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Weather Plugin / Re: Outside Temperature Sensor
« Last post by therealdb on Today at 02:06:40 am »
I just flashed it with Sonota (search for it), using OTA. I choosed to use tasmota as firmware.
Then, I added a virtual temp device to my Vera.
Setup a scene to repeat every 2 minutes and get the current temp via http.

It doesn't matter if the edge has no wifi, you'll connect it to the same network and then it'll be OK.
I have it inside an outside box near the pool, we had a lot of rain this summer and it's still OK.
General / Re: MIOS acquisition - 2
« Last post by Forzaalfa on Today at 02:01:33 am »

How will the two brands merge? eZLO and MiOS/VERA seems to be competitors, will both be kept as brands?

The intention to my question is: Will the Vera framework will stay backward compatible to existing work (plugins, etc), or will the framework change to an extent that a lot of the work is lost?

A merger could mean that a company is bought, proprietary rights is aquired, and the product is shut down.. It doesnt seem to be the intention here, but i'd still like to know. :)

I think a lot of good could come from this. Good luck!
General / Re: MIOS acquisition - 2
« Last post by ranneman on Today at 01:19:28 am »
I have been using Vera for 6 years. I selected Vera because it supports Zwave, it has/had a good community, it is only a one time entry fee (I hate monthly fees), it offers the option to develop some code using luup to build some logic not standard in the box. Started with some easy light control and by now do lights, shades, heater, sonos and Alexa. My VeraPlus is performing well, showing a CPU usage on average 20% and memory (with some tweaking) to be okay. I started this with the idea to give it a try and if I liked it I could switch to another platform if needed. So far I didn't need that. I want to control my HA by only one controller and not managing different systems to do different tasks (I see many people going to other environments but still keep using Vera).

To make it accepted by my wife I needed to buy Imperihome as a frontend (like many others do) because the Vera app is to slow and not offering the nice and easy functions Imperihome offers.

What I have learned is that the plugins are crucial for me. I gladly pay some money for these if it is guaranteed they keep working. Important plugins to me are: Sonos, RFXcom, Honeywell wifi thermostats, samsung tv and Milights. Some other plugins should be part of the firmware like multiswitch, ping sensor, countdown timer. These are very handy to build some common logic. There are more plugins like these to compensate for missing scene logic in Vera firmware.

Curious where this goes to, (I wonder what the business model will look like).
General / Re: MIOS acquisition - 2
« Last post by simonk83 on Today at 12:18:38 am »
Hi melih,

Can't speak for others, but I'm glad this is happening.  I've been using Vera for years, and while most of the time it does what I need, I really don't like using it and I don't really trust it.  It always feels like it's hanging on by a hair and could crash and burn any second.  And it's always felt like this.  It's always been pretty flaky, the UI has always been basic and honestly pretty ugly, and I generally just never feel confident that things will actually work when I want them to.  As such I've basically moved over to HomeAssistant and use that to manage all my vera related stuff.   HA isn't without it's problems, but it's constantly evolving and innovating, something which can't be said for Vera.

It's long overdue for something like this to happen, and I hope the new blood and resources can bring these products (to be fair the hardware seems fine, it's just the software) up to scratch and modernise everything a bit.

I'm a Ubiquiti user, so I've been completely spoiled on the software/UI side since switching all my networking gear over to them.   It's a pleasure to use, but I always feel like I'm back in the 80's on Geocities website when messing with my Vera stuff :D

Looking forward to seeing what you guys can do, and fingers crossed it's finally a positive revamp for the Vera software.
Plugins & Plugin Development / Re: PLUGIN: Rules Engine - V0.19.2
« Last post by Jim McGhee on August 20, 2018, 11:52:44 pm »
Just created latest openLuup on my Pi 2 B+ and installed latest Rules Engine from the Alt App Store.
When I try to create a new rule it seems to store it ok in C_RulesEngine_Rules.xml but it doesn't show the rule on the Rules screen and still shows "0 rules (0 armed;0 active;0 acknowledged)".

Rules Engine v0.19.3
openLuup v18.3.23
VeraBridge v18.3.23

I tried deleting C_RulesEngine_Rules.xml and recreating it with 0 bytes and permission 777 but no joy.
Am I the only one this is happening to?  Don't know what else to try.
Lock, Motion & Security Control / Re: Homeseer HS-MS100+ Motion Sensor
« Last post by HSD99 on August 20, 2018, 11:27:29 pm »
the system has your motion detector set up as a generic I/O device. Under Device-->Advanced, make these changes:

device_type : urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:MotionSensor:1
device_file: D_MotionSensor1.xml
device_json: D_MotionSensor1.json

category_num: 4
subcategory_num: 3

Reload the LUUP engine (Settings-->Z-Wave Settings--> Advanced---> Reload Engine). When the LUUP engine finishes, do a browser refresh. You should now see a motion detector icon and the options in scene creation should be correct.
Weather Plugin / Re: Outside Temperature Sensor
« Last post by Jamr on August 20, 2018, 11:02:32 pm »
I use a sonoff th 20, flashed with tasmota for my pool. Works like a charm.
I poll the sensor every two minutes and save the temperature back to a virtual sensor on my Vera.

