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General / Re: When Your VeraSecure Goes Off-line
« Last post by gniknalu on Today at 10:53:35 am »

You must be new here.

Been active here since 2014 (less than a year after YOU joined) and have owned Vera products way before I joined. On my third product. So - no - I'm not new here.  :)   :)
Lock, Motion & Security Control / Re: First Schlage lock issue ever
« Last post by fleetmack on Today at 10:34:47 am »
After 2+ weeks of trying everything, what finally worked for me:

Reset the Schlage lock. I didn't know this could be done. But after I did this, I again unpaired, and then paired, and I'm fine and dandy now:

Instructions on resetting the Schlage lock from Schalge's site: (note: this will erase all your custom door codes)
Ensure the factory default user codes are available.  All user codes will be erased by the FDR process. The user codes can be found on the back of the inside assembly and the back page of the user guide.
Remove black battery cover (slide cover up).
Remove battery connector.
Press and hold the Schlage button on the keypad.
While holding the Schlage button, reattach power.
The green check on the keypad will flash three times and the inside Schlage button will flash three times.
The first time you press the Schlage button and enter a user code, the lock will go through the Setup process.
General / Geofencing 2 Phones - Part 2
« Last post by PrincessCleavage on Today at 10:16:13 am »

So I should manually set Away mode because it wont set automatically, then I should manually set it back to Home Mode and see if it changes to Away mode automatically?
Kinda defeats the purpose but worth a try. Did you change the Oppo vera account to a vera admin?
No problem on the delay, life happens.  :) I'll have to look through the logs and see if I can figure out where that number is...
Thanks for the reply.

I was thinking that might be the case.   Company still hasn't replied so i wouldn't think they are going to be very pro-active about anything.

Plan B now is to get switches that can be controlled by alexa and then see can i control those via vera for scenes etc.
I'm in the situation that it seems a few others have been where notifications work APART from the ones that tell me which PIN was used.

It sends me a notification to tell me its opened, shut, PIN added etc but not "PIN Code #1 is entered on Lock"

Basic steps I've tried with no luck:
Using the any * PIN option
Using scenes instead
Vera Alerts mobile app, again works fine for opening/closing etc but not the notification to tell me which PIN was entered  ???
Deleting all notifications and adding just the PIN code# noti.

Any other ideas to try?
I'm seeing the same thing for the request URL (404 not found).
Lock, Motion & Security Control / Re: Danalock V3 - Veraplus problems
« Last post by Denabs on Today at 06:34:59 am »
Managed to install it pressing the little button as mentioned before.
I added it as a Polylock Danalock and it works as intended, very quickly and straight away.
Can control the lock from another country when i'm letting in guests.
Remote Control / Re: Broadlink RM Pro and RM3 Mini
« Last post by f0u on Today at 06:18:22 am »
+1 for this  ;) :D
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