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Netatmo Weather Station Plugin / Re: Netatmo Weather Station plugin
« Last post by Erik01 on Today at 07:13:03 am »
only the mail address
Netatmo Weather Station Plugin / Re: Netatmo Weather Station plugin
« Last post by akbooer on Today at 07:12:14 am »
Well, that looks like it's not receiving any device information from the Netatmo web server, so the problem is not the child device configuration it's communication with the server.

Have you edited this listing?
Netatmo Weather Station Plugin / Re: Netatmo Weather Station plugin
« Last post by Erik01 on Today at 07:08:20 am »
Sorry, I try to understand this.
When I go to the device list it is empty.

NETATMO CONFIGURATION PAGE at Sun Jan 21 13:07:08 2018

NetatmoConfig = {

StationInfo = []

VERSION = 2017.01.16  @akbooer
USB RFXtrx Transceiver Plugin / Re: Dooya blind control
« Last post by b_weijenberg on Today at 06:48:09 am »
General / Continuous restarts and other problems: advice what to do
« Last post by Mai Pensato on Today at 06:34:35 am »
4 years ago I started to automate my house with a Vera 3 and some z-wave devices. Over the years my set up has grown: more devices, plugins to integrate non zwave devices and I have written quite some scenes using luup code with great help from this forum.
A year ago I upgrade to Vera Plus and started from scratch starting with the mains powered devices to create a good mesh network. First 8-10 months my system worked without any major problems. But since november last years I have more and more problems: out of the blue I get "can't detect device" at devices that have worked flawlessly before. And then they dissappear again and pop up at other devices. Also I get phantom devices (e.g. at a Aeotec Multisensor 6 that is mains powered).
But since 3-4 weeks my VeraPlus has very frequent restarts causing scenes not to be finished, sensors that remain on tripped state etcetera. So a COMPLETELY UNRELIABLE system..
And I did not make any changes or add any devices since october last year (only unpaired some). Firmware version is 1.7.2935 which worked very reliable till november last yar.  I skipped past 3 firmware updates because they appeared to give major problems and bugs (reported on this forum). Vera is really making a big mess on firmware updates recently...
What I did to resolve the problems. First I re-installed an older back up. That went fine for a couple of days (no restarts) but then problems started again.  I check the logs several times. I see quite some red lines, don't understand them all but I see no clear repeating problem.  Also System Monitor indicates there is no CPU problem.

My set up at this moment:
            • 48 z-wave devices
            • approx 180 active devices in total
            • 14 plugins:Virtual Switch, Housemodes, Hue 2, Wunderground, Virtual Rain, UPnP, Sonos, System Monitor, EventWatcher, Datamine 2, Vera Alerts, TagReader, RFXcom and Apexis Camera
            • 68 scenes most very simple but also some with moe complex luup code

The Datamine date are logged to my Synology NAS

What could be  the cause of the very frequent restarts and how can I solve these.  I will also file a ticket at Vera Support.
Is my set up too big ?  I can not imagine this because my set up now is not very much increased compared to the setup with my old Vera 3.

Advice how to proceed:
At this moment I am really doubting what to do. The problems have to be solved in a structured way. My intention is to stay with Vera because I know the system and programming in Luup and it's very flexible. but I am also seriously considering other options
Options for me are:
1) Get a second VeraPlus and bridge it with the existing one. Use one for all the z-wave devices and one for mainly the plugins. Who has good experience with this ?
2) Use a Fibaro Homecenter 2 for all the z-wave devices and major scenes (it has much more memory than VeraPlus!) and use a VeraPlus for some specific plugins. I am now experimenting with controlling devices and scenes from Vera on HC2 and the other way around.  In this way I have to start over from scratch again
3) Stop completely with Vera and start with Homey controller. I am Dutch and Homey is a Dutch made product. After a difficult start it is now developing very fast in a good direction. It is also very flexible (maybe more flexible than Vera). But also here not every integration I need is available at this moment and I also have to start from scratch and learn a lot.

I hope I can get some good advice and tips from the many experienced Vera users on this forum.
Thanks in advance !!
Philips HUE / Re: Philips Hue plugin by MiOS (BETA)
« Last post by thdj on Today at 06:31:42 am »

My plug-in doesn't work after update to the latest firmware it stuck on hue2 plugin staring-up... and nothing happen or work. I try version 1.28 and the latest beta 1.50 but still no luck please help....?

Same for me, HUE plugin doesn't work anymore after firmware update  (1.7.3501)
Where did you download the beta 1.50 please ? I'd like to test it.
Alternate UI to UI7 / Quick tutorial: Changing Icons in AltUI (OpenLuup)
« Last post by RHCPNG on Today at 06:30:35 am »
Because it took me just a little too long for such an easy task, I thought I'd share it with others. Just a couple of easy steps:

1. In AltUI, go to the device for which you want to change the icon and go to the "Attributes" view.

2. Look for the attribute "device_json" and take a note of the json file.

3. Use for example WinSCP to download the file from the host you are running OpenLuup. It's probably in the "cmh-ludl" folder.

4. Edit the json file and change the value of the tag "default_icon" to the icon file name you want to use (I think it should be a png-file).

5. Upload the newly saved json file to OpenLuup in the same directory as where it came from.

6. Upload the icon file to the directory "cmh-ludl/icons".

7. Reload Luup engine and refresh. And you're done.

Netatmo Weather Station Plugin / Re: Netatmo Weather Station plugin
« Last post by akbooer on Today at 06:23:23 am »
As I said in response to your previous post...

The child devices are defined as per this recent post in the Netatmo sub-forum,16276.msg339142.html#msg339142
Google Home / Re: Vera Concierge java to qpkg?
« Last post by paros on Today at 05:48:54 am »
I would love Vera Concierge for QNAP.
I have been using HA Bridge, but now when Google has closed the door to link HA bridge (as Philips Hue), this is even better!
PS. I am already running Vera Concierge on my QNAP without qpkg (just putting the files in web folder, but I rather use qpkg!
Google Home / How to speak to Concierce?
« Last post by paros on Today at 05:45:05 am »
I have just managed to install Vera Concierge.
I am able to ask/get answer for the following:
- "Turn on TV Room light" (response: turning on the light in TV Room)
- "Talk to Vera Concierge" - "What is garage status" (response: saying the temperature in garage)
- "Hey Google, Ask Vera Concierge what is garage status" (response: saying the temperature in garage)

However, I get following result if I ask: - "Hey Google, Ask Vera Concierge what is garage temperature (response: "null" - why can't I use temperature?)
Also, is it possible to ask something like: "Hey Google, what is garage temperature?" (short version)

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