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General / Re: Question regarding Luup Requests: request_image
« Last post by floyderman3d on Today at 07:51:27 am »
Hi akbooer,

Thanks for your reply.

Sorry if I didn't provide you with all the relevant data.

Actually it's a very simple test.

The camera is not a standard one from a known maker. It's a camera integrated in a WiFi robot. You can get snapshots from that camera on the URL:

Code: [Select]
where is the IP address of the WiFi card of the robot.

No need for user password.

This works correctly. I only need snapshots from the camera, no more complex stuff.

The device in Vera will have other services of my own to allow other specific controls not related to the camera but, for this test, only Camera1 service is added, so:

Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<root xmlns="urn:schemas-upnp-org:device-1-0">

The implementation file only runs a startup function to set the value of the variable URL belonging to Camera1 service to: /Jpeg/CamImg0000.jpg

Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0"?>
function lug_startup(lul_device)
luup.variable_set("urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:Camera1", "URL", "/Jpeg/CamImg0000.jpg", lul_device)

There is also a basic json file to have the Advanced tab for the device.

Code: [Select]
    "flashicon": "icons\/generic_icon.swf",
    "inScene": "1",
    "DisplayStatus": {},
    "doc_url": {
        "doc_language": 1,
        "doc_manual": 1,
        "doc_version": 1,
        "doc_platform": 0,
        "doc_page": "devices"
    "Tabs": [
            "Label": {
                "lang_tag": "advanced",
                "text": "Advanced"
            "Position": "1",
            "TabType": "javascript",
            "ScriptName": "shared.js",
            "Function": "advanced_device"
    "DeviceType": "urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:Test:1"
    "device_type": "urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:Test:1"

And that's it.

URL variable is set to: /Jpeg/CamImg0000.jpg
IP =
device number = 5

Actual HTTP request trying to send is:
Code: [Select]
where is IP address of Vera and the number of the created device is 5.

But I get the error: "Camera URL is invalid" when trying to browse that URL.

However, this actually works like a charm:

Code: [Select]
What I need for my plugin is that the request works without specifying URL and IP address, just by specifying the device number.

According to documentation for HTTP request_image function, IP address and URL are optional, it should get defaults for the device, which I think are set. Am I missing something?

Any additional information, dont hesitate to ask.

Thanks in advance!

I see this thread hasn't been used for a few months.   Is there a new one.

I seen many people ask about controlling multiple RGBW lights.  Is there a solution yet?
I am going to install 6x Zipato RGBW bulbs in ceiling cans in the living room of a vacation rental.
I would like to have them, and a RGBW strip work together.

I don't know how to make LUA scripts, but I am mostly proficient using PLEG

I tried to program the PLEG so that if I change the settings of one bulb (Main Bulb) ON/Off, Load and Color, so it will paste the information for all the other bulbs whenever the Main Bulb is change.  I can get the Main Bulb to trigger, but the information is not transferring to the other bulbs.
Does anyone have a solution for this yet?

Thank you in advance
Amazing Amg0, this is a huge improvement over the regular Hue plugin (which this week stopped working for the second time with no apparent way to revive)! Thumbs up!
General / Re: VeraPlus - Bluetooth Devices
« Last post by kwieto on Today at 04:09:20 am »
It is a very good z-wave controller.  Kinda expensive just for that.

Actually non working bluetooth and partially working Zigbee is a perfect solution to decrease it's market price.
You see that this doesn't work, that doesn't work and you don't want to pray full price. Not that it's not worth the money, but you expect some compensation for not working features.
As a result, I've recently bought Plus for an outlet pice less than 50EUR, full warranty included.
Maybe there it is some kind of a strategy behind?

Installed vera concierge on a raspberry pi - in my case simply had to create a subdirectory, download the java app into that, and run the app (and once I was sure that it wasn?t causing any issues, I also modified the startup on the ?pi so it always runs). Oh, I also had to add in the local ip address into my hosts file.

I then was able to go to the local web page (https://myraspi:8989/) add in my vera details to access it, and update & restart. Went into ?custom settings? and selected ?ignore all? to all the devices I did *not* want to be able to control. I then associated everything with my google account - using chrome on my macbook from that local web page.

I was then able to control my lights again using my google home(s)! Yay! I had previously been using the ha bridge which had died due to the requirement to now authenticate against the Philips cloud.

Thanks Richard - have registered my copy now!

Then I tried my Broadlink RM Pro. It had stopped working some time ago, but I?d not bothered to do anything about it as I really wanted to control my 315mhz projector screen which my RM Pro version couldn't do. Just to test I reset it to defaults and connected it back onto my network - had issues doing it, but finally managed to do it via my iPad rather than my android ?phones, weird but likely an issue with the app itself. I was then able to learn IR codes via the concierge web interface. I couldn?t learn RF codes, but that is probably because I need to use the ?Sweap frequency? command (yes, ?sweap?) to record the only 433mhz remote (for a fireplace) I have.

I can see that concierge saves the codes in a file called "BroadlinkCommandSets.json" so I then:
Recorded the RF codes in the ?e-Control" app (not ?eWeLink?)
From the app chose ?share? then ?share to other phones in WLAN?
Opened web browser to
That then downloaded a zip file with a number of files in it, specifically jsonButton, jsonlrCode and jsonSublr.

I am now at the stage of working out how to transfer the codes into Concierge, although I might wait until I arrange to get a new RM Pro that does 315mhz.... ;-)
General / Re: Question regarding Luup Requests: request_image
« Last post by akbooer on Today at 01:28:24 am »
There's a number of things you're not telling us, which makes it very hard to respond usefully, and a bad guess is worse than no answer at all:

  • What is the make of the camera?
  • What device file have you set of the Vera device?
  • What implementation file?
  • Does it require username and password?
  • What attributes are set?
  • What is the current value of all the device variables?
  • In particular, what is the URL variable set to?
  • What is the ACTUAL HTTP request that you are trying to send?

Otherwise, I for one, am floundering about to understand what's really the problem.
Ok I am looking into it. I don't think it should be a problem, it will use a generic bulb icon for unknown devices and the specific icon for known devices
Irrigation Control / WaterCop valve with inverted status ON=closed OFF=open
« Last post by mcarvidon on April 21, 2018, 11:49:28 pm »
Hi everybody !

I bought a WaterCop speric valve to be controlled via ZWave with my Vera Controller.

I add it as a general device, the controller detected it and add it ok. I actually can open and close the vale, but I have 2 problems:
1. the status is inverted, so when the valve it is closed the switch in my vera panel is ON, and when the valve is open the switch in my vera panel is OFF
2. when operating the valve via my vera controller, it operates it ok, but reports: "Sorry, the node reports it's busy. Please try again" The message never desapear.

I read in the f?rum and tried to change the configuration as relay, and it happeneds the same.

Can you Help me?

Thanks in advance !

General / Re: Question regarding Luup Requests: request_image
« Last post by floyderman3d on April 21, 2018, 09:17:46 pm »

Anyone has a guess on this subject?

Basically, I need a way to set default values for IP address and URL for snapshots for an IP camera, so that I can launch an HTTP request based only on device number, like:

Code: [Select]
Having the value set in the variable field (Advanced tab of the plugin) or setting them up during startup does not seem to help. The request only works when I specify IP and URL in the request.

If anyone could help, I would really appreciate it. I'm stuck there.

General / Re: VeraPlus - Bluetooth Devices
« Last post by jeubanks on April 21, 2018, 08:03:39 pm »
Someone at Vera should now explain me what Vera Plus is for....

It is a very good z-wave controller.  Kinda expensive just for that.  But it's still good at that.
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