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General / Re: Finally giving up and off to Homeseer
« Last post by cc4005 on Today at 08:55:02 am »
I bought the HS3 standard software and a Z-NET z-wave interface. After initially trialing it on an existing desktop, I bought a Win 10 Pro mini PC (Win 10 Pro so I could access it via remote desktop) and installed a 256GB SSD I happened to have on-hand. Had I been able to install the server PC more centrally in my house, I could have gone with a SmartStick+ or other USB z-wave controller stick for less money, but I needed the controller remote from the server.

I agree the website documentation comparing HS3 and HS3 Pro versions is weak to non-existent. My understanding is Pro includes HS3Touch Designer Software and Homeseer branded plugins. I didn't plan to use HS3Touch Designer anytime soon, and the only Homeseer branded plugin I needed (Z-wave) is free anyway. There are 10 Homeseer plugins shown on their website currently. The rest are 3rd party.
Geofencing in vera now uses google location services.  PLUS, I believe android 8.0 limits how apps allowed to work in the background function.  Without modifications to the vera app, it will be drastically limited on how many requests for location it can make in a given time period.  I have no idea what the limitations are but I do know it has made geofencing with the Vera app on a device with android 8.0 useless....unworkable and frankly annoying.  Nothing like coming home at having a scene kick in 10 minutes after breaching the geofence. 

I have spent hours trying to tweak the vera app and how it works on my S7.  I have given up.  I believe Vera has to re-write the app to regain reliable/native geofencing. 
Just wondering if some of the more basic systems upgrade with less trouble than systems that are loaded up with devices and lots of add ons. Any other users who got bricked on an update care to comment of the extent of their system prior to the bricking?

Explaining in short: Vera has limited amount of memory for storing all configuration files for plugins and devices added by user. To make things worse, the more advanced the controller the less memory you have available for that: for Edge it is about 9.6MB, for Plus it is 8,6MB, I don't remember Secure, but it is less than in Plus.
You can check amount of this memory via AltUI (the easiest way) or running os.command df -h and checking how much of the so called "overlay" partition is filled up.

Depending on how many and what devices you have, what plugins and how many of them you have (some plugins, i.e. AltUI, consume more space than the others) your system may be fine with relatively large setup or choking with quite a small one.
If you like experiments and installing various plugins for testing it may also stuff your system becaue even if you uninstall some plugin, its files remain on Vera unless you log into it via SSH and clear them manually. They are also saved in backups, so saving backup - resetting - restoring backup doesn't clear anything.
The only way for real clearing is doing that by SSH and picking the files to remove at your own risk :)

From my experience, if you have less than c.a. 500kb of your storage memory available, Vera start choking (one of the first symptoms is losing online access to it), then it becomes unresponsive and the only way to make it work again is performing hard reset.

One of the effective ways for clearing that memory is replacing Z-wave local files for regions you don't use with empty text files with the same names (if you just delete these files, they will be re-created overnight). The problem is that during any firmware upgrade they are re-created again with their original size, so bear in mind that remote upgrades are not recommended, as you can replace these files only on local connection.
There was instruction how to do it somewhere on the forum, I can post it here if you need.

IT WORKS ... LEAVE IT ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You don't have to upgrade your system if you don't want to, do you?
Scene Scripting / Re: A function that returns the calling scene number?
« Last post by tlough1 on Today at 07:47:19 am »
Thanks, that's what I suspected - unless anyone comes up with a better way, I will need to set a variable before the function call.

Alternate UI to UI7 / Re: Ideas for custom pages and button layout
« Last post by cw-kid on Today at 07:28:32 am »

After using the alignment tools the layout looks better, see attached screen shot.

However I am not able to get some of the buttons to be the exact same size and the button icon positions don't all match, like the volume buttons.

It is possible to change the frame line colour ? Seems I could only change the frame fill colour.

And can the text at the bottom be removed and the white outer boarder?

Other than these small issues I really like the ability to create your own pages for things like remote control buttons !

this with Webhooks, use the action 'Make a web request' to your Vera's address.

The problem (except security) is that I want to use it for device which by itself doesn't have any ability to be programmed.
It is integrated with IFTTT, so it passes some information there, but what next?
Another topic is non-static IP of my router (LTE one).

Using Vera's URL you can turn on/off any device, run scenes, etc.  See

But, as others have mentioned, this method completely opens Vera to anyone who has the url.  I did it just to see if it worked and don't plan on leaving it open.  I thought about limiting the port access to Webhooks ip address but it's hosted on Amazon Web Services and likely uses a large range of addresses.

Merlin firmware for Asus routers allows you to enter the complete range  of ip's for a domain. The following site will give you the ip range for any domain.

I am using Google home with IFTTT to control scenes on my Vera but I am not using op's solution. I have set the allowable incoming ip range to ifttt's servers. It seems to work blocking ip's outside of ifttt. I am not using this for anything security related, locks etc.

In Asus Merlin the range is separated by a colon e.g.

I am pretty sure DD-WRT  and tomato firmware support this as well without any special scripting.
Please DO paste them here ASAP.
Upgrading / Re: RMA Timescale & Communication
« Last post by AlphaHustle on Today at 04:20:41 am »
I am now approaching the 2 month mark! Communication is still terrible I am now being ignored (sent my last email over a week ago). I have given alternative options to replacing my unit which have also been ignored.

Pretty much the same story as @Livebrain shared, excellent technical support following their botched firmware update followed by an incapable RMA followup.

I'm not sure where i stand legally with this situation but i will be seeking advice. I believe not fulfilling the RMA must be some kind of contract breach.

I'm really sorry that you had to go through this, and we'd love to investigate your issue in particular.
We are not doing any automatic updates OTA, you have the option to not do it, but this does not excuse that the upgrade failed.

I didn't find a logged ticket with our Customer Care team. Can you PM me the SN of your Vera unit so we can investigate this matter? I look forward to hearing from you.
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