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Temperature Monitoring & HVAC Control / ZXT-120
« Last post by Alireza44907 on Today at 06:24:03 am »
Hello all

I have a heater that works with IR.
When I want to turn it on I have to push and hold its On/Off button of its remote control for almost 3 seconds.

Other actions such as increasing and decreasing flame and turning of is just a simple click by its remote. I can do all these actions with ZXT-120 after learning IR codes to it but not "turning it on" action.

Is there anyway to do this action using ZXT-120? I want to turn the heater on using ZXT-120.
It must send the specific IR code for 3 seconds continuously as if On/Off button of heater in pushed and hold.
This functionality is already available to you through the EventWatcher plugin.  It will give a table, sortable by columns, including deviceId, name, last tripped, and status, in response to an HTTP request

Code: [Select]
That's great - thanks @akbooer

I hoped someone had already done it.
AV Control / Re: A Doorbell and Alert System all in One
« Last post by cyborgltd on August 19, 2017, 11:50:21 pm »
I liked your write up so much I duplicated it (kinda). I have five doorbells now and am trying to get them each to announce something. When I run through the ZeroBrane debugger it works perfectly. However when I put the code into the "scene" and wait for the LUUP engine to restart and then run it nothing happens? I have attached the code if you have any interest and time to look at it I would appreciate it. My next step is to link my Echo and regular doorbell to create a barking dog sound anytime the door bell is rung or when the DSC security system is armed and the Echo hears any unusual noise!


P.S It took me forever to figure out that I needed to add some blank space at the end of the announcement to not have it cut off.

Lock, Motion & Security Control / Re: Can't disarm DSC panel with plugin
« Last post by mvader on August 19, 2017, 11:42:08 pm »
should be "request armed mode" Disarmed with your pin
Irrigation Control / Re: Soil Moisture Detection
« Last post by mvader on August 19, 2017, 11:40:40 pm »
can you can try the my sensors route.. and use an arduino with a moisture sensor. that would likely work fine
Video Camera Control / Re: Amcrest NVR POE cameras
« Last post by sommervi on August 19, 2017, 11:27:38 pm »
Amcrest ProHD 1080p 30FPS WiFi IP Security Camera IP2M-841
-Upgrade the camera firmware to V2.420.AC00.17.R from Amcrest?s website
-Copy the entire string below into notepad
-Change to your Vera?s local IP address
-Change IpAddress= to the IP address of your Amcrest Camera
-Change Username=admin to your username on your Amcrest Camera
-Change Password=admin to your password on your Amcrest Camera
-Copy the entire string from notepad and paste it into a web browser while on the same
network as the Vera controller.
-After a few minutes you should see the following in your browser

-After a few minutes you should now see the Amcrest camera added to the Vera
Ademco Vista Alarm Panel with EVL3 / Re: Fix for settings not saving in latest UI7
« Last post by recurry on August 19, 2017, 11:04:43 pm »
Got this installed under UI7 and all seems to be fine after manually setting everything under advanced. The big issue now is none of the "CODES" stuff will save user codes and on the alarm partition it won't store a PIN code so you can't arm/disarm the system. It gives the message " No code in the PIN code input." . Is this a related problem? I'm don't have time at the moment to dive in and debug this. The old version under UI5 didn't have this problem at all. Can you offer any insight?

Thanks for the advice Don! I set the night mode to 1:30 am but still got the notification, so I'll open a ticket with tech support.
Ademco Vista Alarm Panel with EVL3 / Re: PLUGIN: Ademco Vista Alarm Panel with EVL3
« Last post by recurry on August 19, 2017, 09:05:02 pm »
Just in case it might help someone I thought I'd post a tip on installation and configuration. Among various small issues with the data entry pages which I solved by entering IP address and installer codes via the "Advanced" pages, I found it would error out on the "Read Panel Config" saying something about unrecognized status or trouble status. After looking at the code it was clear this was a result of my having a couple of zones bypassed. Removed the bypassed so I got a clean "Ready to arm" on the panel which solved the problem. In other words, the panel must be in a completely clean and ready state in order for the Read Panel Config code to work.

Hope that little tidbit streamlines things for someone else.

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