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Alternate UI to UI7 / Re: New Install Debian No Handler.
« Last post by d55m14 on Today at 12:59:02 pm »
Manually do I have to copy the altui files in cmh-ludl directory ?


If your vera has a battery pack and no ability to communicate over WiFi (as I understand from a joke about long lan cable) it is probably Lite or other from older (3Gen) models? Then maybe your issues with 5Gen devices are exactly because of that?

I have one of the latest models.  And Wifi only helps if you have a laptop or tablet with wifi to connect to Vera, which I didn't have at the time.  Regardless, dragging Vera around is hardly an attractive way to include stuff, Wifi or no.  Manually entering repeater IDs falls into the same category: unacceptable for newbies.  With that said, aren't the new Z-Wave chips supposed to be a lot smarter about sniffing out the network and repairing routes?  For those devices, perhaps including them near Vera and then moving them isn't such a big deal.  I'll try that next time.

By the way: "replace failed" is a super useful function.  You use that if one of your Z-Wave devices fails.  Simply remove it, install a new device, and use "replace failed" to include it.  All your scenes will remain intact, including anything written in Luup since the new device receives the same ID as the old one.  The only condition is that the new device is of the same type as the old one.  The only thing that function could use (same as "configure now" and some others) is some feedback during the process.  But that's an UI issue, and a whooole 'nother can of worms.
Alternate UI to UI7 / Re: New Install Debian No Handler.
« Last post by akbooer on Today at 12:24:51 pm »
Ah yes, I can duplicate this.  Something has changed. No idea what.  Obviously this exact code used to work.  Perhaps some change in the AltUI GitHub repository.  Will take a look.

Meanwhile, there should be no problem at all in installing this manually from an existing installation or from the latest development repository files.
General / Re: DSC PTK5507 Keypad
« Last post by Aubreypric on Today at 12:07:38 pm »
I thought so, but they will only talk to dealers etc.
Answer to your questions:

-The camera(s) will go outdoors.  One might be under cover, the other will not.

-Probably a couple of fixed cameras would work.

-Here's the situation.  We have a small (5 acre) horse farm in a relatively urban area.  We give away the horse manure by posting it on Craigslist & Nextdoor.  So we have a fair amount of people accessing our property.  The manure pile is on the far side of the barn from the house, so it's in a blind spot.  In addition, I keep some implements in the general vicinity (also in a blind spot), so I'd like to monitor people coming and going.  The WiFi Router is located in the basement of our house which is 150' from the barn.  Power for the barn comes from the house, so I can probably use the suggestions above to get power to the camera & internet to the barn.  From where I'd locate one of the cameras to the area I'd like to monitor is another 100'.  It would need a larger than 900 angle to get all of what I'd like to monitor. The other will look straight down the road, so it should catch both the coming and going of the vehicles (i.e, front and rear).

- There are no lights on that side of the barn.   

- My budget is as little as possible to accomplish what I need.  I doubt I'd need a DVR/NVR if the camera had an SD card.  I'm thinking I'd like to stay under a $500 for 2 cameras and the other equipment I'll need.

openLuup / Re: Run-Away 'Controller did not respond' message
« Last post by akbooer on Today at 11:48:48 am »
At least one system I tried (think it was an openWRT version?) didn't support screen.

My preferred option now is the systemctl method described here:,48431.0.html
General / Re: DSC PTK5507 Keypad
« Last post by Jamr on Today at 11:48:15 am »
I am sure DSC would have an answer for you.
General / Re: Why does geofencing hate me?
« Last post by Jamr on Today at 11:46:29 am »
While I was trying to figure out why geofencing worked more for my iPhone than my wife's, I found that when the iPhone goes into low power mode at 20% battery it turns off background app refresh. This would explain why the geofence worked 80% of the time for her.

I had to exempt the vera app from power conservation on the droid.  Perhaps this is an option on Iphone?

I rarely run my phone down to that level so I have never experienced this.
I went into my battery settings and pulled up a settings page that showed each app has an "Optimize" option. (Android 6.1)
Is this what you are talking about?
openLuup / Re: Run-Away 'Controller did not respond' message
« Last post by rafale77 on Today at 11:42:12 am »

As usual, you are 100% correct on each of your points.
1. ect vs etc - Clearly my brain REFUSES to accept the proper way. I only have one occurrence on the directory tree, and YES it was incorrect. I will get that fixed and hope it does not affect the ALTUI registration, although I don't think it will.
2. MString - Yes, there is an instance of Multi-String running on the PI, so you are probably correct there. I will look into creating the symbolic link.
3. This chunk of code comes right from the openLuup users guide, so I assumed it was necessary to keep the Sleep 20 line.
Code: [Select]
> Add these lines...
         sleep 20
         cd /etc/cmh-ludl
exit 0
> IMPORTANT : 'exit 0' must NOT be removed.

I think that the vast majority of my (self-inflected) issues have come from my brain's inability to recognize /etc/ versus /ect/. I'm glad you were bemused, but more importantly that you were still willing to help even after pointing it out TWO times!

Thank you again for everything you do to help guys like me!

Sorry but I have to admit this was entertaining.

One addition you could consider for the startup would be to add the use of "screen" with a bash script. It was helpful for me to be able to switch between different services as I have various bridges and local APIs running on the same machine.
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