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Google Home/Google Assistant - Vera Concierge / Re: fail connecting to vera
« Last post by duhlin on October 16, 2018, 03:02:36 pm »
i have done a factory reset on my vera plus and then i get connection to my vera without problem. but when i make a restore of the vera plus i lost the connectivity again, so its something in the vera thats make the problem.

General / Re: MIOS Acquisition
« Last post by f0u on October 16, 2018, 02:10:14 pm »
@melih @Sorin
Wow! It was very insightful reading after finding this thread. New inspiration in learning more and not giving up hope all around home automation. The threshold to get started is too big for many including myself right now. Stability, simplicity, guides and tutorials will be the key to get a good turn for myself and others. You address them all in your posts and have the hardware for it already. Hope you can tie the bag together, I will definitely stay here and wait after reading this thread.

PS: Suggestions to quickly fix a recurrent problem I and many others have with little or no experience for home automation and Vera controllers. Create a forum section with tutorials and ask your team to get started to fill it with the most common workarounds for problems and desirable features that developers here have already created on the forum. Allow forum members to fill in with guides and let posts be tagged if they work on the latest firmware. Navigating around, searching and reading old info with new and then trying to try out when you do not have enough knowledge is too difficult for many and the threshold makes it easy to give up. Step by step gudies can then make the whole difference.
Irrigation Control / Re: Best smart irrigation controller
« Last post by curtm on October 16, 2018, 01:32:41 pm »
I?ll vote for the Hydrawise by Hunter.
They are a company that has been around, we?re already making controllers and sprinkler system parts, and their API is easily used.
Took me about five minutes to request the api key, call a page that gave me my zone id?s, and then set up a scene in vera (that?s linked to Alexa so wife and kids can use it) that turns on a foot wash zone at my cabin.

I installed my own weather station and they upgraded my account for free to be able to use my own station for weather data, both forecasts and actual rain amounts.

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Lighting & Load Control / Re: Qubino double relais switches on and off every 2-3 seconds.
« Last post by Cor on October 16, 2018, 01:27:56 pm »
@zedrally: from the whole vera plus  :o ?    It will take me months to pair all my devices again and make all the scenes / Pleg....... not looking forward to that.

I was hoping the people at vera could do some magic , but their solution was to unpair and pair them, which was a pain, since they are completely build in.

Anyway , I did so , and now the waiting game .... let's see if it is normal again...  But very very wierd.
And also very disturbing , since I have Fibaro and Qubino relais in all kind of devices like my heating , pumps, garage door ...... it would be very very bad if they get a mind of their own.

Irrigation Control / Re: Hydrawise 12 Zone Wifi Irrigation Controller
« Last post by curtm on October 16, 2018, 01:22:26 pm »
Greg, thanks for these! They work perfectly!

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General / Re: UI8 new interface, do you like it? please give us your feedback
« Last post by Sender on October 16, 2018, 12:57:10 pm »
You can use widgets with imperihome
General / Re: UI8 new interface, do you like it? please give us your feedback
« Last post by lionelandjen on October 16, 2018, 12:55:21 pm »
First off, THANK YOU for easking for the community's input.  i was considering switching to smartthings because Vera wasn't integrating to Google home and development seemed to have stopped.  I'm going to stick around a while longer and see what happens next. :)

My two main beefs with the mobile app are these 2 listed by cw-kid:

7. Widgets on the Android desktop, to either launch the Vera mobile app directly to a certain page, or widgets to run scenes etc right from the Android desktop.


13. Setting to lock down configuration actions so other family members cannot change the configuration of the app.

There is a (now defunct) app call AuthomationHD which allowed me to have a widgets on the android dashboard and I used it to run frequently used scenes.  I miss that tremendously and it's such a huge andvantage of Android over IOS. :)

Temperature Monitoring & HVAC Control / Re: Mini split system compatible with Vera
« Last post by powisquare on October 16, 2018, 12:26:06 pm »
From an aesthetic pov I am slowly seduced by the Daikin Emura units. It would be nice to be as least cluttered as possible - perhaps a small IR transmitter/intesis box may work but would involve wiring and mounting. Just not sure I'd get away with it on WAF : ) Is there a way?

On another note I have just seen this
General / Re: MIOS Acquisition
« Last post by psyloptik on October 16, 2018, 12:18:17 pm »
i agree too, i think after 2 months since the MIOS Acquisition, as you seems to be a good project manager Melih, it's now the time to announce some facts, and of course some dates !

Thanks in advance
General / Re: MIOS Acquisition
« Last post by Sender on October 16, 2018, 12:11:00 pm »
Me2 not wanting to be an @$$hole  ;D,  but since I know vera it has been this way...
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