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General / Re: lua expressions with less than
« Last post by akbooer on Today at 06:48:54 am »
Well, that's the point.  It's NOT meant to be escaped.  No excuse for that it Lua.

However, in XML device files, where Lua is embedded, you do need the XML escape.
Amazon Alexa / Re: Today's Alexa App Update Now Controls Devices
« Last post by darbey on Today at 06:48:00 am »
It also allows you to add Vera devices to routines.
General / Re: lua expressions with less than
« Last post by dualarrow on Today at 06:42:07 am »
According to vera's Settings/Firmware I'm running the latest. It say version 1.7.3231

Any idea how it's meant to be escaped ?
General / Re: lua expressions with less than
« Last post by akbooer on Today at 06:38:46 am »
No, it's Vera that has got things wrong.  They really screwed up special character handling on some firmware releases.  I had thought that it was fixed... are you not running the latest version?

An even better alternative is to install the AltUI plugin which gives you a much better interface and, in particular, a Test Lua window which actually works and also allows use of a print statement, which really help debugging.  Try it, you'll like it!
General / lua expressions with less than
« Last post by dualarrow on Today at 06:29:31 am »
I'm tring to get a less than "<" operator working in lua using the "Test Luup code (Lua) in Apps/Develop Apps

If I use a line like

local yy=12
local xx=yy==100

then clicking "go" says "Code sent successfully" as expected, but if I enter

local yy=12
local xx=yy<100

then clicking "go" says "Failed to test code, please try again"

Anywhere I try to use a less than sign I get the same result. I tried using &lt; in case it needed to be html escaped bu that didnt help.

Am I doing anything obviously wrong ?
Hi All of the scenes i ran last week to turn on my TV and etc not longer run on Alexa.  Alexa "Scene Name doesn't support that"  DO we have an update around that issue? :'( :'( :'( :'(
AV Control / Re: IP to Serial Control (HTD Lync 6)
« Last post by Newzwaver on Today at 05:52:44 am »
Presets on Vera are controlled via scenes, under a scene you have more options on what you can do.  IF you need help, message me.
Now all of them are acting out.. one with a setpoint of 15?C is working seadily towards 22 now..  >:(

I'm considering changing these out for some scene control, is there any way to set up a virtual device i can set the temperature on, and mabye a max. diff? mabye PLEG is the solution here?
Same here and Vera support can't help since the issue is hard to reproduce :-(

I have huge problems with FGS-223 to properly cooperate with Vera Plus.

Immediatelly after inclusion process, device works perfectly.

After 2 or 3 days, the primary switch stop to physically control the power in the socket. In Vera everything is correct - no any "Can't detect device" or others.

However, after switch on/off nothing is happening. I am using this to control the wall plug. No any manual switches connected to S1/S2.

What is interesting, secondary switch E2 works OK.

Does it mean that device is broken?

How to troubleshoot it?

Does anyone experience similar behaviour, because so far I have only one solution - hammer :)
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