the impetus to get stuck into the VeraConcierge stuff, and I'm SO glad I did! :D :D :D
I'm not sure how this is set up, the VC website only mentions Voice Control although you mentioned that it was possible, I need manual/PLEG control Richard can you point me in the right direction on how to achieve this?
I already have VC set up but no google home.

Amazon Alexa / Re: Scenes suddenly responding "{Scene} doesn't support that."
« Last post by markcm on December 17, 2017, 11:57:37 pm »
Same here, no longer dimming or taking the commands it used to.

I used to say "alexa kitchen lights 20%" and they would be 20%, now it says it can't do that.

I too have been experiencing this issue of "does not support that" when trying to dim with alexa.
Amazon Alexa / vera/zwave devices and Alexa not supporting it
« Last post by michaelhinchey on December 17, 2017, 11:03:55 pm »
Zwave devices that are ceiling fan switches are now having alexa saying she dont support them.  Just happened out of the blue. On the vera home page for my Vera plus controller are now showing the fan controller as a light switch.  I can turn them off from the website or They should still turn off /on but Alexa is saying she doesnt support it.   I have removed them from Alexa and put them back in the HA Bridge where it now works again.  I wanted to move away from having to leave another device on wasting money,, but it seems that this issue will hold me back.  Is anyone else having this issue issue or is this isolated?  I can probably uninstall and reinstall the device but I want to see if anyone else had this issue so I dont waste anytime setting this back up in Vera.  Any ideas please let me know.  THX
Plugins & Plugin Development / Re: Chamberlain/Liftmaster MyQ Plugin
« Last post by Christopher72 on December 17, 2017, 10:46:54 pm »
Is there a way to create a motion sensor associated with this plugin to tell the open/close state of the garage door? It can be useful to trigger the house mode.

Not sure what why a motion sensor would determine house mode... can you elaborate the use case?

If it helps,  I have a HD850WF and B550 Chamberlain Wifi openers along with a Vera Plus named Jarvis with this plugin.
  • When one of the openers is opened, I turn on the garage ceiling lights and hallway lights, when in NIGHT mode
  • When one of the openers is closed, I delay 10 minutes and then turn off the garage ceiling lights, when in NIGHT mode

I use the Vera housemodes plugin with a Sunrise and Sunset scene to change house mode from night to day, day to night.
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