This one is interesting.
I found the switch at Amazon for under 16$
and the sensor for under 4$

@therealdb: Since it is WIFI, will it work with the Vera Edge that does NOT have WIFI?
@therealdb: Can you point us to any documentation on how to set this device up with Vera?

I use the fibaro universal sensor for outide temperature measurements.
Working fine for over 3 years.

Cor, do I need this binary switch along with the temp sensor? If so, I am guessing well over 50$ US?

Another way to do it is to use the inexpensive Xiaomi sensors with mqtt.  See for a sample.  This is a bit of a hack, but the senors are cheap and well constructed.  In my experience the sensors appear to be quite reliable, but the range is not as good as Z-Wave senors.  Xiaomi sensors are almost Zigbee - they can't be used directly with most Zigbee systems, but with a bit of hacking they can be made to work as in that github project.

Currently I'm going roundabout with Xiaomi to their gateway (internet blocked) to openHAB to openLuup/Vera, but I will be trying the more direct mqtt in the future.
With reliability being one of my priorities, I am not sure if a hack is the way I want to go but thank you for the info.

Is this sensor directly exposed to the elements, or can it be in a protected location? Do you have extreme temperatures? I've used the Everspring ST-814 under a covered patio and in a remote shop building. I choose these because they also had an LCD readout for humans. The sensor in the shop provides the same functionality you describe and I have a couple of scenes that will either turn on the shop AC if the temperature gets above 95F, or turn on the heat if the temperature is below 35F, when the shop is unoccupied.

I've also used the Dome Door Sensor Pro, which has a temperature sensor and is Z-Wave Plus in similar locations, as well as the Aeotec Multisensor 6 in case you need everything.

No it will be mounted under a porch so it will be protected from the rain and sun but provide me with outdoor air temps.
I actually liked this one because it was cheap and easy but unfortunately it only uses batteries for a power source. Since I am weening myself off of battery use, it is a no go.

Thanks everyone for the responses.
Originally, I was going to go with the temp add on made by Vera "Virtual Outdoor Temperature Plugin (by MiOS)" but it has a lot of lag.
Here is a small graph of the temps taken from the last few days.

Date/Time   / Vera Temp / Actual Temperatures / Alexa
17/11:13   71   73.3   72
11:55   71   74.1   73
12:41   71   71.6   73
13.02   73   68.2   72
13.31   73   67.7   70
23.11   60   57   57
18/09:38   59   75.1   66
17:11   78   79.4   77
19/11:52   77   80.9   79
20/10:59   75   78.3   75
16:27   80   80   79
19:10   71   70   72

You may not be able to see it here with the small bit of sampling I have but Vera was off as much as 16.1 degrees and showed quite a bit of lag taking hours to catch up to the current temp. To be fair, Alexa was off also but not quite as much and caught up more quickly. Most of the time they were close but I would feel better using my own sensor.

I like the Itead smart switch because it is inexpensive, uses 110vac and it has a probe I can extend from inside my attic making the unit trouble and maintenance free. My only concern is its ability to communicate with my Vera Edge. This may be the product that makes me switch to a Vera Plus.

General / Re: MIOS acquisition - 2
« Last post by a-lurker on August 20, 2018, 10:05:34 pm »,102141.msg412743.html#msg412743

    As much as I've had issues with my Vera, I do not want or intend to stop using it. I reckon it's a brilliant device, albeit with some issues. The problems I've seen people describe can generally all be addressed by tracking down the root cause - such as a faulty app or device.
spot on! There was a mis-management issue with development where it was allowed to release software with bugs in it...major and critical bug....this is simply a NO NO for us the owners! We do NOT tolerate this kind of development environment and putting the processes to eliminate this kind of outcome

There is no denying that some plugins need "some work" probably including some of my own!

I'm told (but have never tested this) if luup.sleep() is longer the about one second, it can cause luup engine restarts. Have a scan through the plugins in the store. You will find many plugins that run this function for than one second.

luup.chdev.append is problematic as well. An errant plugin or code in development can put the luup engine into a loop of continual of restarts adding many children as it goes. Needs better error trapping or a user abort.

You have access to thousands of Veras and their logs. One should be able identify plugins causing problems using a programmatic search of the installed user base.
General / Re: MIOS acquisition - 2
« Last post by a-lurker on August 20, 2018, 09:37:00 pm »
Is there any specific plugins you think we should take and integrate natively?

AltUI:    UI7 is required for device pairing and general system setup but AltUI does the job very well on all other occasions.
openLuup:    Vera and openLuup work extremely well together.

Neither of which can be "taken". May need to rephrase that a little.
General / Re: MIOS acquisition - 2
« Last post by sm2117 on August 20, 2018, 09:32:54 pm »
I'd like to see the native scene builder expanded to include the sort of functionality needed to make most things possible to the average user without having a reliance on plugins. Enabling AND / OR logic is an obvious start!
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