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Many threads on here dealing with trying to Vera Concierge to integrate, but mine is just the opposite.  I want to remove it, and I can't seem to get it to go completely away.

Right now, I have 15 Vera devices that are not in rooms and won't go into rooms.   And, if I try to unlink the "vera concierge smart home" from "linked services" in the Google Home app, i get an error.

Steps I've done:

Service is stopped on the Windows PC.
From the vera concierge server, I've unlinked the vera and logged out.
From I've also removed vera concierge from accessing.

However, when I go into the HOME app, go to "account" (the last icon on the right), settings, assistant, home control, hit the 3 vertical dots for "manage accounts", I see two linked services in there (one is my Nest thermostats, and the other is Vera Concierge Smart Home).  If I choose Vera Concierge SmartHome to unlink, the error is:

Couldn't update the setting.  Check your connection.

How can I make this go away?   

Uh-oh, I may have stumbled upon an explanation to my own problem....

Over on his support page at, the plug-in's author explains in the FAQ:

2018-10-26 v1.9
Plugin stopped working, most likely due to dropping of support for TLS older than 1.2.


TLS 1.0 no longer supported #42"

NOTE: The "Issue #42" referenced above lives at this link -

I'm going to try digesting what all that means, and take matters into my own hands, unless someone else points me to a simple 'fix' in the meantime. Again, thanks for any insights!

Although I've become accustomed to periodically having to update the PIN in the ecobee plug-in, yesterday was the first time the plug-in refused to give me a PIN when I click "Get PIN".

No matter how often I do so, whether in the "Devices" tab of VeraPlus or on the "Control" section of the pseudo-device (called "Thermostats" on my system), nothing seems to happen. No 4-character code.

Any clues about how to rectify this impasse, without (ugh) having to remove and re-install the plug-in?

THANKS for any insights!

 - Libra
Reactor / Re: Feature request
« Last post by reneboer on Today at 09:20:48 am »
Hi Rigpapa,

I think I got it now. I was stuck on the Vera trigger idea too much and your conditions are actually states (better as it will still work when a reload happens during the time change). Makes no difference for a value (Light is on or off), but does for a particular time of day. So I now set it for after Dusk with an offset of -15 minutes and that seems to be doing what I expect.

Great work.

Cheers Rene
General / Sending zigbee commands from vera
« Last post by harald on Today at 08:52:25 am »

I would like to set some parameters on a zigbee device I have paired with my Vera, is it possible to send zigbee commands to devices from vera? Either by using a, or from ssh?

Where is Vera's binaries for communicating with the zigbee chip?
Thanks for reporting back

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How's that feedback coming? I am interested to find out if that will work with the LightwaveRF gen2 products.
Sofar I only have integrated my Visonic sensors of my alarm system, and that works fine
General / Re: Slow connection from android app
« Last post by tiwas on Today at 08:46:53 am »
Thanks. I've replied with the details.
Reactor / Re: Control Outdoor lightning - with newbie questions
« Last post by rigpapa on Today at 08:10:09 am »
So now I think I'm starting to get a hang of it :-)
At least it seems to work the way I want. If it helps anyone I attach a picture of this sensor. (I did some minor adjustments to have the light on a bit longer at weekend nights.
Yes, coming along! Well done!

Some questions and thoughts has popped in my brain.
- I uploaded the lua-file you linked to, does that affect the plug-in auto update thing thru Vera market?

The plugins should continue to update. I just posted a new version to the Plugin Marketplace over the weekend, so that code and the stable branch on Github are currently in sync/identical. You should show version 1.8 in the footer of the config and test tabs.

Is there a way to get/read a status or value of a device service? Preferably in Condition screen. What I think is that a noob like me doesn't always know what value i want to react to, so it would be helpful to see what value there is right now. For example is a Sonos play status reported with 1 or 0, PLAY, ON etc.

That's a great idea. I'll add that to the feature list.

For me it doesn't help to reset my sensor when I Test different times, but if I click save in Condition it resets immediately with that time I selected.

Huh. It was the forced reset on save that got broken a couple of revisions ago, but the Restart button has always worked (I think--nobody else has reported problems, and it always works for me). Because it runs as a Vera job, it may take a moment before Vera decides to start running it, if it's also busy with other jobs (e.g. a long-running Z-wave command).

About weather it seems like there is no working plugin anymore since Underground killed its free api. I will take a look at your Sitsensor thing and see if I can make something out of it.
If it helps anyone I found out that the Swedish meteorologic institute offers a free api. I don't know if they have forecast info outside scandinavian area, but the api-stuff is in english if it is interesting to someone. I don't have a clue what to with it  :o
Link here:

I'll take a look. If I come up with a quick recipe, I'll post it.
General / Re: Slow connection from android app
« Last post by Stefan10 on Today at 08:03:19 am »

Thank you for getting in touch with us!

I've sent you an email in order to create a case to troubleshoot the unit and check all the issues that you've encountered with our product so please have a look and let us try to find a solution.

Have a great day! 8)
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