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I have the same sensor and i also have 2 devices created in vera just like you show. You would expect only 1 device but vera hasnt created a special implementation file for it i quess. Hence you now see a device to monitor battery status and one device that will alert you in case the sensor detects and trips. You can also arm the sensor. In your case i see it is armed.  I believe it works. If you just added the sensor you may want to restart the lua engine just to make sure all works.  You can test it to push the button on the sensor so that it will simulate alarm. You will hear a loud beep and in vera that device will show it detects an alarm.

Lock, Motion & Security Control / Re: MIMOlite Garage Door help
« Last post by jluvs2ride on Today at 04:30:10 pm »
Does it require the MimoLite Plugin?
Amazon Alexa / Re: Vera skill Canada?
« Last post by destinet on Today at 04:28:47 pm »
I was able to sign up for the Vera Beta skill and download the skill that way in Canada.  Its not perfect but its good enough until Canadian release. 

Nice hack! thank you at least i can try it!
So, I'm confused. do we install the MIMOlite Plugin or not?

These instructions say not to.
There is another Netatmo plugin in the app store, which works with wind sensor.
The difference is that it reports every sensor as separate device so you have plenty of them.
The disadvantage of this solution is that it doesn't separate stations if you have more than one (so you see all sensors for all stations you have) and occasionally drops and re-creates some sensors (which means their deviceID may change).
General / Re: 2 devices per sensor
« Last post by Opt2bout on Today at 03:25:20 pm »
Well, I had that disabled, but I guess when I had to reset the unit the default options for house modes came back on!  Couldn't figure out the timing of it all...and duh, now it makes sense!  Thanks!
I have some questions that I can't seem to find any answers for because Vera says ask Fibaro, and Fibaro isn't familiar with how their stuff works in a Vera Edge.

I want to use a Vera Edge and Fibaro eye-ball solely as a temperature sensor solution. We want to monitor a clients vacation home.

In our office I used a Vera Edge and one of these sensors and it seemed to work great. But we ordered a new Vera Edge and a few new Fibaro eyeballs and attempted to deploy them at a clients place, and they behaved very differently.

It was smooth sailing in our office, but not on site.

So a few questions....

1. How long is it supposed to take for the temperature sensors to update with a current temp? In our office it seems like its a random number of at times 5 mins, other times 10-15 mins or longer.
Yet the LUX sensor appears to update almost in real time, as does motion. Why is the temp sensor on it so different?

2. What is the best distance to be away from a 2.4GHZ AP with a Zwave device be it the eyeball or Edge? I have a feeling on-site that the AP was interfering with operation.

3. Why does the "battery life" sensor show up and disappear from the Vera Device pages at random with this sensor?

4. Once deployed at the clients place the sensors appeared to be off from each other as well. One ended up being at least 30-degrees off, even when moved around and switching rooms, and vice versa. Fibaro said something about Parameter 66 or something to calibrate it, but just how do you calibrate one of these in a Vera Edge?

After playing with an Edge and the Fibaro eyeball in the office I thought it was going to be a really good solution, but I've had nothing but mixed results after last week. Even in our office today there appears to be a randomness to when the temperature finally updates, even after sticking the sensor outside a window chilling it quickly.

I could really use some input. Thanks ahead of time!

ImperiHome (Android) / Re: Monthly subscription for imperihome?
« Last post by Sammy2 on Today at 02:41:40 pm »
I have a question regarding those of us who purchased the PRO version.

Both my wife and I have PRO on our phones (we paid for two PRO licenses).   Will we need to have two Imperihome accounts?

I have it on my android and the wall mounted tablets. My wife uses it on her iPhone. It'd be nice to have this all under one account but may not be possible. Please advise, ImperiHome.
Pool Control / Re: Jandy Pool Control
« Last post by Sammy2 on Today at 02:39:08 pm »
Is this going to get to the store?
Temperature Monitoring & HVAC Control / Re: Nest E - Anyone try it yet?
« Last post by gibby on Today at 02:29:08 pm »
No one?
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