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Hi, Hi Reneboer,

is there any option to limit the refreshrate from the P1 output to Vera? Regarding support on my unit Vera says this pluging is producing to high load on my Vera Edge. Thanks in advance.
Google Home/Google Assistant - Vera Concierge / Re: TTS from Vera ?
« Last post by cw-kid on Today at 07:21:01 am »

Also any update on the TTS not stopping the currently playing content / music etc.

I just started playing some music on the GH speaker in my kitchen and then I opened the patio door, the TTS announcement was heard on the GH speakers saying "Kitchen Door Opened". This stops the music playback and doesn't resume it etc.

Many thanks.

EDIT: Also anyway to stop the GH chiming before they say the TTS message? Its the connection chime I think.
Google Home/Google Assistant - Vera Concierge / Re: TTS from Vera ?
« Last post by cw-kid on Today at 07:14:59 am »
A Google Home group seems to work however.

I entered "Downstairs" in to the DeviceName field without the quotes and my test message was now heard on two Google Home speaker devices, one in the lounge and one in the kitchen.

However it would be better if I could specify each device I want to get the TTS via a comma separated listed.

Lighting & Load Control / Re: 240v Heater module
« Last post by kwieto on Today at 07:10:44 am »
As far as I know, the only devices which go without neutral are dimmers.
Are you sure you're not talking about ground (yellow cable)?

For standard installation (hot and neutral cable) Philio and TKB made some 3kW (12A) switches (no power reporting, as far as I remember). You may also try to find old Fibaro 1 relay switch (3kW = 12A), they are still to be found on e-bay etc (new or used). If you have enough space, you can put a relay with desired parameters between your z-wave switch (input) and heater (load).
You may also try to use new Qubino and Fibaro switches, they have 10A capacity, but I wouldn't recommend that if your heater is rated exactly 10A. Fist, current at the edge of switch capacity may damage it in the long run, second, it my happen that your heater takes more than it declares (I've found that my 2kW heater takes in fact 2.2kW in peak, which may be important difference for choosing proper relay.

A device like this one:

This is also recommended to steer high power consumption devices in general, as high power tend to damage relays over time (and you then replace only the additional relay which is cheaper compared to replace z-wave switch).
Google Home/Google Assistant - Vera Concierge / Re: TTS from Vera ?
« Last post by cw-kid on Today at 07:08:39 am »
Just tried using All or "All" in the DeviceName field, it says the alert was sent but I don't hear anything on any Google Home / Chromecast device.

It only seems to work if I specify one Google Home device name in the DeviceName field.

General / Re: Is your Geofence Lagging?
« Last post by reneboer on Today at 06:31:52 am »
My phone did receive a new version of the Android app over night and it did seem ok this morning. But once is no proof. Today I did uncheck the battery optimization option for the Vera App, maybe that helps too. Do make sure it is set to allow background activity.

Cheers Rene
General / Re: RS Room Sensor Manager????
« Last post by kwieto on Today at 05:50:17 am »
I suppose it turns your z-wave switch into something like Qubino On/Off thermostat (it is signed by GOAP, manufacturer of Qubino).
Similar to Auto Virtual Thermostat or Smart Thermostat plugin.
Google Home/Google Assistant - Vera Concierge / Re: TTS from Vera ?
« Last post by cw-kid on Today at 05:28:49 am »
Just trying this for the first time.

My Vera Alerts profile works if I only have one Google Home speaker entered in to the DeviceName field.

I can then use the Editor Option -> Send Message Now in the Vera Alerts to test and it works.

However if I try to add a second Google Home speaker to the DeviceName field then my test no longer works.

I've tried entering the following in to the DeviceName field.

Lounge Speaker,Kitchen Speaker
Lounge Speaker, Kitchen Speaker
"Lounge Speaker,Kitchen Speaker"
{Lounge Speaker,Kitchen Speaker}
{Lounge Speaker},{Kitchen Speaker}
"Lounge Speaker","Kitchen Speaker"


Also your website appears to be down currently.


Getting Started & Initial Setup / Re: Trying Vera
« Last post by kwieto on Today at 05:10:01 am »
A bit off topic:

I have seen that homeseer allows you to put a delay on an action that then can be canceled by another event occurring.... I've not heard of one example of that in Vera.  In Vera people are doing something like it using a plug in called PLEG and making whole separate events that could run if other conditions are true rather than a delayed action that could be canceled.

I don't know about how to in PLEG but achieving that with lua is pretty easy.
The only potential trouble is that if the luup engine reload during such scene, it is aborted by definition. According to reports my luup engine is reloading about 1-2 times a day, so for short term scenes the risk is low.
PLEG allows you to mitigate this risk (it keeps schedules even in case of luup reloads), but here I can't give you any information.

Updates are also very fun with VERA. The first comment on that thread is always whos the brave one today? followed by I'm installing on my 2nd or test vera now (seems more then half the users have more then one vera probley for the reasons I started with).     

Maybe I'm just lucky, but I didn't have issues with any update since I have Vera (for about 1.5 year now).
By the way, installing any type of update on the less important machine is just common sense for me. For example I have one unit at home and one in remote location (vacation home) and I always do the updates on the "local" machine first, to save time and effort of driving 100km to the remote unit if something was really wrong with the update file. And I can go without local machine if something happen, but remote one is critical.
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