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Alternate UI to UI7 / Re: Ideas for custom pages and button layout
« Last post by cw-kid on Today at 10:40:15 am »
Also can you add your own icons ? Or just the ones from the in built list ?

Plugins & Plugin Development / Re: New Plugin: Reactor
« Last post by 5boysretreat on Today at 10:25:59 am »
Is there a way to set a condition for the sensor which compares 2 system variables?  I want to know if the thermostat set point is below the ambient room temperature (the thermostat sensor value)
Alternate UI to UI7 / Ideas for custom pages and button layout
« Last post by cw-kid on Today at 10:20:49 am »

New to AltUI never used it before, currently having a play about with it on a spare Vera Edge box.

Looking at the custom pages, what do people tend to use them for? My first thought was for creating remote control pages for the TV stuff.

I used the Harmony plugin and managed to add some buttons that are all working OK.

However resizing the buttons so they are all the exact same size and positioning them in the correct locations seems a bit tricky.

As you can see in my screen shot its close but not quite looking correct.

General / Re: Who is home?
« Last post by kev b on Today at 10:09:44 am »
you could assign a virtual switch to each user (or use a multiswitch) and have their switch turn on or off when they cross the fence.

Edit: note that you will not be able to see the status of virtual switches on the android app.
Harmony Hub Control / Re: Plugin: Harmony Hub Control
« Last post by cw-kid on Today at 09:55:36 am »

Is it possible to have more than 25 buttons, in the Device Commands Mapping ?

Thank you.
No, not yet. I've been experimenting with adding code to a scene to try to send the messages. No luck so far. My attempts so far either fail or cause the serial port to lose its connection to the transceiver.
Sorry for reviving old thread..

Looking to purchase the aeotec garage opener and was wondering what output does the unit give? By the sound of it it seems like I have similar garage door controller like the OP just want to make sure. I have 2 connectors available on the unit itself, the other one being controlled by a button on my alarm remote which I believe is RF 433 MHz. Without climbing up I can't measure what does that module output to control the controller


The aeotec controller basically requires the existing garage motor to have an external switch connector. Basically it momentarily shorts the two connectors, and that causes the motor to open the door if it's closed, or close the door if it's open. Short it whilst it's moving and it will go in the opposite direction. So basically, if you are brave and want to test if it works with your motor all you need is a piece of wire to (quickly) short the two connectors. Don't blame me if you short the wrong things, electrocute yourself, and burn the house down though. ;-)

Seriously though, find a manual for your garage door motor and find out what connectors you have on it.
Amazon Alexa / Re: Amazon echo and Roller shutter
« Last post by therealdb on Today at 05:32:44 am »
Same response I got when asking for temperature devices.

The only workaround is to build two scenes, one for up and one for down movement.
i had to telnet into mine and do a factory reset, then do then do the hard reset ... that fixed mine .... after i did the telnet it would even allow me to enable the customer service remote access ... i live vera but i hadt when they do updates ... every single time

i gont mine working again

i have a secone veralite that im gonna hook up to opehab or Openluup and explore those for a while
Amazon Alexa / Re: Amazon echo and Roller shutter
« Last post by nirgal on Today at 04:05:15 am »
I took it with support and got that it is planned but there is no ETA 🙁

If someone has any workaround it will be nice
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